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Finally, a definitive resource to get you booked on podcasts, broadcasts, and other virtual platforms with your brilliant bio, media one sheet, and sizzling speaker sheets leading the way.

It’s the Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook!

Bye Bye Boring Bio 2021

From: Nancy Juetten Bellingham, WA, USA

The world turned on a dime when COVID 19 paid a visit. Within days, speaking gigs at live events evaporated. Speakers, experts, and authors had to pivot quickly to bring raise their voices and make their best impact virtually.
For some, this is brand new and perhaps scary territory.
Here’s the good news.
If you want to speak more, you can. It’s just a matter of positioning your expertise to be valuable to the thousands of podcasts, broadcasts, and virtual platforms that are looking for experts just like you.
So how can you prepare yourself for brilliant success and attract the connections, clients, and cash you desire in your business?
The answer to that question lies within the pages and bonus resources packed with the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook.
Bye Bye Boring Bio 2020

Yes, it can be VERY hard to write about yourself. In fact, one recent survey of business owners in their first three years of operations revealed that 97% struggle describing what they do in a way that excites them and attracts clients. If you are ready to set aside that struggle, relief is close at hand. It really can be a whole lot faster and easier than you ever thought possible, and I am going to show you how.

But first, why does this matter? It’s important to get your message right because real opportunities to grow your business and your influence are hanging in the balance. You don’t want to be stumbling and bumbling around, trying to find the right words. You want to speak and write them with confidence and impact so you can turn heads, invite conversations, and close more of the right kinds of business. And, remember this.

Now more than ever, people are doing business with PEOPLE as opposed to companies. That makes it essential to showcase your “Wow”, the value you bring, and your particular brand of marketplace magic on your “about me” section of your website, in your social media profiles, in your speaker sheet, and everywhere your ideal clients visit to find a problem solver just like you.

Neglect Your Bio to Your Own Peril.

It’s more important than you think and serves among your most powerful, persuasive business assets.

Boring “blah, blah, blah” messages that fill the “about us” section of your website don’t get people to YES very fast. Use the online real estate as wallpaper, and you have nothing to show for it. Use the space to say who you are, who you serve, what it matters, and why you are the best available talent to deliver the value, and you are saying something that can convert to compensation. That can guide clients to make an “Easy YES” decision to engage in your professional services. That’s a big deal.

Prospects Need to Get to the “Know-Like-Trust” Place Before They Will Do Business with You.

If they can’t get there fast, you are sunk.

When prospects are looking for solutions that can solve big problems that they are prepared to invest money to solve, they often research their choices online. When they land on your “home” page and like what they read, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going to visit the “about us” page of you site to learn who is running the company. If they like what they read, they are one step closer to picking up the phone, sending you an email, or asking for a meeting. If they don’t, they are going to click away, and opportunity will be lost forever.

That is why your bio matters.

No more “Bio Emergencies” No kidding!

So many dream of receiving a call from the host of the most prestigious tele-summit in their industry or maybe even Oprah, NBC Nightly News, or National Public Radio so the world can know about their work. Being seen, heard, and celebrated within the local business journal or daily metropolitan paper can be a great thing, too. But, honestly, would you be ready to rise to the occasion if you received such a call? Really? That said, how fabulous would it be for you to have everything you need to both prepare and share your story so you are always in the driver’s seat to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now? What would it feel like to be “Rock Star” ready to say YES to new opportunities because you are truly ready to welcome them on a 24/7 basis? Having your stories together and ready to share with prospects, meeting planners, and the media can save you a lot of time, aggravation, and inconvenience when opportunity knocks at your door when you least expect it.

And, It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Are you a speaker, expert or author who…

Bye Bye Boring Bio 2021

If you’ve answered YES to these statements, I’m really glad you found this page!

Why I Do This Work

It’s profoundly personal and empowering

Dad actor

My dad was an actor in Hollywood.

He went on auditions and got to work only when the casting director said YES. The highs and lows of that were hard to navigate as a kid growing up in status-conscious Southern California. One day, everything was great. The next, we were clipping coupons and worrying about where our next meal was coming from.

It was very disempowering.

I vowed that I would NEVER be in a situation in which other people were in control over my economic destiny.

When I owned my own PR firm, I was a story pitching machine and scored major placements for my clients left and right. When I turned my skills to shine a light on my own expertise, I kept winning.

Speaking from my own platform and from the platforms where I could make my impact via radio and TV shows, podcasts, teleseminars, webinars, and the live stage — is how I got known and paid as the Get Known Get Paid Mentor and Business Bio Expert.

All the while, I’ve made it a practice to connect with influencers, build my own tribe, create tools of lasting value, and nurture relationships that could grow into the client engagements.

I want my clients to FEEL THIS LEVEL of AMAZING CONTROL over their upside, whether or not anyone invites them to take their microphone or stage.

My clients raise their voices, make their impact, and attract connections, clients, and cash when they work the ‘Ready – Set – Broadcast Your Brilliance’ process that I’ve spent over a decade working and refining to be a well-oiled, reliable, gig getting machine.

The process works when you work the process.

That puts the control back where it belongs – with YOU — whether you have money to invest in ads, complicated funnels, or not.

When the Great Recession hit, I had an “aha” moment about how my expertise could make a timely and important difference. A lot of formerly employed professionals were starting businesses of their own to navigate the demanding economy. They needed to market themselves differently to attract clients. They didn’t need a resume. They needed a client-attracting bio that would turn heads and start conversations that would lead to new engagements and meaningful compensation. And, since so many people struggle writing about themselves in ways that position them as solution providers who are worthy of their considerable fees, I set out to solve this problem. In September of 2009, I created Bye-Bye Boring Bio. My goal was to make it easy for professional service providers to tell their stories well so they could be in a stronger position to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now. The templates and systems I used to write stories for hundreds of executives, business owners, and change-makers are now woven beautifully within Bye-Bye Boring Bio to take the struggle out of finding the right words to put to paper so your ideal clients can say YES to engaging your services. And there is enough flexibility within the templates that users can make their stories stand out and shine by telling stories all their own.

When the COVID 19 Pandemic came to call, I used the ‘shelter in place’ order to completely update and upgrade the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook to be of service to speakers, experts, and authors who have a more urgent need than ever to speak virtually and make it count.


the Bye-Bye Boring Bio workbook

Bye Bye Boring Bio 2020

The Step-By-Step Definitive Resource That Shows You How to Share Your Story with Podcast, Broadcast, and Virtual Platforms So You Get Known and PAID !

This workbook makes it easier than ever to describe what you do in a way that excites you and attracts more perfect people to your business. Easy-to-use templates make it fast and effective to create bios that attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. Create authentic CLIENT ATTRACTING stories all your own with ease and impact … at long last — so the media that matter for your message will pay attention to the message you are here to share.

Now, instead of taking hours to prepare your story, you can fill in the blanks within the road-tested worksheets packed within and have fabulous, client-attracting bios and stories ready to share with the right people in record time. This bundle meets a very distinct need that is giving speakers, experts, and authors the confidence to show up online, in print, and on social media by telling authentic stories that invite clients and others to do business with them right now.

That means that more of the right people are leaning in to learn more and do business with you because they love what you stand for and how you serve. Now, business people around the world who used to find it hard to write about themselves are preparing and sharing their stories in ways that create impact, wow, and “gotta engage now” reactions. That means that economic recovery is within reach for a whole lot more people in perfect timing.

what really matters

Results that Monetize

Users report great success creating connections, clients and cash as a direct result of following the time-tested tips, templates, bio examples, and advice packed within. And, they have the satisfaction of having made it happen themselves without paying a high priced PR firm or copywriter.

These results are happening every day for satisfied users of Bye-Bye Boring Bio. They can happen for you, too, when you embrace the information and apply it to your expert advantage.

Say ‘Bye-Bye’ to Struggle With a Blank Sheet of Paper & ‘Hello’ Ease.

Everything You Need to Stand Out and Shine is a Fill-in-the-Blanks Template Away.

The fill-in-the-blanks templates make it super easy for you to organize your story so bio writing for you can be over and done and working hard for you 24/7 in short order.

what experts say about

Bye-Bye Boring Bio

… My intro to Nancy and her Bye-Bye Boring Bio is relatively new, but I already know she’s the real deal because I’ve lived through what she teaches. What that is is kind of funny. It’s the fact that I’ve accomplished a 7-figure marketing agency without spending a dollar on marketing. I found success through the very methods that Nancy teaches, which was exciting to meet her through podcasting and to know someone is out there teaching these things that I’ve learned. By bringing transparency to your audience and clarity in your message, that is how you get ahead. By clearly and consistently communicating your area of experience in your bios online – now the key is consistently – you have a 24/7 open for business light on to attract sales and leads. It’s super cool to now know someone like Nancy to help you cut the learning curve. She’s one of the good guys bringing actionable advice to you.
Damon Burton contributor, President of SEO National, and Author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Outrank
Bye-Bye Boring Bio is a step-by-step workbook to create a powerful bio that allows you to position yourself as an expert and share your message on all kinds of stages, including virtual stages such as podcasts and virtual summits. I love that this book is a reflection of the current times, when virtual guest appearances are prevalent. Also, I found very appealing the workbook-style of this book as well as the many examples that Nancy includes. Leveraging the teachings and examples in the workbook, you will be ready to create your own sizzling bio and speaker sheet or optimize your current ones. Finally, as a podcast host and specialist in influencer marketing, I can appreciate Nancy’s guidance on how to best pitch ideas to a podcaster. She is right on! So, if you are ready to be featured on virtual and live stages, this book is for you.
Cloris Kylie
Cloris Kylie
bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing
Nancy Juetten’s Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook is an exceptional resource. I especially like how she includes examples of different people’s speaker sheets/media sheets after introducing the content that drills in both the context and the content. In over 20 years of working with professionals, I’ve found that adult learners learn best through real work examples. This resource would have expedited my path to professional speaking and media appearances had I had access to it back in 2003. You don’t know what you don’t know until you see a tool, as well laid out as this one, set out in front of you. I’ll be recommending this resource to the coaches and clients throughout the Ghost CEO Network.
Christopher Flett
Christopher Flett
Founder – The Ghost CEO

If you learn best by watching and listening, you’ll LOVE this.

Your Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook includes access to 11 powerful, practical video trainings and 2 audio trainings that offer even more support, resources, and inspiration to guide you to broadcast your brilliance and monetize your message as you attract more of the right opportunities to share your message with the right people and be of service. There is even a workbook within the workbook to guide you make pitches the media can’t resist.
Bye Bye Boring Bio 2021

After taking in these bonus resources, you’ll be fired up and ready to take action transform your boring, boilerplate, and bland bio to the rock star status of which you and your expertise are so worthy.

Whether you need to attract new clients, invite media attention for your winning ways, or all of the above, you’ll gain at least 3 BIG insights and practical actions you can use immediately to make your bios for the web, your speaker sheet, and your social networking profiles better immediately to attract the connections, clients and cash you seek in your business.

Yes! I'm ready to say

"Bye-Bye Boring Bio"

(plus shipping)

Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020

Your 126-Page Bye-Bye Boring Bio Digital Workbook is packed with bios that are already attracting connections, clients, and cash for speakers, experts and authors around the world to inspire you to transform yours from “boilerplate” to “really great.”

Value of NOT Struggling with a Blank Sheet of Paper a Moment Longer PRICELESS!

Your Wise Investment to Make the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook Your Own


Workbook by Mail

for USA buyers who love real books they can keep forever.

Digital Workbook

for International buyers who love instant gratification.

100% Happiness Guarantee

You should know that you’re taking absolutely no risk because your investment is backed by my personal 100% happiness guarantee. I am 100% confident that after you employ the powerful business-building knowledge and tools in Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 to your expert advantage, you will be in great position to prepare and share your story so more of the right people will pay attention and ENGAGE with you for the life of your successful business. That’s why I invite you to buy now so the benefits can begin as soon as possible.

Oh by the way, if you lead a mastermind group, have a conference coming up, and want to make sure everyone receives the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workbook as a high value gift, get in touch to inquire about volume purchases. All the details are noted right here.  

more praise for

Bye-Bye Boring Bio

As entrepreneurs or business owners, we think the first step to any sale is letting someone know what we do. The truth is no one cares what you do until they know who you are. The second most visited page on any website is the About Us page. Nancy Juetten taught me that.

Your bio needs to let people know who you are, not what you’ve done. In 2015, I transformed my litany of accomplishments bio into a personal representation of me using the original Bye Bye Boring Bio. One of the first comments new patients would make when they came to see me for a consultation was “I feel like I already know you.”

Over the years in addition to creating brilliant bios, Nancy has expanded her offerings to help speakers, authors and experts from any field get ready, noticed and chosen when opportunity comes along. Any opportunity – speaking from stage, media appearances, print or internet articles, podcasts and even webinars.

In Bye Bye Boring Bio 2020, Nancy not only gives you templates to create your own brilliant bio but has also included links to 11 bonus videos, two audio trainings and a bonus workbook WITHIN the workbook to help you craft your speaker and media one sheets as well. This is truly an all-in-one resource to help speakers, authors and experts maximize their own opportunities and get seen, heard and paid for their worth.

Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook makes it fast and easy to break through the sameness so any decision maker can say “I feel like I already know you."

Susan O’Malley, MD
Bye Bye Boring Bio 2021

Meet Nancy Juetten

Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for their expert status. Thousands of speakers, experts, and authors attract connections, clients and cash as a direct result of lessons she shares to support their success. Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, Christine Kloser, and more call her “The Bio Queen” for good reason. Her systems and methods guide her clients to be magnets at first glance for new clients, prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide.

Workbook by Mail

for USA buyers who love real books they can keep forever.

Digital Workbook

for International buyers who love instant gratification.