Yesterday a media query came across my desk that was perfect for at least two of the experts I know well.   I shared the lead with both, and one responded within minutes to the opportunity.   She qualified herself as an expert, indicated she knew a lot about the subject matter, and made it easy for the reporter to get back in touch.

What would have made this reply even stronger?

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: I suggest specifying 3-5 compelling and specific tips to give that reporter a “taste” of her tone of voice and the quality of the input she provides within that initial email reply.  That would  have been a way to go deeper  and make it that much more inviting for that reporter to get in touch.

When you provide complete information, you make it easy for the writer to “lift” your content directly from your email for attribution so he/she can finish their story and move on fast.  This has the potential to save valuable time coordinating and scheduling interviews for both parties.  At the very least, you give that writer a good reason to consider you an excellent source to return to again for future stories.  One good interview often leads to another, and that is a beautiful thing.