Looking for In-Home Love and Care for Your Pampered Pooch While You Travel So You Can Rest Easy?

Do You ALSO Want the Convenience of a Luxury Destination that is Right Under Your Pup’s Nose … in Your Tucson, Arizona Backyard?

Welcome Pup Lover and Busy World Traveler,

Great news.  You and your pampered pooch have just discovered a new home-away-from-home.

Your dog enjoys all the comforts of our view home, plus lush walking trails for supervised exploring, sniffing, and adventure. Friendly, social, healthy dogs are our favorite guests.

We welcome just one or two pups at a time at our exclusive in-home pet hotel. We love and care for them as if they were our own.

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Holiday stays of a week or longer are our favorite gigs. Even longer is better.

We get very busy during national holidays and events such as Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Mid-winter and spring break windows are super popular, too. Advance bookings are recommended to ensure your exclusive reservation.

Respectful scheduling makes life great for all of us. Take note of drop off and pick up times, once your reservation is confirmed after our “Meet and Greet.”

  • Do you like what you’ve read so far and want to lean in and learn more?
  • Let’s schedule a “Meet and Greet” to ensure that our brand of care is a perfect match for your pooch.
  • Call 425-442-5690 and ask for Nancy Juetten.
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It’s $50 per night per pet to stay at the Very Important Pup Hotel. We charge 20% more during major holidays and school vacation breaks when demand for our premium, exclusive brand of care is at its peak.

Have more questions? Give me a call at 425 442 5690.


Nancy Juetten


P.S.  Now that our nest is empty, we are filling our Tucson, Arizona home with the pitter-patter of happy paws and wagging tails. We couldn’t be happier, and our pup owners and their pups feel the same way!


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