About Get Known Get Paid
Mentor Nancy Juetten

You really can make a big name for yourself and welcome the rewards you seek … premium clients, speaking gigs, media opportunities, and CONTROL OVER YOUR DESTINY.

Since 2001, I’ve guided thousands of action taking clients around the globe like you to take powerful steps to Get Known and Paid for their expertise. Along the way, I have created big buzz for my own expertise and built a profitable training/mentoring business and a great quality of life.

If you want to achieve these or even better results, saving months or years of time, toil, and trouble, I can help light your way.

You won’t get lost in the crowd working with me because of this simple PROFOUND and abiding belief:

There is no greater gift than to see, hear, celebrate, help, and champion big success for those willing to roll up their sleeves to do the work. This philosophy underscores every move I make in service to action-taking clients on missions for good and profit.

About Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten
About Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten
About Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten

Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten transforms speakers, experts and authors into sought-after podcast guests who speak their way to 6-figures and beyond. Nancy combines her years of public relations agency success, proven online marketing strategies honed since 2009, and velvet boot of accountability to kick clients into an empowering and sustainable gear of performance and profits. In addition to being an Amazon #1 best-selling author and a consistent content creator, Nancy speaks up on 40+ podcasts and virtual stages each year with her sassy sound bites leading the way. Leading the Raise Your Voice – Make Your Impact Facebook Group is among her favorite ways to connect with new action takers who can soon become her best clients and newest success stories. Join right here.

6-Word Story to Summarize Nancy's Life:

“Worthy, Heard, Authentic, Valued, Rewarded, Happy.”

1 Sentence for a Podcast

Successful speakers, experts and authors who are serious about making even bigger impact with clients, speaking engagements, joint venture partnerships, and the media rely on Get Known Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten to GET IT DONE with her unwavering support and championship.

Short Enough for Twitter:

158 Characters:

Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten guides speakers, experts, and authors attract connections, clients & cash with their brilliant bios leading the way.

      Short Blurb Bio for Radio Show Introductions:

The inspiration and tips Nancy shares during her engaging workshops and keynotes showcase the exact steps she took to earn recognition as the Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor among 20,000 loyal opt in subscribers worldwide and take to the live or virtual stage 100 times in 2017.

Nancy guides speakers, experts and authors to take their place on the stages that are right for their messages so they get known and paid for their brilliant expertise. Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, and Loral Langemeier sing her praises.

Nancy’s clients describe her as self-esteem in a can. She sprays it and all the fabulous things about you that you had forgotten or didn’t think were important are in the air for everyone to see. You feel better, potential clients find you more appealing, and you look and sound like a professional. Just like that.

50 Words:

Since 2009, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten has upgraded bios for speakers, experts, and authors who once struggled to broadcast their brilliance on paper or online. She says a brilliant bio opens the door to something more … instead of a snore. The time to make yours memorable is now.

70 Words:

Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for their expert status. Luminaries including Alex Mandossian, Sandra Yancey, Loral Langemeier, and Christine Kloser sing her praises for good reason. Her systems and methods deliver new clients, prestigious speaking gigs, media interviews, and joint venture partnerships with thought leaders and influence builders worldwide.

75 Words with Focus on Published Works:

Get Known Get Paid Mentor is the author of Bye-Bye Boring Bio and a contributing author to Speak More! Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business and  The World's Greatest Speakers: Insider Secrets to Inspire Your Audience to Action. Enjoy access to the Preview of Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 at www.byebyeboringbio2020.com.

Nancy’s Speaker Introduction:

Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten is on a mission to guide a million business experts in English speaking nations around the world to prepare and share their magnetic marketing messages so they can get known and paid for their winning ways. She guides aspiring and thriving speakers and coaches to name, claim, and communicate their expertise so premium clients see their value and gladly invest in their products, programs and services.

The author of the popular Bye-Bye Boring Bio workbook, Nancy knows a thing or two about preparing and sharing stories to get known and paid. Since finding the courage to say “bye-bye” to her former career as a publicist in 2009 and “hello” to a new business built on her Get Known-Get Paid expertise, Nancy Juetten has grown her community to 22,000 loyal fans, followers, and clients — many who are also finding the courage to reinvent their own businesses and step forward to welcome the credibility, visibility and profitability they seek.. She is proud to call Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Master Trainer to Virtual Trainers Alex Mandossian, and Transformation Catalyst Christine Kloser among her most appreciative clients. Today Nancy’s Get Known to Get Paid products, programs, and mentoring programs serve happy clients and aspiring luminaries around the world.

Her expertise has been showcased in hundreds of prestigious media outlets including Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox News, and the American City Business Journals to name a few. She regularly contributes her sassy sound bites to scores and scores of radio broadcasts, worldwide webinars, and live stages from Seattle to Colorado to California . Joint venture partners in the transformational coaching industry describe her as a Joint Venture Leaderboard Topping Angel because she frequently delivers credible influence that drives sales for her partners and commissions to her mailbox.

A word wizard who helps business owners make their points with pizzazz, Nancy’s clients describe her as “all of the help and none of the hype” and “self-esteem in a can.” She sprays it, and fabulous things about you are in the air for everyone to see. You feel better, potential clients find you more appealing, and you look and sound like a professional. Just like that.

Join with me in giving Nancy Juetten a warm welcome.


Nancy Juetten

Longer Introduction for Teleseminars and Podcasts:

Bye-Bye Boring Bio author and Get Known to Get Paid™ Success Mentor Nancy Juetten is fiercely committed to helping successful women business owners and emerging experts everywhere quickly get up-to-speed on the best ways to use the power of storytelling and free publicity to share their messages to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for their expert status.  Clients rave about the big picture ideas, implementation tips, and messaging magic she provides. Guiding others to achieve authentic visibility that translates into winning results they can feel in their balance sheets is her passion and commitment. An award-winning copywriter with 20 years of success running her own profitable business, Nancy has been interviewed in connection with her storytelling and publicity expertise by CNN Radio, National Public Radio, the ABC Radio Network and by engaging and talented radio talk show hosts and information gurus from across America and the world. She and her publicity tips/expertise have also been featured in print stories issued by the Associated Press, RainToday, USA Today, Forbes.com, FoxBusiness.com, WomenEntreprenuer.com, and beyond.

Working one-on-one with clients as their Get Known to Get Paid Mentor is among the best ways that clients welcome results they can celebrate in their balance sheets and beyond. Nancy is someone who inspires business owners to take control of their storytelling and media opportunities through consistent, winning actions every day.

Nancy's Personality Profile — Just for Fun:

Sassy Sound Bite:

  • “Impossible things are happening every day.”  — The Fairy Godmother to Cinderella

High School Crowd

  • I was the bookish, hard-working editor of my high school newspaper who did a lot more reporting about others than making news of my own.

Something Surprising…

  • Sometimes, people who meet me in person for the first time after consulting with me by phone tell me it is a big surprise to see how tall I am.  One person said that she had this idea in her head that I was five foot two.  She said, “Why didn't you tell me you were the Jolly Green Giant?”  I stand just under six feet tall in my bare feet.

Biggest Indulgence

  • Driving my grocery cart down the aisles at Whole Foods and putting amazing and delicious things into my basket without looking at the price — always a pleasure!

Weirdest Habit

  • Sometimes, I get so absorbed in my work that it is 3 p.m. and I haven't yet had lunch.  That's why this “self care” thing needs to be a higher priority.

Workplace Perk

  • Going to work wearing my pajamas and getting to play with my puppy between assignments.
Six Things About Nancy That Might Surprise You:
  • Nancy knows how to keep a secret.  As a nine-year-old, Nancy figured out how many licks it took to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. She earned a certificate from the company president for her accomplishment, and she’ll never share the answer.
  • Nancy ran a half-marathon the year she turned 40. She traveled 175 miles in training over three months leading up to the race, even though she had hardly run more than three miles at a time prior. The lessons she learned about how to apply passion, time, and discipline toward achieving big goals informs every move she makes as a business owner, wife, parent, and friend today.
  • “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield is among Nancy’s favorite business books.
  • In her bare feet, Nancy stands just under six feet tall.

Nancy’s Education:

Nancy earned Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a marketing emphasis from California State University at Northridge. Here the seeds for a promising career in public relations and communications took root. She earned thousands of dollars toward her self-funded college education by entering essay contests and winning.