Lifetime Replay Access to Podcast Visibility Live Lab
Lifetime Replay Access to Podcast Visibility Live Lab with Nancy Juetten

You’ll learn Nancy’s proven 6-P system so you can get booked on the right shows for your message and be in control over your upside without ever leaving home. Your digital copy of the much heralded full-color and interactive Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook is included to reveal ways to stand out, get noticed, and wow your hosts before and after every show.

Start attracting leads, connections, collaborations, clients, and cash to your business as an expert, author, or speaker every time you guest on a podcast or speak on a live or virtual stage.
What are the 6 P’s?
  • Prepare your media one sheet, starting with your brilliant door opening bio so you’re ready when opportunity knocks.
  • Position you and your story angle properly for the podcast, radio or television interview that’s right for you.
  • Prioritize the placement that’s the best fit for your message – not all podcasts are created equal!
  • Pitch like a pro.
  • Ping-pong listeners into your world with provocative sound bites that provide massive value in the time allotted.
  • Profit from the experience by making powerful invitations that will increase your bottom line and give you control over your economic destiny without complicated funnels, paid ads or joint venture partnerships.

You’ll instantly receive 5 deep dive video replays, short and powerful assignments to kick open the doors to new opportunities, plus your digital copy of the much heralded Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook!

Your Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook INCLUDES:

  • Media One Sheet examples from speakers, experts and authors who are getting booked;
  • Sizzling Speaker Sheets that are opening the doors to paid gigs;
  • Proven bio templates that make it fast and easy to create memorable, packed with credibility bios that open big doors within minutes;
  • Practical podcast tips you can take to the bank;
  • Story pitch examples and a template to make your own pitch a podcast host or producer can’t resist;
  • Plus, if you love video and audio learning more than the written word, be sure to tune in to 11 videos, 2 audios, and a workbook within the workbook to bring the content alive. You’ll learn step by step how to improve your LinkedIn profile, upgrade your Amazon Central Author Profile, make the most of the bio on the back of your book, and get inspired to create an irresistible lead magnet that makes it easy to “ping pong” podcast and broadcast listeners into your world to benefit from how you help. This training makes it so much faster and easier to position your expertise to be showcased on podcasts and broadcasts RIGHT NOW, while boosting your confidence and your upside with every move you make.
  • This is Nancy Juetten delivering her “all of the help – none of the hype” magic to exceed your expectations for value even before you dig into the 5 deep dive replays and homework that pave the path to your Podcast Dream Guest Mastery!
Here are comments from those who have already completed their path to Podcast Dream Guest Mastery so know the WOW that is in store for you!
Rave1#10 PVLL
rachel g
peggy lee hanson
Rave-#11 PVLL

“Another 5-star review for Nancy Juetten’s content – always delivering above and beyond. You know she is on point and doing what she loves because her energy is contagious and unstoppable! I love how she shows up – supporting imperfect action taking so you can get out of the “Getting Ready to Get Ready” party and step onto the Dream Guest Expert Stage party!

Just some of my results from the challenge:

• I finally have a Media One page.
• I finally have 3 talk topics, 1 of which is my signature talk in the making!
• I am now signed on to several “call for guest experts” groups and lists where I can look to #betheguest for podcast hosts looking for me, a home organizing and relocation expert, to share valuable tips, advice, and resources on home revision and relocation with their listeners so they too can experience more freedom of time, energy and a renewed sense of heart and home!
• I definitely am feeling more confident about podcast guesting and seeing that all the goods she delivers are also applicable to guesting on webinars, live events, radio shows and more!

Thank you Nancy for being my cheerleader for SO many years as my business has evolved – and for being such a huge part of that uplifting and evolutionary process. I am SOOO happy I listened to your advice years ago to check out of the Pity Party Hotel. It has been LIFE CHANGING!!”

Amy Woidke, CEO & Chief Organizer
“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I joined Nancy Juetten’s 5-day Be The Dream Podcast Guest challenge. I do free challenges a lot to try to move forward in my career as an independently published author and life coach for young adults who are transgender, autistic, or differently-abled; some are great and others are little more than a thinly-veiled advertisement for the leader’s services. Well, Nancy’s challenge far exceeded my expectations. She gave everyone in the group personalized feedback on their homework as well as value-packed video lessons. By the end of the second day, I had a killer media one-sheet and an offer to pitch from one of my fellow participants. I also really appreciated that Nancy gave us specific advice about how to find the right podcasts because I’ve done other similar courses and walked away understanding everything except how to find appropriate podcasts. Most importantly of all, I got a lot of help clarifying my message. I now have a greater understanding of WHO I serve and HOW I hope to impact them. That makes it a lot easier not only for me to keep pitching to podcasts but to position myself as the expert I am so that I can get the right clients on board. I am currently revising my website and retooling my services to match my message and audience, and I can feel the difference as I’m doing this. I would recommend Nancy to anyone who is struggling to attract the right clients or to get speaking engagements.”
Jack A. Ori, Author and life coach empowering transgender, autistic, and differently-abled young adults,
“I realize how much I’ve been avoiding getting clear on what I do and helping others figure it out. Thanks for all your fabulous coaching! I love the specific examples you give of how to write a query letter, how to follow up, what to put in the one-sheet, how to focus on being of service, how to get clear on what we are offering so the host knows who we are and what we do. For all this and so much more, I thank you.”
Linda Kroll, LCPC, JD, Therapist, Mediator, Attorney, Chopra Certified Teacher of Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda
“Nancy is an absolute rock star! In just 5 days I created, edited and polished a media one sheet I can use to pitch to podcast hosts that I can feel proud of (AND, now I know the difference between a media one sheet and a speaker one sheet!) It was like hitting the lottery. I got a ton of value, a treasure trove of specific actionable tips and so many a-ha moments out of this program that I can apply to my business right now! Nancy totally over-delivered on content and blew me away with her generosity. Her training helped me get clarity and drove me to be my best and most compelling self and package it in a way that is irresistible.”
Steve Pederson, Speaker, Author, Musician
“I’m loving ALL the tips you are providing! SOO SUPER Duper Valuable! Thank you!”
Dr. Merina Longevity Secrets, Alternative & Holistic Health Service
“So much value. This was an incredible session. Jam packed. I kept wanting to pause to type in the chat my ‘aha’ moments, but never got time cause they just kept coming!!”
Lia M B Tuerlings

“When you sign up for Nancy Juetten’s Be the Podcast Dream Guest Challenge, you’re signing up for information, inspiration, and real-life action-oriented steps to take you to the next stage in your media presence.


You can’t go wrong working with Nancy Juetten. She’s a gem.”

Laura Handke, Lake Oswego’s Transformational Voice® Teacher Transformational Voice® is a registered trademark of Transformational Voice® Training Institute, LLC, and Linda Brice

“Your free 5 Day Be the Podcast Dream Guest Challenge provided so much value that I am happy to pay for it by investing in your VIP upgrade. And now I’ll have the videos and e-book in my business library so I can use them at my own pace.

Nancy, I want to give you a ‘specific terrific’ for your sassy soundbites – your wordsmith ability delights the ear and excites the imagination. In your videos, the energy and enthusiasm you project encourages your audience to action.

Thank you for your ‘fearless leadership’ guiding us through the media maze with templates and examples to help us achieve our personal podcast potential.

I’ll continue to follow you for direction – and continue working to turn my ‘sloppy copy’ into a powerful presentation!”

Judy Herman, Custom Word Puzzle Creator at Cerebration Creations and works at Conductor and “BRAINtertainer” at All Aboard the Brain Train and “BRAINtertainer” at “Let Me BRAINtertain You”

“Nancy, You are a rockstar performer! You deliver such high value and with such passion you always have me saying, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate to help folks get on podcasts NOW!”

Bettina Carey

“That's what is so cool – this work is not only for visibility but crucial for clarifying and solidifying your message and creating hot offers!”

Olga Fernandes
Nancy Juetten's Testimonial for me being in her Be a Dream Guest Challenge
Joanne Williams, Anxiety Simplified

Nancy Juetten's Testimonial
Brent Scarpo welcomed such AMAZING results as a result of putting into action the lessons he learned during the Podcast Visibility Live Lab.
He got two new coaching clients, booked 9 podcast guest spots, and 20 speaking gigs for October with a corporate client. He has also welcomed an opportunity to be a corporate online trainer with a leading company.

What Luminaries are Saying about the
Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook
“If you need to position yourself ahead of your competition, you need Nancy Juetten’s practical, easy to adapt, high impact advice.”
Patricia Fripp, Past President, National Speakers Association,

“Nancy Juetten has created a wonderful resource for writing an effective bio so you can speak up and share your message virtually. Your new bio will impress your followers and intrigue them so they will want to know more about you. This is definitely a ‘must buy’ workbook I highly recommend.”

Nancy Marmolejo,

“… My intro to Nancy and her Bye-Bye Boring Bio is relatively new, but I already know she’s the real deal because I’ve lived through what she teaches. What that is is kind of funny. It’s the fact that I’ve accomplished a 7-figure marketing agency without spending a dollar on marketing. I found success through the very methods that Nancy teaches, which was exciting to meet her through podcasting and to know someone is out there teaching these things that I’ve learned. By bringing transparency to your audience and clarity in your message, that is how you get ahead. By clearly and consistently communicating your area of experience in your bios online – now the key is consistently – you have a 24/7 open for business light on to attract sales and leads. It’s super cool to now know someone like Nancy to help you cut the learning curve. She’s one of the good guys bringing actionable advice to you.”
Damon Burton, contributor, President of SEO National, and Author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling Book Outrank
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You’ll instantly receive 5 deep dive video replays, homework assignments to guide you to get media savvy, media ready, and on message, plus your digital copy of the much heralded Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook!

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Bye bye boring bio book
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More Amazing Raves From
The Podcast Visibility Live Lab
“This is for Nancy mostly but others of course! I have a business that is disrupting an industry and I have felt so frustrated on Instagram and all these places that everybody is a coach and they want you to absolutely take their courses you have to be a millionaire to take everyone’s courses to try and see how to virtually have your business found on social media. Listening to this on late Saturday Nancy gave me the perfect idea become a podcast guest and you get to be on podcast hopefully . With thousands of listeners and she’s right when I’m listening to a podcast I am in my car driving down the toll road walking the dog dual actions doing the laundry so I am enamored with Nancy’s information here and I just want to say thank you so much.”
Smooth Moves by Design
“Per one of the homework assignments, I joined Last night I heard from one on relationships. They have over 200 episodes and 40 5-star reviews. Thanks, Nancy, for telling us about”
Jo Ann Richards
“Just listened to the replay of the first session in Raise Your Voice, Make an Impact and it is nothing short of brilliant! I had forgotten how fantastic you are at what you do (how could I?!) Seriously though, it is a privilege to be part of this group and reminds me how excellent your Bye Bye Boring Bio Workbook was when I first did it. I'll be one day behind with everything but looking forward to more! (And I want to salute you for the HUGE amount of work I know has gone on behind the scenes for this. Congratulations .”
Jane Duncan Rogers
“OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME! Nancy Juetten I would love to have you teach this on my virtual stage at our 3-day intensive! At the end of our fall 2021 cohort of the Virtual Water Education Lab, we intend to hold our first 3-day event – and I will be very selective about who I asked to join my stage – but one of the things I want my students to think about after they've launched their own beta courses is how they can then go the next level and start promoting what they do on podcasts and stages. I'd be happy to talk JV if you're up for it! Love your work!”
Dr. Cat Shier
“Wild! On Tues, I followed Nancy's suggestions, joined and sent off two brazen podcast pitches based on the first two sessions. One replied within hours with a friendly implied “yes”, asked for more info then explained their booking timeline and procedures. He didn't seem too worried that I”m a podcast newbie. That was the same day I was guest on first podcast, which went so well the host invited me later to co-host it in the future. Way better than I expected, so thanks, Nancy!”
John Couper
Make Your Wise Purchase Now.

You’ll instantly receive 5 deep dive video replays, homework assignments to guide you to get media savvy, media ready, and on message, plus your digital copy of the much heralded Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook!

Click on the BUY NOW below to make your $297 payment.

If you want the physical spiral bound full color workbook delivered to your doorstep, wait for the UPSELL option at checkout to make that choice.

It’s $40 more to cover printing and shipping to your address in the U.S.A.

*All sales are final*