Imagine this:

You walk to your mailbox tomorrow. Instead of  a stack of bills, you find a check for $5000. A check you weren’t expecting. Woohoo! A big chunk of extra and super welcome money!

But wait.

The next week, there’s a check for $1500 in your mailbox. And before you turn the page on that month, there are two checks.One for $800 and one for $2500. And every month, these big checks of extra money just keep appearing in your mailbox.

So you always have a reliable source of money coming in. And bam! You’re off that annoying revenue rollercoaster where one month you’re rolling in dough and the next you’re pinching pennies.

No more stressing about money or feeling desperate every time you talk to a new potential client or customer. Because now, you’ve got that comfy cushion of cash you need to build your business and create those proprietary programs and products you’ve been thinking about… without worrying where the next dollar is coming from.

And the best part?

You created this big, fat river of money not by selling your soul, writing a chain letter or asking friends to buy things from you they don’t want or really need.

You created it by supporting the good work of those you respect and admire… and by solving your clients’ most urgent problems.

By doing so, you elevated the reputation and visibility of your own business. And built strong, supportive relationships with those top-dog business leaders with the power and influence to triple the sales of your own products and programs… once they’re ready to launch.

Want to know more? Because I can’t wait to tell you how to create and sustain a 5-figure income stream of extra money and take your seat at the “big players” table by becoming a Joint Venture partner with heart and smarts!

Everything I described above is not only possible, it’s predictable… when you know how to joint venture in this powerful and surprisingly influential way. Not only is this approach the perfect path to reliable, repeatable income, it’s the best way to get known and be taken seriously by those major league players who can, with one email, elevate your business to a whole new level of income, respect and renown.

But before I tell you the story of how I figured this out quite by accident, let me invite you to:


How to Joint Venture with Heart and Smarts, Create a Consistent Flow of Extra Dough and Position Your Business for the Big Time… Even Before You’ve Created or Sold Your Own Products or Programs

In just one delicious day, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a JV rock star and generate consistent, crazy-good income by recommending and selling other people’s already proven products and services.

Here’s why this VIP Day is unlike any other. It shows you how to:

  • Make big bucks as a joint venture partner before you have your own programs and products ready to launch.
  • Gain the respect, appreciation and attention of those luminaries you’ve admired forever so they’re lined to promote your programs and products once you are ready to launch.
  • Create a rushing river of extra revenue by supporting others rather than begging others to support you.
  • Make recommendations that generate monthly payoffs again and again and again.
  • Win trips around the world and other fabulous prizes by being a JV Leaderboard Super Star.
  • Get known, create connections and build your own following without investing in your own marketing campaigns.
  • Be invited to participate in prestigious telesummits and other live events so you can build your following, raise your visibility and share your message with a bigger audience.

Unlike any other JV training, this VIP Day gives you a revolutionary money-making strategy that radically increases your income, your visibility and your influence by supporting the good work of those you trust and respect.

This is an intimate, connected day where we co-create a JV strategy that’s perfect for you and your business. The entire day is focused on your goals, needs and vision for the future. And how joint venturing can support, augment and elevate your business to a whole new level of profitability, credibility and renown… now and in the future.


Why am I the Perfect Person to Teach You How to Create a 5-figure Revenue Stream By Championing Other People’s Proven Products and Programs?


It all started one day in 2008 during the Great Recession.

I was doing my daily “death march to the mailbox,” dreading the bills I knew would be there waiting for me. But on this particular day, instead of a stack of bills, I received a check for $2000. It was a complete and utter surprise!

As it turned out, I’d recommended a $10,000 publicity mastermind membership to a client of mine, and this check was my referral commission.

My reaction: wild joy and jubilation!

My husband’s reaction: “That’s great. Can you do that again?”

The next month, another check arrived for $800 – a reward for an $8000 publicity contract I referred to a colleague. From that one referral, I received $800 every month for the next 18 months.


Perhaps I could use my expertise and track record as an influential publicist and promoter of other people’s good work in a completely new way. Perhaps I could leverage my natural inclination to tout the good work of others to radically and consistently increase my own business revenue.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Since 2008, I’ve been making what I call “serious mailbox money” every month by recommending the proven products, programs and services of those whose expertise I trust and admire. I did this before my own programs and products were done, proven or perfect. And long before I built a big email list.

What I love about receiving these “accidental checks” is they’re the direct result of my natural desire to help my clients and colleagues. My recommendations save them valuable time so they can get their own urgent problems solved in a world-class way by service providers I already use and know to be a great fit.


What a fun, generous and easy way to make money and be of service!

And while the money is great, I also love the prizes!

I’ve won a ton of them… including a trip to Greece.

unnamed (2)

But perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve won is the respect, friendship and appreciation of some of the biggest players in the transformational coaching space.

People like; Alex Mandossian, Bill Baren, Callan Rush, Justin Livingston, Christian Mickelsen, Milana Leshinsky, Rich German, Christine Kloser, Jeanna Gabellini, Melinda Cohan, and Kate Steinbacher, and many more.

These are professionals I’ve admired for years. And now, because of my joint venture success, they’re my peers, colleagues and fans. And each and every one of these top-notch business greats is standing ready to support my success, too.

When it comes to elevating every aspect of your business, nothing can compare to being in the company of super-successful business owners who are at the top of their game. Nothing.

No mastermind, workshop, marketing system, business coach… nothing can catapult you out of your “small fry” thinking and into a whole new level of possibility, excellence and success like being in the company of proven leaders who are committed to being the best at what they do.

It rubs off on you. That energy. That level of belief and commitment. And it allows you to constantly receive the inspiration, motivation and support you need to stretch your own limits, reach for more and realize your greatest potential.

“If Nancy Juetten gets interested in your product and you’re lucky enough to get her on board as a JV partner, she’ll pull out all stops to support you…and still stay humble while getting to the top of your JV leaderboard!” ”As the co-founders of the leading joint venture community in the coaching/speaking industry, we’ve been fortunate to work with many top JV partners! And we know exactly what it takes to get to the top of a leaderboard. Not only did Nancy Juetten come at #3 competing against some of the mega stars with huge lists, she was a joy to work with!’

Milana Leshinsky and Rich German

Co-Founders, JV Insider Circle

I appreciate that she’s very candid about what she is able to deliver in terms of promotion and always focused on nurturing long term relationships with her partners. She finished #1 on the Leaderboard for my 2015 List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge, and she has been in excellent communication with me throughout the process. We even came up with a creative idea that generated an additional 200 opt ins!

I’ve also promoted Nancy to my tribe, and her content is solid gold! My clients have loved her and thanked me for introducing Nancy to them.

The “Big 5″ qualities of an ideal JV partner in my book (in priority order) are:

#1 Awesome Content (that my clients will love and thank me for)
#2 Like-ability (yes, I prefer to JV with people that I actually like as people and want to be friends with!)
#3 Reciprocity
#4 Great Communication
#5 Fair & Well-Tracked Commissions

While many JV partners deliver 3-4 of these, Nancy delivers all 5! I’m thankful to call her a JV partner and a friend, and I look forward to doing many more exciting projects together!

PJ Van Hulle

The 2015 List-a-Palooza 90 day List Building Challenge

“I’ve worked with numerous JV partners over the years. I was happy to have Nancy Juetten involved in two of my most recent launches. She surprised us all by coming in #5 twice against some very heavy competition. Her list is very responsive, and she delivers what she promises, and more. Her energy, enthusiasm, and amazing attitude maker her a top partner, no matter where she lands on the leaderboard. She’s a pleasure to work with every step of the way.”

Christian Mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen at Future Force Inc.



Now, with 7+ years of joint venture mastery under my belt, I can’t wait to show you how to create a reliable 5-figure income stream and become appreciated, celebrated and incredibly well compensated as a top JV partner with heart and smarts.


With my track record, reputation, systems and insider strategies you will quickly be set and ready to receive big rewards that escalate for the lifetime of your successful business.

Not only will I share all my secrets, strategies and insights, I’ll also teach you how to avoid costly mistakes that can negatively impact your reputation or your relationships with business owners and thought leaders of considerable influence.


In one fun and glorious day, you will receive the training, tools and step-by-step strategies you need to make serious mailbox money every month.


Here’s how this one-day VIP training works (and why it rocks!):
First… this day is 100% focused on YOU, your business and getting you on the fast track to JV mastery so you can start making money right away.

We’ll meet either in person or via Skype, Google Hangout or any other virtual means that will allow us to stay focused, connected and in the flow of ideas, inspiration and fun.



No overwhelm. No confusion. No intimidation. No wasted time. No unanswered questions.


You can ask me the most basic or advanced questions (even the ones you’re sure are stupid), and I’ll answer you with the best I have to offer and my full heart. Plus, I’ll provide you with specific case studies and examples from my own experience that illustrate everything you need to know.

By the end of your JV VIP Day, you will have the clarity, confidence and perfect roadmap to become a JV ninja who receives big fat checks in the mail every month and knows how to keep ‘em coming.


Here are some of the highlights of what you’ll learn and experience during your JV VIP Day:



    • A step-by-step, results-focused training in how to make big money as a JV superstar to those luminaries whose products, programs and services you can whole-heartedly recommend.


    • How to advance, finance and elevate your own business by selling other people’s products and programs FIRSTbefore you even create, release, prove and perfect your own.


    • Specific super-helpful tools, strategies and tactics to get your JV money rolling in fast.


    • Proven strategies to increase both the size and responsiveness of your email list… including a thorough evaluation of your current list, a list building strategy plan and insider secrets on how to turn mildly interested clients in to raving fans.


    • Your 8 Points of Light: How to choose, approach and partner with 8 influential experts whose offerings complement but don’t compete with your own… and become their favorite JV partner.


    • Full disclosure on every insight, advantage and technique I’ve acquired and every strategy, template and formula I’ve created as a 5-figure JV master.


    • Your very own, custom-designed JV plan with clear and specific action steps and strategies to take you to the top of any JV Leaderboard… and have a blast every step of the way.


    • How to set yourself up for success from the get-go and consistently increase your commissions, your influence and your possibilities every month… from now until forever.



Plus… I’ll be happy to give you warm introductions (if I can) to possible JV partners who may be a perfect fit for your business.



I’m not your Standard Issue Mentor! Just ask my clients.

“You never made me feel that you were better than I was. Instead, you introduced me to people who were on a higher monetary level yet always made me feel like I belonged…. I never once felt like I was “on the clock” and I always felt like I was your one and only client. You gave me so much of you that I felt like no one else mattered. You’re smart, and funny and a real person. And you have great ideas! You come up with things off the top of your head that would take me days to put together.

Dr. Susan O'Malley

“After already being a successful entrepreneur, I couldn’t figure out why starting my business coaching business was so hard! I had learned from all the gurus and taken the group courses and then I knew I needed to choose a mentor who could help me turn things around. I met Nancy Juetten. Nancy encouraged me, while kicking and screaming to release my old brand, (which nobody seemed to understand) and carve out my new niche, using the very words my ideal clients had given me: Permission to Charge™ With her encouragement I changed my messaging, rebranded my website and finally clients understood the problem that I solved. The Charge your Worth problem that is! I became the CEO and Founder of Permission to Charge™. Referrals started coming in from other coaches, better speaking engagements came to me and I finally put myself on the map. I went from making $15,000 in one year to $100,000 the very next year. And now, through teaching my clients to give themselves permission to charge and sell their own high end offers, I am celebrating a 31K month. Nancy’s honest feedback and her gentle nudges helped me to finally become known and paid very well for work that I do.”

Jessica Riverson

Hi. I’m Maria Liu, founder of Love Success Formula and Women Dating Greatly in Los Angeles, CA. I reached out to Nancy because I was feeling stuck with the marketing side of my business. Before working with Nancy, I had spent extraordinary amount of time in trying to figure things out on my own and was starting to feel frustrated that time was taken away from my serving my clients (the part of work I enjoy doing the most).

So I hired Nancy for a coaching session to help me get clear, get known, and get paid. She had completely exceeded my expectations and over delivered.

What I love about the VIP session was that Nancy quickly identified areas that I need to focus on for my business so that I can get the results I want quickly.

I’ve personally worked with quite a few online marketing gurus and expert business coaches for my online business and no one was as on target as Nancy – she is the real deal. Another thing I love about working with Nancy is that she is a one-stop-shop for business owners. Before I met Nancy, I have to separately pay for a team of experts and coaches to get my business off the ground (e.g., online marketing expert, copywriting coach, niche specialist, speaking coach, the list goes on, and try to piece it together myself!)

With Nancy, she’s not only a genius with helping people get known, she is also a master in building lucrative businesses (fast!). She helped me from product launch to teleseminar planning to social media presence to landing pages to hero journey and bio and more. Phew!

She even came up with an amazing name for my program to which my potential clients responded immediately. That, alone, is priceless. Thank you Nancy for helping me connect all the business dots together in just a few hours. You’ve saved me an extraordinary amount of time, energy and money. I can go back to focus on helping single women date greatly.

Maria Liu

My experience having Nancy Juetten as a coach has been wonderful!

“It was more impactful and comprehensive than I could have hoped for.”

At first, my expectation was that Nancy would simply help me transform my bio and how I present myself and my program to others. What I actually received was a transformed bio, guidance on my sales funnel, free report, and other promotional materials. I’ve already used my new bio in a professional setting, and I’ve made substantial modifications to my marketing results with Nancy’s input. Nancy’s style is encouraging, supportive and straight-forward. If you have the opportunity to work with Nancy, jump at it. I’m so grateful that I did.

Sheila Paxton

Program Certification Formula, Sheila Paxton

Oh… and you’ll also receive over $8,000 worth of super useful bonuses… all of which fully support your JV journey:


1. Joint Venture Leaderboard Secrets: Insider Strategies to Get Fat Commission Checks, Massive Prizes and Make a Big Impact… Even if Your List is Small. $997 Value
This recorded webinar series is packed with insider secrets and strategies to help you rock JV Leaderboards and boost your JV booty… even as a newbie! This includes membership in the Private JV Leaderboard Secrets Facebook Group where you can get support, create relationships and enjoy the camaraderie of other smart JV action-takers in the Private JV Leaderboard Secrets Facebook Group. Who knows? You may find your future JV partners here.

2. Lifetime Access to the Get Known Get Paid Online Success Library. $5000 Value

Your new secret weapon! This private library holds audio trainings on everything from growing your list to building buzz to positioning yourself as a go-to expert in your niche. Just search for what you need whenever you need it. It’s ultimate convenience at your fingertips forever!

3. A Pre-VIP-Day Intention Setting Exercise

Before we meet, you’ll receive my favorite Intention Setting exercise so you’ll be primed, pumped and ready to get the most out of your VIP Day.

4. A Post VIP Day Follow-Up Call

I’m not going to let the magic of your VIP Day dissipate once it’s over. We’ll schedule a follow-up call so you’re sure to stay on track and create the bankable results you imagined from the start.

5. Two Tickets to the JV Experience – $2000 Value

You’ll also get 2 tickets to Rich and Milana’s JV Experience in Southern California… a live event that’s sure to power-up your connections, know-how and mindset… and pour high octane fuel on your own JV goals and results.

 unnamed (4)

If you’re ready to make big mailbox money while gaining the respect, awe, appreciation and support of those who can take your business sky high, the JV VIP Day is your one-day, get ‘er done ticket to more money, more influence and more opportunities…

with zero ick factor!

What might be possible for you and your business when you have an extra stream of consistent income that is 100% aligned with your goals, purpose and values?

How great will it feel to actually make a lot of money by simply recommending the products and services you know will serve your clients well… and support the work of those you trust and value.

And just imagine what might happen to your income, visibility and success when those big business luminaries repay the favor and skyrocket your sales with their recommendation and support?


Let’s make it real.
Apply for your JV VIP Day today.


Oh wait… before you fill out the application, please know this:

In order to be sure you and your business can take full advantage of the strategies I’m offering, I’m only accepting business owners who meet the following requirements:

To qualify for a JV VIP Day, you need to have:

  • At least 3 years of business experience. If you’re new to business, this VIP Day is not for you.
  • An email list of 500 or more raving fans… people who trust your advice and opinions.
  • An understanding of what your niche is, who your ideal clients are and what you want to accomplish in your business.
  • Some level of success in your business, and a deep commitment to build upon that success with a wise investment.
  • An innate desire or knack for building relationships, creating alliances and supporting others.
  • An open mind and willingness to explore new ways to make money.

To be considered for a JV VIP Day, you are required to complete a short application. I’ll review the application to make sure the offer is a good fit for where you are in your business right now. Once approved, you can pay in full or in 2 payments.

Your $5000 tuition for your JV VIP Day must be paid in advance of our JV VIP Day.

We can meet in person or virtually. Should you elect to meet in person, expenses for travel and hotel are your responsibility.

This opportunity isn’t for everybody.

It’s only for those who are serious. You want to learn how to credibly champion products and services that can serve your growing tribes to create a welcome, reliable, and potentially lucrative revenue stream.

You know, when I accidentally stumbled upon this revenue generation approach a few years ago, I thought “serious mailbox money” was a benefit only other people could earn. Now I know better and welcome thousands in my mailbox each and every month.

When you embrace and apply the ideas we co-create in service to your bigger influence and impact, your income will grow, too. That impact will expand for the lifetime of your successful business to make the day we spend together among your best investments in your success.

Does this sound like you?
If so, apply for your JV VIP Day right now.

Just think.

By the end of your VIP day, you’ll have the smarts, strategies and confidence to:

  • Create, grow and thoroughly enjoy an extra 5-figure revenue stream by credibly recommending proven products and programs you value, use, and trust.
  • Gain the attention, awe and respect of your business idols and become a member of their inner circle.
  • Build the size and responsiveness of your own email list.
  • Position your business for big time success by becoming partners with business experts who have the influence and power to triple your sales with their support.

I so look forward to reviewing your application and setting a date for your JV VIP Day. We’re going to have a blast!

Let’s DO this.


Nancy Juetten