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Get Known Get Paid with Nancy Juetten

If driving leads and sales to your successful service-based business needs to happen sooner versus later, being invisible is a recipe for frustration, sleepless nights, and lost revenue.

If you’ve been suffering for way too long, you are not alone.

We’ve all had to switch things up to deal with the consequences of game changing world events.  

There is a bright spot that offers you access to the right people without leaving your home or office. 

It’s the Wild Wild West of podcast guesting.

With 2.7+ million podcasts on the air today, hosts around the world are seeking to interview experts like you. Your mission is to get  media ready, media savvy, and on message to serve them, while inspiring their listeners to take their best next steps in your direction to do more business.

Since 2001, I’ve worked with leading banks, prestigious chocolate companies, luminaries, and stars on the rise to prepare and share their stories to get known and get paid in the media that matter for their messages. I’ve also guided hundreds of students to welcome the same or even better results for themselves without hiring an expensive booking agency. I walk my own talk as an imple-MENTOR who models a doable path to celebrity and business success with less than an hour of focused & strategic activity every day.

I’m eager to show you how so you’re never thirsty for the right audience ever again.  

It’s time to stake your claim to the rewards that are within your grasp when you make podcast guesting your favorite and most consistent visibility strategy. If you’re ready to welcome more inbound client inquiries, qualified leads, new collaborations, the beautiful music of ka-ching in your shopping cart, and more revenue to fuel your bottom line, I have four words for you:

Giddy up. Let's go!

Denver Business Journal
Get Known Get Paid with Nancy Juetten
The Seattle Times

Have you been wanting to speak up on podcasts without wasting valuable time, spinning your wheels, making costly mistakes, or investing big time with a podcast booking agency?

You could be suffering from not enough inbound sales inquiries, too few quality leads, and a blank calendar instead of one booked with consultations with the right potential clients and opportunities to speak up and share your expertise on the right shows.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of seeing your competitors shine in the spotlight while your business continues to suffer lost sales in silence, darkness and continued frustration. MIssing out on buzz and business building interviews that could be a game changer for your upside and your bright star on the rise isn’t doing your business or your confidence any favors.

Are you feeling clueless about where and how to start to change your fate for the better, and sooner versus later? 

Take heart and breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Everything you need to learn and do is right here.

"The techniques and practical advice provided in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Boot Camp lifted my game to another level. I'm now consistently booking two podcast interviews per week.Nancy Juetten offers solid advice backed up with her velvet boot of accountability for action. Brilliant!"
James Hipkin
Websites without Worry

You’re the kind of successful service professional who wants to be seen, heard, celebrated, and ultimately compensated for your winning ways. The sooner the better. 

For that to happen, you need visibility, authority, credibility, and a microphone to amplify your message and reach more of the right people who can benefit from how you help. 

The problem is that recent world events have shut down many live events, conferences, and in person gatherings. Many messengers have been at a loss as to how to raise their voices and make their impact without leaving their homes or offices.That is disempowering and frustrating, while standing in the way of bringing in the leads and conversations they need to grow, serve, and prosper.

It’s just plain wrong to suffer a moment longer.

That’s why I want to guide you to make the most of podcast guesting to solve all of these problems. It’s not about welcoming a new normal. It’s about embracing a NEW BETTER for the quality of life and the results you invite by speaking up on the right shows. Soon enough, you’ll influence opportunities to do more business with the power of your voice with your trusty microphone and a good internet connection by your side.

Get Known Get Paid with Nancy Juetten

Here’s how it works:

You’re going to learn my three-step plan: Get Media Ready. Get Media Savvy. Get On Message.  When you add the all important Wash, Rinse and Repeat step to the recipe, you’ll never be thirsty for an audience ever again. Do nothing, and you, your mission, and your brilliant legacy of contribution could continue to suffer in obscurity (and roll with the tumbleweeds.)

That will make it even harder for you to touch and transform lives and businesses, while elevating your upside and your star on the rise. 

It’s time to get in the game right now.

you'll succeed.


Get Media Ready

Prepare Your Set Up, Mindset & Expectations to Serve Hosts, Their Audiences, and Your Own Big Goals. One Without the Others Isn’t Good Enough.

Get Media Savvy

Pitch with Finesse, Conviction & Confidence.

Get On Message

Be Consistent & Persistent.
Aim Higher & Higher. Show Up LIke a Pro at Hello. 
Repurpose Shows to Optimize Your Upside, While Creating Lasting & Rewarding Relationships.
Wash, Rinse & Repeat.

Take the Podcast Guesting Readiness Assessment.

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