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MAGPAI is the tool I use and recommend.

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If you want to deal with far fewer tire kickers and brain pickers and take steps to qualify potential clients before you chat with them, take a closer look at Jane Deuber’s Magpai Assessment Marketing Tool. I interviewed her at length about assessment marketing, and you can watch the video right here. Visit www.getknowngetpaid.com/magpai to start your free 30-day trial. I got my first assessment up and generating leads for me within 34 minutes. The system is intuitive to use, even if technology isn’t your favorite thing. Her team provides live office hours to lend support, and that’s awesome, too.

If you want to sample how slick this system is, check out the Podcast Guesting Readiness Assessment right here:  www.getknowngetpaid.com/readysetpodcastguest

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Beautiful Home Page and Sales Pages that Match

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When it was time to seriously upgrade the look and feel of my home page and invitation pages, I turned to Maggie Isley. As a direct result of the significant design upgrades she brought to life for my business offerings, I am attracting more of the right clients who are investing more meaningfully in my programs than ever before and loving my business more than ever before. Best of all, I welcome compliments every day and requests to be referred to her. It doesn’t get much better than that. If you want what I am having, run and don’t walk to request a chat with Maggie.

Here is proof:


Plan ahead for your needs. She often has a wait list.


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I’ve been a member of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur business incubator since November 2020. I know the program from the inside out and can recommend it very highly. It has been the catalyst for me to elevate my branding, my offerings, my pricing, and my results at the bottom line and beyond. The strategic and tactical insights I gain by taking advantage of the live calls, learning portal, the membership community, and the new relationships I form with the “mover and shaker” members have been instrumental in my growth, while boosting my mastery and confidence, too. The UE commitment to client success is very high, and I feel it every day as a member of this powerful community. If you are ready to elevate to the next and best expression of what you are here to do, Unstoppable Entrepreneur earns my highest recommendation. Oh by the way, podcast guesting is among the non-negotiables that Unstoppable Entrepreneur Founder and CEO Kelly Roach recommends to each and every client to advance their celebrity, authority, and credibility. I could not agree with her more.


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Interview Connections is an award winning podcast guest booking agency. Their services are perfect for you if you are an established entrepreneur who knows you need to be increasing your visibility as a guest expert on podcasts but you find the process of pitching podcasts yourself, or hiring, training, and managing an in house team to do it for you is an energy suck.

Interview Connections will get you in front of new, targeted audiences every single week, help you multiply your impact as a thought leader, and help you to turn your visibility into multiple years of compounding revenue!

Here is an interview I hosted with Interview Connections CEO Margy Feldhuhn so you can get to know her and appreciate what makes their service special, distinct, and preferred.

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Trusted Resources

Often I am asked about the services I use to help make tracking my results fast and easy. One that I am always happy to recommend for opt in pages that convert is LeadPages. I have been a happy and recurring client of LeadPages since 2014.

Stories of my businesses successes have also been showcased on the LeadPages blog* through the years, and that has been thrilling to say the least.

I really appreciate being able to whip up a fabulous opt in page that converts powerfully from click to lead — without having to know how to write code or deal with too much technology.

My email opt in list continues to grow as a result of the lead magnets and online event registration pages that me and my virtual assistant create.

I always aim for my opt in pages to convert better than 50% from click to lead.

LeadPages makes it fast and easy to search by industry to find already proven templates that work for big names in my industry.

Their system even “does the math” so I don't have to.

That makes it even faster and easier to use similar templates, revise the messaging, hit SAVE and start attracting leads to my business.

How do I share my opt in gifts with others?

So many ways. Here are three:

  1. I share my easy to spell and say URL as a call to action when I am guesting on podcasts or train on the virtual stage.
  2. I showcase event registration pages in my eblasts and ezines when I have something coming up that can make a difference for my community.
  3. I post to social media — especially in groups where group leaders allow for promotional postings.

As you consider what services or products to add to your marketing toolkit between now and year end, consider if LeadPages can be one you will gladly invest into so you can benefit as I have for so many years.

This is a link you can use to start your free trial so see what the fuss is about.


I'll include the success story LeadPages wrote about prior launches of mine right here:


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PodMatch Automatically Matches Ideal Podcast Hosts And Guests For Interviews.

Imagine Your Favorite Online Dating App, But Instead Of Using It For Finding Dates, You're Booking Podcast Interviews.

Learn more right here.


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