Audience Members Rave
Nancy Juetten testimonial
Sam Horn and Nancy Juetten at 2013 eWomenNetwork Internatio
Audience Members RAVE About Nancy Juetten
Henry DeVries

“Nancy is all of the help and none of the hype.”

“What happens when the dog actually catches the car; in other words, what do you do when the media actually calls about your work? Nancy was the hit of our Marketing With A Book Summit as she wowed the consultants in attendance with tips on how to be ready for the spotlight with tailored bios, sound bites, follow-up tools and everything else you need to leverage the opportunity of positive publicity. We want her back again and again. She is all help and none of the hype.”

— Henry DeVries, Founder of Marketing With A Book Summit

“If you are looking for a conference presenter with a big heart and ‘bio wow expertise’ who makes a huge impact just by showing up at her best, Nancy Juetten gets my highest recommendation.”

“When I invited Nancy Juetten to serve on my VIP panel about business models at the Six Figure Solopreneur Secrets LIVE event in Denver, CO September 12 – 14, 2012, I knew I made a wise choice. From the moment she showed up on the hotel property until the last moment of the event, she was present, focused, and intent on showing up and giving great value without selling. What was amazing to watch was Nancy making her ‘bio wow’ impact with every clever word she spoke and every lesson she shared from the stage and person to person from the floor. When event guests shared their highlights from the event, I was grinning when several said they had ‘girl crushes on Nancy Juetten’ and were happy to have had the opportunity to step into her red high heeled shoes. If you are looking for a conference presenter with big heart and ‘bio wow expertise’ who makes a huge impact just by showing up at her best, Nancy Juetten gets my highest recommendation.”

— Tommi Wolfe, The Start Up Expert,

Tommi Wolfe

Nancy Juetten graciously presented her training – Get Ready for Opportunity Before it Knocks – during ICG 2017 CoachWeek. Nancy is a dynamic presenter, and feedback on her 90-minute training was great. Here are specific things students said after the session:

  • ‘Nancy is very clear about what she offers and can help you expand your mind about public speaking as a way to get yourself known and to attract paying clients. She radiates inspiration and confidence and offers real tools to get you started on your own path to success through public speaking.’
  • ‘Nancy is a master wordsmith and helps dial in your audience, niche and gives ideas on how to get speaking gigs.’
  • ‘I highly recommend this class if you are wanting to learn more about either getting your message out or moving your business to the next level.’

Overwhelmingly our class participants enjoyed the learning experience. Thank you again for the great presentation!

Lyssa M. Danehy DeHart
ICF Washington State Chapter President
ICF Washing State – Virtual Learning

“It was a breath of fresh air to hear Nancy J ‘Unplugged’ — speaking her truth in a way that inspired everyone in the room to keep reaching toward their entrepreneurial dreams and rewards, even when it’s hard.”

Debbie Whitlock

“Nancy Juetten’s presentation to the Bellevue/Seattle Chapter of eWomenNetwork earned 4.7 out of 5.0 for member satisfaction. Members were inspired by her message to stay true and focused on their entrepreneurial dreams, even when it’s hard.”

— Debbie Whitlock, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork

Alison Marks

“Nancy really delivers as a speaker, with expertise and a big heart.”

“When I invited Nancy to be a guest on my interview series, ‘Success Talks with Alison Marks,' I knew she'd be a great guest, but even with high expectations, I was so impressed! She was a breeze to work with, and more importantly, had honest, insightful and immediately useful information to share with my folks. Nancy really delivers as a speaker, with expertise and a big heart. Thank you, Nancy.”

Alison Marks, M.A, CFSC
Author, Speaker, Organizing and Productivity Mentor
6 Figure Home Office

Not only is Nancy a dynamo of infectious energy but the practical advice she offers on how to publicize yourself, or business, is priceless.”

 Nancy spoke at my Linked:Seattle meetup and got rave reviews from attendees. You wouldn’t think that a presentation about publicity would be of interest to a wide range of professionals and business people, but Nancy made the topic sing and lots of people left with ideas about how to better get the message out about their own businesses. You can’t go wrong asking for Nancy’s help with building a successful publicity plan for yourself or business.”

– Michael Surkan, Program & Product Manager at Atigeo

Michael Surkan

“Nancy’s event on creating a bio that shines was our most widely-enjoyed webinar to date!

We received tons of feedback from clients filled with renewed passion, ready to reassess their brand and truly stand-out with their business. We’re still getting rave reviews months later from moved and motivated attendees. Thank you, Nancy, for a webinar that truly inspired our community.”

– Shea Carey, Practice Pay Solutions

Rebecca P. Murray

“Nancy is one of the most refreshing speakers I’ve heard in years.”

“I’m not easily impressed when it comes to public speakers. So when I noticed Nancy sitting at a table during a recent business convention, I wondered what the tall slender woman in pink would say that was worth hearing. From Nancy’s opening line, I was sucked in and became an instant fan. I even took copious notes (rare for me)! I laughed. I made commitments to myself. I was entertained and inspired. Nancy is one of the most refreshing speakers I’ve heard in years. I look forward to hearing more.”

– Rebecca P. Murray, Marketing Director & Pet Trainer, Invisible Fence Northwest, Seattle, WA

“This woman is amazing. Smart, funny, real. I learned a lot.”

“After all these years of being in the National Speakers Association, seldom am I taken with a speaker. But tonight, I became a huge fan of Nancy Juetten from Seattle. This woman is amazing. Smart, funny, real. I learned a lot.”

– Mark LeBlanc, Past President, National Speakers Association, Author of “Growing Your Business from Minneapolis, MN (Feb. 2011)

Mark LeBlanc
Victoria Buckmann

Nancy opened up my eyes to the importance of proper preparation and made clear how being ready in an instant can pay off in powerful ways.

“I am aspiring to be a consistently well compensated speaker and am creating workshops to showcase my expertise. Before today’s eWomenNetwork Webinar with NancyJuetten, I didn’t know all of the things I need to know to be prepared. Nancy opened up my eyes to the importance of proper preparation and made clear how being ready in an instant can pay off in powerful ways. When the reporters come calling, or more importantly, when I make my approach, I intend to earn the ‘easy YES’ to showcase my expertise so my message can travel far and wide to make impact on my ideal clients. Thank you Nancy for your excellent presentation today.”

– Victoria Buckmann, Consciously Create Your Ideal Life,

“It’s quite easy to reach the decision that Nancy Juetten is a fabulous speaker who knows how to write attention-getting bios! She has many testimonials about the results she creates for her clients. Perhaps less obvious is that Nancy Juetten is also a true gift to those tasked with planning and coordinating a speaking engagement. As the coordinator of a business conference, I want to assure you that Nancy is also a cooperative, proactive team player. She provides clear guidelines about her needs, responds quickly and completely to requests, is enthusiastic in promoting the event, and follows up on every detail. She was a joy to work with in every way.”

– Cindi Pree, ThinkBiz NW Event Planner, Bellingham Community College

Cindi Pree
Linda Snyder

“Nancy’s presentation style is much like the brilliant bio’s she writes…enthusiastic, insightful and full of well presented information. You’ll walk away with great tips and strategies to quickly implement in Kicking your Boring Bio to the Curb!”

– Linda Snyder, Ladies Who Launch

“Nancy shares so much substantive information in such an easy manner. Her delivery style is like a well timed actor with a great material. It is her story and she tells it well! Don’t miss an opportunity to hear her! You will be impressed!

– Terra Vita

“Nancy is so fantastic! She just gives so much of herself and her mass amounts of knowledge and creativity to us do-it-yourself people like myself!”

– Diane Bridgwater

Diane Bridgwater
Mike Margolies
“I attended one of Nancy Juetten’s seminars “Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb to Make More Money, Attract Clients and Media Attention, and Get Recognized as the Expert” through Biznik. She was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. She brought energy and enlightenment to frankly a subject that I was not sure was all that important. Wow was I wrong. I could tell immediately the impact that having a dynamic Bio would have on my business. Using her outline, I’ve made really good progress on creating a Bio that will attract more customers and make my business stand out. If you don’t think it’s important having a great and fabulous Bio you’re really missing it. And the “it” you’re missing translates into customers and $$. I can’t say enough about Nancy Juetten, her workshops and her coaching.”

– Mike Margolies, Sport Psychology Consultants

“Nancy Juetten is a gifted storyteller and brilliant teacher! In this delightful, interactive ThinkSpace workshop she has created the perfect blend of solid content, natural networking opportunity for participants, and delivery of high quality free publicity and referrals. By modeling her own process for herself and her clients; telling succinct stories of stunning results and social information in sassy sound bites, she makes the process easy to understand and more likely to be mastered by a broad range of learning styles. I want what she and her clients are having, AND I definitely want what she is serving! Next step—rent her brain and take my non-boring bio draft to the next level. Thanks Nancy, can’t wait to see where we go from here!”

– Anna Goldsworthy
The Possibility Detective

Anna Goldsworthy
Rebecca Shupe

“Thank you for such an outstanding presentation on March 16, 2010 at Patrick Snow’s publishing workshop. It’s always so enjoyable to watch someone enjoying their passion, especially when they are really stellar at it! J I would love to have you write me a bio to include not only on my book but also my website. I will be in touch in the next few weeks. Thanks again.”

– Rebecca Shupe
Harmony Development Group

“You did it again, Nancy! I’m Kristiina Hiukka, the Owner and Chief Coaching Officer of Big Agenda Coaching. As a member of BizEnrich Group , I truly enjoyed your “Bye, Bye Boring Bio” presentation which was filled with useful gems of information. I noticed how the audience was mesmerized with your storytelling and you encouraged active interaction and some good laughs. You made it fun and your special offers got everyone on their feet, too. You are modeling both brilliant business savvy and very personable professionalism. I will be inviting you to speak to more business groups that I’m a member of in order to get your valuable message out to more people. We all need a more interesting bios.”

Your fan forever, Kristiina
With heart
Kristiina Hiukka, Chief Executive and Team Coach
Honorary Vice Consul of Finland

Jonathan H. Frizzell

“I heard Nancy Juetten speak about DIY publicity at the Olympia Business Summit. What struck me about her presentation was her authenticity, her command over the subject matter, and her genuine desire to be of service. The stories she told were inspiring, the suggested tips, tools, and resources she shared were empowering, and her personal energy was likable and engaging. I highly recommend Nancy as a speaker, and if I ever need someone to guide our company’s PR effort, Nancy is on the top of my list. Thank you.”

– Jonathan H. Frizzell,

“My biggest takeaway from Nancy’s presentation is simply her enthusiasm, which she skillfully employs to demystify the often fear-educing nature of publicity. And once she has you on board, she delivers a solid set of resources enabling every participant to affect change. Nancy has presented for us three times, and the feedback following each has been resoundingly enthusiastic”

– Craig Cross, Marketing Director, Seattle Design Center.

Craig Cross

From the 1-7-2010 “Get Known as an Expert” Presentation at ThinkSpace:
“You’re the awesome rock star of PR. Elated to attend yet another tip and fact-filled workshop talk with Nancy at the helm. She truly is the rock star of PR.”

— Amy Woidtke, EcoKind

“The ThinkSpace seminar I attended gave me at least five solid action items that I can do today to boost my business and establish myself as the expert in my field.”

— Sukie Baxter,

“Nancy’s presentation was informative and entertaining — a great way to spend a lunch hour!”

– Stacy McClure, Stacie S. McClure CPA, PLLC,

“When I heard Puget Sound Coaches’ presenter, Nancy Juetten, on ‘Learn How to Get Seen, Heard & Celebrated in Your Own Backyard’ on January 13, 2009, I was taking notes quickly so I wouldn’t miss any gems. I asked a couple questions about a specific publicity source and was pleasantly astonished to not only get her straightforward reply, but to hear three related resources I’d not even heard of come sliding from her prolific mind to my waiting ears. I’m not sure I’ve ever gushed like I did when I went up afterward and told her with great enthusiasm, that was the best presentation I’d ever heard. I’d have felt fortunate that night to have had two or three suggestions for getting publicity. Instead, I got MANY. And I was entertained as well as informed. She has a playful attitude toward life, and the little girl in me wanted to grab her and head off to the sandbox or the swings with her. We left with a belief that we could indeed make contacts with real people and get helpful publicity for our coaching, speaking or other endeavors. Yes, we can. Thank you, Nancy. “

– Moreah Vestan. and

“I truly enjoyed your talk today at Third Thursday at the Seattle Design Center on 11-20-08. What a fabulous and inspiring speaker you are! I am now re-energized and ready to get back to the business of promoting my business, thanks to your exciting presentation. I, like so many others, get into the rut of everyday taking care of business and forget to take care of my business. The article in Seattle Homes and Lifestyles (from April 2008) is still bringing me prospect calls. I now need to get other projects published for sure”

Warm regards,
Cathy Neidermeyer
Neidermeyer Design Associates
CMG – Color Marketing Group
Allied Member ASID

Nancy Juetten is a refreshing, energetic, and knowledgeable speaker. She lends her tips for improved publicity to small business owners in a captivating way. All of our June 10, 2008 attendees walked away with concrete ways to implement or augment their own campaigns. Very relevant information!

– Amy Spain, Snohomish Tourism Bureau,

Last Friday’s June 6, 2008 presentation was GREAT! Everyone went home with useful, practical tips they could immediately put to use. I like how you empower your audience and make every person feel like they can be more media savvy.

– Hendricka Benjamins, Programming Chair, North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast,

Nancy Juetten spoke to 50+ small and medium sized business owners at our Boss Business Seminar in May ’08 on the topic of ‘The Power of Free Publicity.’ I would describe her presentation as electric with all the energy and impact of a thunderbolt shooting through the room. By the end of the talk everyone (including me) was ready to go out and be seen, heard, and celebrated for our winning ways. Nancy covered all aspects of how to benefit from free publicity from approaching the conventional print media to Blogs, social networking sites, electronic newsrooms, and YouTube. Everyone left the Seminar with communication tools that they could put to work in their organizations immediately plus ideas that will carry forward well into the future. I would recommend Nancy as a great speaker for any group that is interested in taking advantage of free publicity.

– John Wheeler, TAB-Certified Facilitator, The Alternative Board,

The May 6. 2008 media relations seminar Nancy Juetten offered was truly one of the best seminars I have attended in over twenty years of business. An inspired presenter who speaks from the heart, Nancy offered practical ideas which can be simply implemented by any size organization. Her insights into everyday marketing contained well thought out and easily obtainable objectives. She energetically engaged the entire room full of experienced and novice business owners by freely sharing a wealth of ideas on creating a “buzz” about their businesses. From blogging to using video clips, Nancy described a method for creating the ultimate guerrilla marketing campaign without tapping into an advertising budget. Her information came in the nick of time for our business as we have been struggling with how to allocate our advertising dollars. She helped us to realize that we didn’t have to spend a great deal to have an enormously successful grassroots campaign. If you want to recession proof your business, you need to hear Nancy. Just don’t tell your competition about her!

– Anthony Moran
General Manager, Certified Arborist, and Certified Tree Risk Assessor
Superior NW Tree and Shrub Care, Inc
The First, and Only, TCIA Accredited company in Washington State Truly “Raising the Standard in Arborcare”

For the second year in a row, the GoMobile Advertising Network was graced with the privilege of having Nancy Juetten provide a wealth of knowledge and publicity know-how to our National affiliate group. It is, without doubt, that each of us can and will use her invaluable and effective tools to grow our business nationwide.“Nancy provided real life examples and a simple way to use blogging and technology to promote my business. Fantastic presentation!”

– Bernie Montoya – Bay Area Mobile Media

Nancy’s presentation was full of straightforward information that was easy to understand and simple to implement! Her Media-Savvy-To-Go Publicity Kit was also a real winner with our group allowing the opportunity to execute her tips of the trade back at the office or on the go. We are excited to apply her media-savvy methods to gain us better coverage from our media contacts.Thanks again, Nancy for your informative and entertaining presentation!

– Mike Seifert, President
GoMobile Advertising Network

Thank you, Nancy, for your wonderful presentation to the Seattle chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) this month. Not only were you generous in your ideas and resources, but you also had an infections smile and energy that made what you had to say fun to listen to. You motivated me to take action with some marketing efforts I’ve had “on the burner” for some time and I’m now excited to execute. I appreciated your stories, your presentation style and of course, the wealth of experience you had to share regarding publicity. What a great way to kick off 2008. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others, in fact, I already have! Thank you Nancy!

– Debbie Rosemont
Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant
Simply Placed

Thank you for presenting your publicity tools to us at the NAPO meeting on Tuesday. You are a gifted presenter as I so enjoyed listening to the entertaining stories of how the tools have generated success for so many business owners. I look forward to putting your tools to work for the future success of my business!

– Molly Bullard

Thank you, Nancy for sharing your expertise and your heart with our group of professional organizers and personal assistants last night. What a breath of fresh air! Your presentation was enlightening, fresh, well-prepared, animated and immensely helpful. I am convinced every one of us in the audience came away with new perspectives on approaching the media and on gaining favorable publicity with ease. I have been reading the attached articles you wrote for the ‘Snohomish County Business Journal’ and have found them incredibly informative and appreciate your willingness to share so much of your expertise without expecting anything in return. The BNI motto, ‘Givers Gain’ comes to mind when I think of you!With gratitude and all the best in 2008 to you and your family.

– Kimberly Condrin
Organize To Order, LLC

Nancy, thank you so much for speaking to the Seattle Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) on January 8, 2008. I think you stayed an extra hour just to answer all the questions we had! Your talk was so invigorating and inspiring to all of us. It gives hope that you don’t need to break the bank to get great press and clients. Your sense of humor and specific tips made the time fly by. I would not only recommend you as a speaker to any group out there, but am excited to implement the many, many ideas that you gave us to be successful. I have already read the tips booklets and am working on a few today. Thank you again for providing hope, inspiration, humor and success stories.

– Stacey Anderson
Professional Organizer and Consultant

A big thank you to Nancy for speaking at the Columbia Tower Club on October 10th, 2007 We had a great turnout and it was obvious with the response and questions that the audience learned a lot about PR for their businesses. I know there will be great stories about their businesses as a result of hearing Nancy’s presentation! I can never hear Nancy too many times, as I learn something new each time.

Thanks again,
Lynne Walker
The Last Detail…Your Event Planning Partner

To all Chamber Executive Directors, You need to have Nancy come and speak at one of your functions ASAP! Her presentation is filled with a bounty of useful information that your members can take away and use to their advantage immediately. Nancy is an enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of useful information that your members need to hear. It is not only useful information for Chamber members but for Chamber Executives as well, because we are all looking for methods to promote our organizations and communities.The day after the presentation I ran into several members and heard nothing but praise for Nancy’s presentation, and several people stated that her topic of discussion was a major reason why they attended the function.

– Michael Jerrett
Executive Director
Fremont Chamber of Commerce

“I so enjoyed Nancy’s presentation and the wealth of outstanding ideas she provided to our members during our Fremont Chamber of Commerce luncheon meeting. I was particularly impressed by the way her suggestions could aid those seeking local, regional or national attention. In addition I felt our members were able to walk away with sound marketing ideas they could implement immediately. Although her ideas could be used by any size organization, I appreciated that our business owners with few to one employee could take away ideas that would require finding time to implement versus tremendous amounts of marketing dollars. If you need a presenter at your Chamber meeting that you want members dying to ask more questions of, versus dying to get away from, Nancy is a presenter I would strongly encourage you have speak to your membership.”

-Marko Tubic
Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, WA

“Finding great speakers for the Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce membership luncheons who know how to engage our business leaders can be challenging sometimes. Your presentation was both engaging and valuable to our members who found your tips on how to get their businesses seen and heard by the local media extremely helpful. I’m looking forward to using the media kit I purchased from you for my own business. When we start looking for speakers for our Snoqualmie Valley Economic Development Summit next year, I’ll be sure to remember you as a great speaker. Thanks for everything Nancy!”

– Lisa S. Schaffer
Executive Director
Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce

“I greatly appreciate you speaking to our Rotary Club on Tuesday, July 17, 2007. Your presentation was timely, as our new club is working on our first attempts at public relations and your suggestions were both helpful and full of good common sense. Your presentation showed real passion and understanding of the PR process. I would recommend you speaking to any other club or organization that needs a dynamic and humorous presenter for their club.”

– Wayne H. Ottum
President, Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown –
President, Ottum Enterprises, LLC –

“Thank you so much for speaking at the WBE breakfast this morning. I found your presentation very helpful and I look forward to learning lots more from the media kit that I purchased! You radiate good energy and are a great example of what’s possible when choosing to be in service to others while bringing your best talent and passion to the party!”

Katherine Burks
Programming Chair
Womens Business Exchange

“We were very pleased to have you as our speaker on Wednesday on the topic of Shameless Self-Promotion-On a Budget! The material you covered in your all-too-brief talk was extremely valuable to our membership and guests, and your handouts were top-drawer. Thanks again for participating, and I am sure your presence helped make the Guild’s event the success it was.”

– Sara Chapman
SPGA Seattle Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild
Art Squad Graphics

“Nancy is a terrific speaker who has presented to WBO and been very well received, so much so that she will be invited back in the near future. She provides all sorts of tips that business owners can do on their own if they wish. Any organization that she speaks to is very fortunate to have had that opportunity.”

– Kristi A Mandt, CFP®
Programming Chair
Women Business Owners

“I found your presentation to the Seattle Graphic Artists Guild to be extremely useful. In fact, I think you could have carried the whole event on your own shoulders. Certainly when the group asks for meeting topic suggestions next year, I will be telling them that your take on PR tactics would be a great way to go. I’ve visited you site and added my email address to your monthly mailing. In my next month’s budget, I’m adding a PR section for time and money. And of the later I promise I will be back to take advantage of your wealth of resources. And thank you for being a speaker to our group!”

– Mark Monlux
Grand PooBah
Monlux Illustration

“Send your people. No matter how good your new business approach is, this will help to improve your results.”

– Bill Fritsch
Hydrogen Advertising

“It was a very friendly, relaxed environment, which was a pleasant surprise. Wasn’t a pushy sales pitch environment.”

– Renea Saade, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Nancy is always such a joy and clearly has a passion and innate talent for media relations. Nancy knows how to put her expertise into very palatable messages.”

– Lauri Jordana
Your Connection to the Hispanic Consumer

“Nancy really is a go-getter! I believe she can put anyone’s worthwhile business in the limelight.”

– Floretta Brooks

Nancy is so alive in who she is and she wants that for others.”

– Donna Nicholson
Nicholson Design Group

“It was a very friendly, relaxed environment, which was a pleasant surprise. Wasn’t a pushy sales pitch environment.”

– Renea Saade, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

“The seminar was excellent. Nancy was very warm and informative.”

– Jay Thompson, Professional
Fundamental Golf Owner
Washington Community Alliance for Self Help (CASH),

“This is a ‘must-do’ seminar to empower business owners to overcome their stumbling blocks and to get out there and be known!”

– Linda Lewis
Learn to type in one hour!”

“As a new business owner, it was relevant to my current efforts to expand my business. The information presented was accessible and easily understood. I enjoyed the stories that were used to help the attendees remember the issues being taught.”

– Dawn Bahr
Mennenga Technology Partners, LLC

“Our company provides technology services to companies of 5 to 500 employees who either can’t afford their own IT or choose not to.”


“Excellent and original ideas for marketing professional services, many suggestions useful for all sales situations, with a fun presentation.”

– Suzette Sommer
TresJolie, Inc.

“This is a good overview of lead generation and how to leverage specialized knowledge for profit.”

– Mikelann Valterra
Women’s Earning Institute

“Great information delivered in a friendly and accessible way. Enjoyed it!”

– Lorraine Howell
Media Skills Training

“The session provided a great step-by-step methodology that you can get started with right away.”

– Angie Robar
Extra Mile Marketing

“Easy tools to improve business development that I can implement withouta manual. Terrific information.”

– Denise Gaffney Neu
Neu Ideas Group

“Great seminar for helping a small business owner learn low cost, effective techniques for developing their client base.”

– Paul Keller
Acquisition Services, Inc.

“Solid ideas that you can implement today.”

– Tom Fowler
Fowler Financial

“I enjoyed the program. It brought light to the inadequacies of some of our current sales tactics.”

– Gary Thompson
Graphic Technologies Inc.

“Nancy is animated and informative, approachable and friendly.”

Would You Recommend This Workshop to Others?

“Yes. Nancy shared many ideas that were useful to most business people – a couple of real gems that were especially useful to me.”“Yes, especially good for those starting out.”“Yes, great info!”“Yes, very informative.”“Yes, because I took with me so much information and energy about the topic.”“Yes. Lead generation/follow up tips.”“Yes. It was very helpful.”“Yes. I came away with some very valuable ideas.”“Yes. Excellent value, engaging speakers.”“Yes. Good info, well presented. Helpful.”“Yes – Genuine in presentation.”“Yes – Information.”“Yes. Practical, real, lots of helpful action tools.”“Yes. Good content.”“Yes. Good info especially new entrepreneurs.”“Yes, it was extremely helpful to know where to expend my energy.”“Yes. I thought the info was relevant and well-presented.”

“Yes. Nancy has credibility and she’s created an aura of expertise.”

“Yes. She is relevant and fun to listen to. She offers fun and relevant examples.”

“Yes. I highly recommend Nancy.”

“Yes. I think her energy level and knowledge is wonderful.”

“Yes. Very inspiring and motivational.”