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I’ve been a member of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur business incubator since November 2020.  I know the program from the inside out and can recommend it very highly.  It has been the catalyst for me to elevate my branding, my offerings, my pricing, and my results at the bottom line and beyond.  The strategic and tactical insights I gain by taking advantage of the live calls, learning portal, the membership community, and the new relationships I form with the “mover and shaker” members have been instrumental in my growth, while boosting my mastery and confidence, too. The UE commitment to client success is very high, and I feel it every day as a member of this powerful community.  If you are ready to elevate to the next and best expression of what you are here to do, Unstoppable Entrepreneur earns my highest recommendation.  Oh by the way, podcast guesting is among the non-negotiables that Unstoppable Entrepreneur Founder and CEO Kelly Roach recommends to each and every client to advance their celebrity, authority, and credibility.  I could not agree with her more.


This is a cool service called Track My Subs that gives you effortless control of your subscriptions with perfectly timed alerts you can set and forget.


TrackMySubs is like having your own virtual assistant keeping watch on all your recurring payments.

…Oh, and you can also use it for warranties, rent, loan repayments, gym memberships, and pretty much anything else you’d like to keep track of, or be reminded about – at the perfect time!

It could be that you are paying for services you don’t want anymore, and those fees could otherwise be applied to something else you really want or need.

Take this out for a spin and see how much you love it!

Opt In Pages that Convert:

LeadPages is what all the big players are using today. Check out how easy this system is to use and how well it works for you!

Audio Conference Resources:


Here’s a 21-day, $1 Trial to a InstantTeleseminar! I highly recommend it — lots of unique features. It’s the service I use for all my “Bio Doc is In” and other training calls. Click on the link above to check it out.
Automated Webinars – Stealth Seminar!!!

If you have a video, teleclass, or a webinar that you know converts reliably, automate it. Stealth Seminar has the most amazing client support people who actually “do it for you” so you can just let the system work to your expert and profit advantage.


• Want to build a better blog? Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger is the expert I trust. Visit this site to learn more about this action-oriented workbook that helped me grow blog traffic by 62% in 2009.

Book Publishing:

• Visit www.JohnKremer.com to learn about 1001 Ways to Self-Market Your Books and so much more.
• Visit www.DanPoynter.com for even more resources about self-publishing your books.

File Sending:
www.yousendit.com works great for large files, and it’s free!

Graphic Design Services:
Victoria Vinton does a FABULOUS job for just about all of my graphic design needs. She’ll do a great job for you, too. Need a speaker sheet that turns heads in a good way? She’s your gal! Need branded, beautiful marketing collateral to put your best image and message forward? Look no further. Call her at 619-698-5960, and tell her Nancy Juetten referred you. You can also visit Victoria on the web at www.coyotepressgraphics.com or by email at victoriavicton@cox.net.

Free Media Query Services:

Help a Reporter Out – A free service that brings active media queries to your in box. Sign up at www.helpareporter.com.
PitchRate – a free service that brings even more active media queries to your in box. Sign up at www.pitchrate.com.
Online Shopping Cart:

• Need to set up an online shopping cart – This is a link to learn more about the system I use.

Payment Gateway – Practice Pay Solutions

I’ve been using Practice Pay Solutions since I set up my online shopping cart in 2006. I set up the account at the recommendation of several people who recommended this service as my payment gateway, and I have been consistently impressed by the customer service, the reporting, and the great educational resources the company provides in service to my success. If you have questions about setting up an account, you can contact Fran Garuvuso in the client relations department at fgaravuso@practicepaysolutions.com. Visit this link to learn more.
Want to Learn Even More About How to “Get Known to Get Paid™”?

• Ask for an application for Nancy’s Get Known to Get Paid PRIVATE mentoring program.

Website Creation Workshop

You actually want to create your own WordPress website without having to rely on your webmaster? You are not alone. Hundreds of people just like you are doing that with Wizard of WordPress Guide Christina Hills as their guide. She’s got a well reviewed and popular Website Creation Workshop brewing for launch this spring, and you can click here for all the details. You can do this, and Christina can help.

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