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Stop “Getting Ready to Get Ready” and Start Booking Speaking Gigs That Bring In The Bucks

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  • Are you eager to book more speaking gigs in front of your ideal audience, but you don’t know who to call or how to make it happen?
  • Do get frustrated when you look at your empty calendar while you watch other experts bask in the recognition, rewards, and applause you crave?
  • Or maybe you’re settling for speaking opportunities that offer no immediate way to get paid simply because you can’t figure out how to land better gigs.

You know that the right speaking gigs will lead to more clients, more visibility, more credibility and a lot more sales… but how the heck do you land those primo gigs in the first place?

I get it. There’s nothing more maddening than wanting to take advantage of all the client-getting, business-building, income-boosting benefits speaking has to offer, yet not have a clue how to make it happen. It’s as if you’ve got your nose pressed against the glass as you watch the cool kids get all the applause and rewards.

You know you have a message to share. One that has the power to change lives. Your voice matters, now more than ever.

But you feel stuck, unready, and unsure what to do next.

  • What if you could quickly and easily fill your calendar with those live or virtual speaking gigs that get you in front of your perfect peeps?
  • What if you could land a jewel box of perfect clients with one speech
    instead of having to chase clients down one at a time?
  • What if you knew exactly what to do to get the right gigs to catapult your
    business to the next level?
  • And what if those gigs were in your own backyard or otherwise within your own control?

Listen, the only reason you’re not getting the right speaking gigs is you’ve been wishing and hoping and waiting for the phone to ring instead of taking smart, strategic action to get the gigs you want.

But that’s because you haven’t had anyone to guide you and give you the information, strategies and support you need to identify your perfect audience, position yourself as the speaker they want, and approach decision-makers with the confidence and materials they need to say, “You’re IN!”

Until now.

Attract Ideal Clients and Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training

Success Training with Nancy Juetten

During this 90-Day training, you will stop “getting ready to get ready” and start filling your calendar with speaking gigs that skyrocket your income, visibility, and credibility while creating a wait list of ideal clients who can’t wait to work with you.

  • If you’re ready to stop talking about speaking and start booking to-die-for gigs…
  • If you’ve had it with hiding in the shadows waiting for your turn to take center stage…
  • If you’re determined to raise your voice, share your message and make a big impact…

Then give me 90 days, and I’ll show you how to:

  • Easily book anywhere from 1-4 ideal speaking gigs every month.
  • Create a head-turning signature talk that makes decision makers want to book you again and again.
  • Name and claim your ideal audience and niche so you know which speaking gigs are guaranteed to be profitable and fun.
  • Stop waiting for the phone to ring, speak from your own platform and attract new invitations to speak every time.
  • Master the secret strategies to getting booked on live or virtual stages.

Fast Results Guaranteed Indeed!

This training is not about overloading you with a bunch of information so you feel overwhelmed, paralyzed and confused about what to do or how to do it.

No way!

In this training, you’re going to get your rear in gear, know what to do, get it done (and done right!), and book at least 5 new ideal speaking gigs during our 90 days together…

You Get:

Insider Secrets & Make-It-Happen Strategies

You’ll receive the trainings that have allowed my clients to book perfect gigs in service to their ideal audiences… and smile all the way to the bank.

Expert Guidance & Feedback

You won’t be thrown a bunch of information and then left to figure it out on your own. No, I’m going to take you by the hand (and kick you in the behind with my velvet boot) to make sure you ask for what you want and then get it.

Real Time, Bottom Line Results

With your inspired and imperfect action, you’ll get the results you came for and then some. As part of this training, you’ll be challenged to book at least 5 gigs before our 90 days are up.

Whether you host your own events or get booked on others’ stages, one thing is certain. You will ready for opportunity and you have your “I’m Ready for Big Opportunity” Merit Badge to prove it.

The Attract Ideal Clients and Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training is a get things done, make things happen, 90-day sprint that boosts your confidence, refines your message, identifies your perfect audience, and gets you the gigs!

Since 2016, hundreds of experts and speakers have taken this training and been astounded and delighted by the expert support, feedback, and big results they have welcomed in their businesses as a direct result.

Here’s What We’ll Cover during our 90 Days Together:

  • Your profitable niche audience.

You don’t want any old speaking gigs. You want gigs that get you in front of your ideal audience. The people who are hungry for your message and ready to invest in your offers. During this training, you’ll get clear on who your people are so you have the right message-to-audience match.

  • One, Two, Three… Booked!

I’ll be giving you my best ninja tips and tricks for getting booked on the live and virtual stages that are right for your message. These are the same strategies that have allowed me to get booked on dozens of stages, even when no one knew my name.

  • A Bio Worth Big Bucks:

To get those income-boosting, high-visibility gigs, you need to convince decision makers that you’ve got the goods to deliver and dazzle. I’ll show you how to write or upgrade your bio so it shines with your brilliance and convinces decision makers you’re the one they want.

  • Your Secret Gig-Getting Weapon:

Do you have a sizzling speaker one-sheet yet? If not, we’re going to get it done and done right so it opens doors to big opportunities. We’ll define and clarify your talk title, audience take-away points, your secret sauce, and why you’re the best speaker for the gig.

  • From Speech to Sales:

How do you turn every speaking opportunity into a bonanza of sales and clients? Well, that’s what you’ll discover during this training. You’ll create your own 20-minute talk that converts every time, whether you are allowed to sell from stage or not.

  • Fame, Fortune and Fun

Let’s bring it all together so you’re forever able to attract ideal clients and speaking gigs at HELLO. Because one good thing always leads to plenty more.

I’m not just going to tell you what to do and how to do it and then leave you hanging out to dry. No, for 90-days I’ll be by your side, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with online trainings and pseudo coaching programs that throw a bunch of to-dos at you and then leave you high and dry when it comes to getting into action and getting rock star results.

Throughout this training, I offer you my unwavering support and feedback. My expertise. Word wizardry. Tough love. And powerful truth-telling.

This isn’t a pat on the back and keep-it-up support. It’s get-down, get-what-you-need support, feedback and brainstorming that locks in your ability to consistently get the gigs you want.

Why I’m Your First-Choice Expert If You Want to Go From Zero to Hero… and Smile All the Way to the Bank.

The last time I spoke to the right audience, 92% of the guests decided, right then and there, to invest in my services. I didn’t have to chase them down, talk to them one-on-one, or orchestrate some elaborate launch. I just spoke to them. Once.

The next time I spoke to a new audience, I converted 40% of the room. And that gig invited three more spin-off engagements and an invitation to be on a nationally syndicated radio program!

I’m not famous. Yet I get booked more and I convert more than most of my big-deal colleagues with household names.

Why? Because I know what event planners and decision makers are looking for.

I know what to say, what to show them, and how to position myself as the speaker who speaks to the problem their audience most wants to solve.

Now when I take the stage, which I’ve done over 100 times in the past 20 months, I get rave reviews, 10’s of thousands of dollars in sales, and a lot of hugs, applause and invitations… just by doing what I’m going to teach you in this course.

  • If you have a dream of being a speaker, and you’ve never been on a stage EVER and you know that now is your time. The first stage you take is a very big deal.
  • If you’ve been speaking in the shower with shampoo bottle serving as a microphone, and you’re ready for your first real gig, this is for you.
  • If you’ve been speaking to the Rotary and Chamber of Commerce, and you get to speak on a regional conference stage, this is for you.
  • If you’ve been speaking in the stage and you get invited to speak at a gig that requires a passport, this training is for you.
  • No matter where you are on your speaking path, when you apply what you’ll learn in this training, those big deal moments can turn into big money… and even bigger opportunities!

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to stop “getting ready” and start making your own magic happen from the live and virtual stages that are perfect for your message?

If so, here’s how we roll.

Top-Notch Trainings

The second you register, you will have immediate access to 3 foundational trainings you can consume right away. These online trainings will show you how to name and claim your ideal audience, create a brilliant bio, and craft a sizzling speaker one-sheet that gets you booked.

Since all the course materials are delivered to your inbox as soon as you enroll, you can work as quickly as you like to get your mission accomplished.

Live Mentoring Sessions

Every first and third Wednesday for 90 days we’ll meet live from 9 – 11 a.m. Pacific. Raise your hand, ask for help, and let’s get your niche, bio, speaker sheet, and gig-getting action plan in motion. These live sessions run about 2 hours each.

Session Recordings

All calls are recorded so you can listen in and get the value again and again.

Magic Message Lab Facebook Group

Monday through Thursday (holidays excluded), you can get feedback, ask questions and hobnob with your fellow soon-to-be-famous speakers in our Magic Message Lab Facebook Group. This is also where you upload your best-effort drafts of your niche statement, client attracting bio, and sizzling speaker sheet so I can help you make them magnificent and magnetic.

And Get A Load of These Bonuses!

So many entrepreneurs keep telling me that they want more clients and more money.

Well, speaking is the most effective, efficient and profitable way to get both!

Just this month, I spoke at a live event for 20 minutes. 20 tiny minutes.
And when I was done, over 91% of that audience became paying clients of mine.

People were coming up to thank and hug me… with their credit card in their hand.

How would you like to make thousands of dollars in just 20 minutes?

You can! Again and again and again.

When you share your message from the right stages in front of the right audience.

But you can’t get on those stages until you have a speaker sheet that gets those kind of client-converting, money-making gigs!

Live, take-you-by-the-hand virtual LIVE workshop to name and claim your profitabe niche audience. $1000 value

Since your audience is SO CRUCIAL, let’s choose yours during a LIVE virtual training! I’ll take you by the hand and guide you to name and claim yours!

Instantly receive your ‘Speaking Gig Profitability Pack’

Tune in to these expert interviews so you learn now to master the new client enrollment conversation, create an irresistible lead magnet that brings you leads, make big money from your self-hosted webinars, and create a signature talk that sells for you – every time you take the stage!

Instantly receive your ‘Inside Success Track Insights’ from big name event promoters. $1000 value


Since you want to get booked to speak, tune into these juicy interviews with prominent event promoters to get their insights around the kinds of approaches that turn their head so you can adapt them as your own and get booked on their stages and others like them!

So…. how much does all of this training, guidance and support cost?

Clients who work privately with me invest $10-$16K to accelerate and amplify their results with kick in the behind accountability and one-on-one support. Confidence finesse savvy. They get this journey on steroids as they take massive leaps in a short amount of time.

But I believe great guidance shouldn’t be beyond the reach of inspired messengers with smaller budgets who are ready to roll up their sleeves, get it done and experience amazing results. That is why I’m offering this 90-day sprint, so you have no excuse but to make this training a priority and become the speaker you know you can be.

This 90-day training gives you what you need — at one one-hundreth of the investment — so you can benefit right now!

Your total investment is $997 when you invest in full.

You can also take advantage of the convenient payment plan:
3 monthly payments of $397 each

Now … don’t be hemming and hahing over this tuition.

Because let’s get real here. With one – just one! – speaking gig to your ideal audience, you’ll not only cover the cost of your wise investment. You’ll likely exceed it. And you’ll have everything you need to keep booking and enjoying high profit, high visibility gigs that convert like crazy!

Just think. Within 90 days, you can be rocking the stage, attracting a ton of ideal clients, and making thousands more in income every month… for years and years to come.

Join now and become a speaker who is ready for opportunity when it knocks and takes action to get the gigs you really want.

Or keep procrastinating, tinkering with your website, and telling yourself, “I’m not ready yet.”
It’s up to you.

You can stay tucked away behind your computer screen, learn a new software or work on your inner game some more. Or you can get exactly what you need to take your place on stage, share your message with those who are hungry to hear it, and create true transformation for both you and your audience.

Success Training with Nancy Juetten

Erica Boling

“In addition to helping me design a killer Speaker Sheet, Nancy taught me some great tips for getting high profile speaking gigs. I followed exactly what she said and approached an international organization to see if they needed speakers for their national conference. The tips Nancy gave me worked!!! Not only was I invited to speak, I also gained a number of amazing new clients and made $20,000 in that one weekend! I literally had people throwing credit cards at me wanting to sign up for my programs! Whatever Nancy tells you, do it! This stuff works!!!”

Kimberly Kasparian – Success Genie

Kimberly Kasparian brought in $40,000 within 3-6 months as a direct result of taking inspired, imperfect actions that Nancy Juetten recommended during the Attract Ideal Clients and Speaking Gigs at HELLO Success Training

“Since we did the speaker sheet, I have averaged 2 speaking gigs a month for the first 6 months of 2017.”

– Margo Myers

“After working with Nancy I made $2,500 from a client from my first speaking gig this year and $5,000 from the second gig. 90% of the people in the audience in all the talks I’ve done this year joined my email list. Even beginners like me can do well following her wisdom. 75% of my income this year has come from leads who met me at a speaking gig. And considering only a small percentage of the groups I spoke to were really my ideal audience, I am very pleased about how my business keeps growing as I gain confidence and mastery. When my book, Achieve MORE by saying YES to LESS, launches on January 2, 2018 things will improve even more. Nancy is brilliant, inspiring, always positive, AND her strategies work.”

– Joy Evanns

“Thank you Nancy for your incredible magic with Mark’s Speaker One Sheet!! It is exactly what we were hoping for!! You are a MASTER!! Onward and Upward!!”

– Dee Dee Reid, COO, Amplified Dynamics

No action. No refund. No exceptions.

Action and Satisfaction Guarantee

I am 100% confident that after you employ the powerful business-building knowledge, tools and live coaching in this training, you will be able to name and claim your profitable niche audience and prepare your money-making message. That’s why I invite you to invest wisely so the journey can begin as soon as possible. Work with the abundant training and tools for a full year, apply the lessons within to your expert advantage, and participate in the live calls. If you don’t make your modest investment back after taking inspired action as hundreds before you already have, send your completed worksheets, homework assignments, and actions you have taken to request a refund, less a $197 processing fee.

Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten shows speakers, workshop leaders, and experts how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated for their expert status. Thousands of action takers from around the world now attract clients, speaking gigs, and media attention as a direct result of Nancy’s training and coaching. Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, Vinca Heart and more sing her praises and for good reason. Her systems and methods turn her clients into magnets for prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide.

$997 … invest in full and ALSO get a PRIVATE Magic Pixie Dust Session with Nancy, provided you SAY YES right now!

Admit One

3 Monthly Payments of $397 each

Admit One

6 Monthly Payments of $197 each

Admit One