I had a pretty amazing week. I've been named a 2007 Member of the Year Finalist by the Women Business Owners. This is a new award to be presented by one of Seattle's premier networking organizations for women business owners and professionals to add to its very prestigious Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year award.

As a finalist, I was invited to attend an exclusive networking event of Nellie Cashman award finalists from the last 26 years. We gathered at the home of Shiao-Yen Wu, the CEO of WPI Real Estate Services Inc. on Thursday, September 6 to enjoy food, wine, and get acquainted.

Amy Haugerud, founder and CEO of RoseWater Engineering, the 2007 Nellie Cashman Award Winner, spoke briefly to those in attendance and said that winning this award generated more publicity for her and her successful company than she could have ever anticipated, while bringing her in contact with amazing women she is now proud to call her friends.

If your company is fast growing, high achieving, and contributing to the marketplace and the community, be on the lookout for local award and recognition opportunities such as this one. By putting your hat in the ring with a compelling application that puts your story forward in a winning way, you could earn valuable publicity to catapult your business to a higher level of fabulous and gain access to remarkable people with the ability to help you take your company to the next level of success. I know I am very proud to be named a finalist and to be in the company of remarkable women such as Nellie Finalists Joanie Parsons, Christie Mueller, Beverly Thompson, Linda Wilson, Luly Yang, and fellow WBO Member of the Year Finalist Dena Levine.

And, if you need some guidance to know how to put a great story forward, visit this link for an article that offers great tips:


The big awards banquet takes place October 11 at the Seattle Westin. If you'd like to attend, here is the link to make your reservations: https://www.womenbusinessowners.org/doc/nelliecashman_register_open.php