Joint Venture Possibilities
and Partnerships
Joint venture possibilities and partnership

Hello Potential Joint Venture Partner,

Easy, Fun, and Rewarding Ways to Collaborate

I love a good free gift swap as a great first step along what I hope will be a brilliant, lasting collaboration between us. Take these gifts out for a spin and decide if the fit is right as you gain immediate value yourself. – This gift leads to the purchase of the Podcast Dream Guest Mastery Online Course. It sells for $297. I share 40% of every referred sale with the referring partner. This course can be “baked into” your most premium offers to add value, address a know-how objection, and make your own invitations even more persuasive. You can also invite me to serve as a VIP guest faculty expert in service to your most valuable clients and community members. Partners who “bake me in” pay me 60% of the value of the course for every client who gets to benefit. – This gift leads to a done for you Media One Sheet created for each client by Nancy via the Get Podcast Ready with Nancy Juetten offer. It also includes lifetime access to 5 powerful video modules and proven resources to be a brilliant podcast guest who scores the bookings without hiring an expensive booking agency. It’s a $997 offer that pays partners 20% for each referred sale. – This gift of the Amazon #1 best-selling preview of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio eWorkbook leads to the purchase of the Get Podcast Ready with Nancy Juetten offer. It includes a done for you media one sheet for podcast guesting and lifetime access to 5 powerful video modules and proven resources to be a brilliant podcast guest who scores the bookings without hiring an expensive booking agency. It’s a $997 offer that pays partners 20% for each referred sale. – This gift leads to the Love Your Business – Love Your Life Inner Circle or the opportunity to work privately with Nancy. Tuition ranges from $4500 for 3 months of private mentoring or $10,000 for the inner circle. Partners earn 10% for every referred sale.

I am also a big fan of doing interview swaps with partners that support a free gift swap.

Do you have a podcast, YouTube channel, or Facebook group where hundreds or thousands of your ideal clients gather?

I host a YouTube show called Learn More Earn More and enjoy interviewing experts who have value to add to the Get Known Get Paid conversation.

As I prepare this message, there are 3447members in my Raise Your Voice – Make Your Impact Facebook Group. I also have 1030 subscribers to my YouTube channel.Many of the interviews posted there have been viewed 1000+ or more times.

If you’d like to apply to be a guest on the show, here’s a link to make that easy:


Sales Pages are Beautiful, and Promotional Materials and Images are Ready to Share:

My favorite partners have the enthusiasm to go ALL IN by:

  • Sending one solo email to their entire list of opt in subscribers. Responsive lists of 3500 or more make for the most equitable swaps.
  • Making enthusiastic mentions in their “round up” style ezines and “Resending to Unopens.”
  • Using social media to fuel interest and participation.
  • Adding their own ‘secret sauce’ to the mix.
  • Offering complimentary expertise that adds value to my tribe so I can reciprocate in an equally ALL IN kind of way.

What Nancy Juetten Can Offer to You:

  • Nancy offers a 10-year solid track record of big support to big partners.
  • Nancy nurtures a loyal, responsive 5-figure email list that grows bigger every day;
  • Her Media One Sheet Done for You offer can be a recommended resource to clients who opt out of your bigger invitations.
  • She is a quality guest expert who can add value for your mastermind clients,
  • Facebook groups, podcasts, YouTube expert interview series, upcoming summit, or perfectly aligned gift giveaway.

I am open to working with partners in a variety of ways.

We can do promotional gift swaps where we drive leads for each other without paying referral fees.  This is ideal when both partners have sizable lists.

I can reward you for referred sales with a partner commission.   We can specify the terms when we set up our partnership.

Let’s talk about what makes the most sense and go from there.

Just click here to join the program. You can showcase your unique affiliate link in your “Trusted Resources” page at your website or blog and in the influential ways that are right for your community so everyone can benefit.

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships

March 2024

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships

Nancy Juetten went so far above and beyond in her promotion of our Go Big! Summit, it blew me away! She created her own video clips promoting the Summit and put them all over social media creating over 1000 extra views. She showed up in our partners’ Facebook group, and continually egged me on to keep HER engaged by announcing leaderboards more often. With all that, she also ranked high on our leaderboard. Her enthusiasm for our launch was contagious! I absolutely loved the feeling of having someone who truly supported our launch — not just doing the minimum requirements — but really getting behind it. So much more fun to launch with a partner like that! Thank you Nancy for being an outstanding JV partner, you’re really a demonstration of what’s possible. I really am looking forward to supporting you in bigger ways as well.

Overall Opt in Contest Winners:

#1 – Kathryn Calhoun
#2 – Mark Porteous
#3 – Tom Matzen
#4 – Nancy Juetten
#5 – Michael Neeley

Weekend Opt in Contest Winners:

#1 – Kathryn Calhoun
#2 – Tom Matzen
#3 – Nancy Juetten

– Jennifer Diepstraten
CEO and Founder, High Ticket Sales Success

May 2023

Joint Venture Possibilities and PartnershipsJoint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships

As a 1:1 Coach

Nancy Juetten is an absolutely generous coach who rolled out the red carpet for me, uncovered the secret boxes, and helped me secure 500 webinar registrants through many JV Partner introductions. She generously provided a suite of tools that we will use from here out for networking and nurturing our JV partners, as well as implementing launch signup excitement. If you’re looking for someone who goes way beyond expectations and champions you like the next thing since sliced bread (seriously), then Nancy is your guide and supporter.

As a JV Partner

This why you want to partner with Nancy Juetten as a JV: So you can see your leaderboard skyrocket.

I honestly didn’t know what “going all in” for a JV partner looked like until I was fortunate enough to be on Nancy’s receiving end as a partner. I swear, every time I looked, there was my face in that straw hat, dropping in my inbox or rolling down on Facebook with Nancy’s ray of light being thrown to her large community. She climbed to the top of our leaderboard and stayed in the overall top position down to the end.

As far as delivering, 40% of our launch sales calls came from Nancy’s referrals.

She carries might all the way to the checkout cart.

If you’re lucky enough to have her as a JV partner – get ready.

Your list will grow like mad and you will be taking notes on how to provide a white glove partner experience.

– Debbie White

May 2023

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships
 “I have built my business through Joint Venture partnerships and have partnered with hundreds of leaders in the ‘Expert Industry.’

The first thing I look for in a JV Partner is the value they provide to my audience. Alignment with my mission, vision, and values is also essential.

Nancy Juetten sets the bar for what it means to be a Joint Venture partner. While highly selective about who she supports, when Nancy champions your work to her audience, she goes all in!

Her compelling, heartfelt messages speak directly to the needs of her audience and how you are the expert to help them.

I’ve enjoyed working with Nancy Juetten as a promotional partner for my business, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Nancy is a true professional who is incredibly knowledgeable about marketing and publicity. She gets proven results for her clients and her partners.”

– Mark Porteous, Co-founder of the Joint Venture Directory and the Soul Affiliate Alliance

May 2023

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships
 “Nancy Juetten is an incredible promotional partner! Every time she says YES to supporting my launches, she goes ALL in and delivers top-notch promotion that truly makes a difference. In my last two launches, Nancy referred multiple sales! And she always shows up with heart, smarts, and savvy to deliver the best possible results for her audience and mine. I have known Nancy for 10+ years and can attest to her integrity, generosity, and commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

If you’re looking for a promotional partner who will truly make a difference, I highly recommend working with Nancy!”

– Christina Hills, creator of the Website Creation Workshop

“Nancy is an AWESOME JV strategic partner who consistently over delivers what she promises.”

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships“In 2017, she championed our webinars to invite clients to join our year long mentorship program, Big Impact University. And delivered 600+ opt in subscribers that led to high ticket sales and great clients!

Nancy also spoke on our stage at two of our fulfillment events and WOW’ed the audience with her ‘Sizzling Speaker Sheet’ training. Our Tribe LOVED her and got tremendous value from her talk.

Everyone who continued working with raved about her generosity and her gift of language and positioning in their Speaker 1 Sheets.

Oh by the way, she helped Mark & I with our Speaker 1 Sheets as well and they’re super HOT!! Nancy is an awesome partner and has become a dear friend as well, if you’re considering partnering with her, it’s a total no brainer!”

Mark & Shannon,

“Nancy you are a five star partner”

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships
“Nancy you are a five star partner. No one demonstrates more care and more effort than you.”

Tom Poland,

Tiamo De Vettori

June 2016

“During our last online workshop series, we had eight partners with lists of 5-60k subscribers. Nancy was our #1 sales referring partner.”

Mark Porteous“Nancy Juetten is an extraordinary human being, a brilliant mentor and an outstanding joint venture partner. During our last online workshop event, we had eight partners with lists of 5-60k subscribers. Nancy was our #1 sales referring partner. My entire business has been built on joint venture relationships. I’ve had the honor of working with nearly one hundred JV partners including many leaders in the transformation industry. Nancy Juetten stands out as the epitome of a true partner. She demonstrates the most valuable qualities I look for in a partnership. Nancy maintains impeccable integrity, provides high quality engaging content and focuses on service. Her exceptional authenticity and caring nature really set her apart. All of these attributes create a deep connection and active engagement with her highly responsive audience.”

— Mark Porteous, Co-founder The Inspired Messengers Network

nancy-tamara“Nancy Juetten is the ultimate JV Partner.”

She is generous and often goes beyond the typical email promotion. She invited me to speak to one of her special groups, allowed me to introduce myself via Facebook Live so that it gave her community a chance to get to know me before I presented to them. Nancy goes above and beyond and provides TLC along the way so that you feel like her most valued JV Partner. And, her efforts deliver sales. She is has earned #1 or #2 positions on my opt in and sales leaderboards each time she has lent support to my launches. The best part for me is that our partnership goes beyond business. It’s lead to a life-long friendship. I consider Nancy to be one of my dearest friends.

— Dr. Tamara Monosoff, #1 Amazon Bestselling Business Author & Creator of The Author-to-Income Formula

May 2017

“Nancy was my #2 traffic driver and #1 sales affiliate, driving nearly half of my TOTAL sales.”

“I can’t say enough about Nancy and what an incredible partner she was for my 30 Days, 3 Clients virtual training event. Not only did I not have to chase her to honor her promise to promote, but she went above and beyond and reached out to her very responsive community far more than I ever expected. The proof is in the pudding: Nancy was my #2 traffic driver and #1 sales affiliate, driving nearly half of my TOTAL sales. It goes without saying that the success of the event was due in very large part to Nancy who, in addition to being a dedicated affiliate, is also a complete dream to partner with because she is smart, creative, super-responsive, and lots of fun.”

— Kathryn Calhoun,

Joint Venture Possibilities and Partnerships

December 2012:


“I’ve worked with numerous JV partners over the years, and was happy to have Nancy Juetten involved in my most recent launch. She surprised us all by coming in #5 against some very heavy competition! Her list is very responsive and she delivers what she promises, and more. She’s a pleasure to work with every step of the way.”

December 2013:

“You wanted to crack the top 5 and you made it happen.
Your energy, enthusiasm, and amazing attitude make you a
top partner no matter where you land on the leader board.”

–Christian Mickelsen,

“Nancy Juetten is a leader board topping angel!!”

– Kristi Joba, JV Manager for Christian Mickelsen at Future Force Inc.

“Nancy really walks her talk in terms of partnering
with smarts and heart.”


I appreciate that she’s very candid about what she is able to deliver in terms of promotion and always focused on nurturing long term relationships with her partners. She finished #1 on the Leaderboard for my 2015 List-a-Palooza 90 Day List-Building Challenge, and she has been in excellent communication with me throughout the process. We even came up with a creative idea that generated an additional 200 opt ins!

I’ve also promoted Nancy to my tribe, and her content is solid gold! My clients have loved her and thanked me for introducing Nancy to them.

The “Big 5” qualities of an ideal JV partner in my book (in priority order) are:

#1 Awesome Content (that my clients will love and thank me for)
#2 Like-ability (yes, I prefer to JV with people that I actually like as people and want to be friends with!)
#3 Reciprocity
#4 Great Communication
#5 Fair & Well-Tracked Commissions

PJVanHulle17While many JV partners deliver 3-4 of these, Nancy delivers all 5! I’m thankful to call her a JV partner and a friend, and I look forward to doing many more exciting projects together!

PJ Van Hulle. The 2015 List-a-Palooza 90 day List Building Challenge


“Nancy has been a dream JV to work with, She is the most organized partner I’ve ever come across, very throughout and totally committed to delivering results.”

Nancy kept me updated on every single movement along the campaign and she kept measuring results – “You can only improve that which you measure.” Her passion, drive and determination are just AmaSSSing! So blessed to have her as a Joint Venture Partner.”

Sandra Bravo

General Manager for Alex Mandossian, November 2014

April 2014

“If Nancy Juetten gets interested in your product and you’re lucky enough to get her on board as a JV partner, she’ll pull out all stops to support you…and still stay humble while getting to the top of your JV leaderboard!”



“As the co-founders of the leading joint venture community in the coaching/speaking industry, we’ve been fortunate to work with many top JV partners! And we know exactly what it takes to get to the top of a leaderboard. Not only did Nancy Juetten come at #3 competing against some of the mega stars with huge lists, she was a joy to work with! If Nancy gets interested in your product and you’re lucky enough to get her on board as a JV partner, she’ll pull out all stops to support you…and still stay humble while getting to the top of your JV leaderboard!”

 – Milana Leshinsky and Rich German, JV Insider Circle Co-founders


“Every author should have a kickin’ bio, which is why I asked Nancy Juetten to present to my audience in December of 2013. She wowed them! Fantastic put-it-in-action information and superior customer service. What I appreciated most about Nancy was her organization and responsiveness that made it easy for me to introduce her to my followers. She provided personalized, on-target copy to mail, and we had a blast on our call! She also kept me in the loop about conversions and commissions. I can’t think of a thing that was missing .”

“Nancy also came in #1 on the leader board in March 2014 for my ‘Write a Book in a Weekend’ launch.  She is the real thing from start to finish, and she sets the example for other partners to aspire to.”.

Donna Kozik, Creator & Leader, “Write a Book in a Weekend”

“I do dozens of marketing webinars every year, working with many hosts and JV Partners, and Nancy Juetten is hands down George-Kao-graysuitone of my favorites to work with. She brings a wonderful combination of professionalism *and* heart, and she does a SUPERB job of endorsing the product/program in a non-salesy way, that actually makes sales! She has a responsive list and I highly recommend JV’ing with her!”

— George Kao, The Enlightened Business Academy, frequently top-10 on JV leaderboards

“Nancy, you are a rockin’ partner!! And, the best thing is that your partnership in my 2011 TAE was so successful that’s what gave me the impetus to have you back as a speaker in 2012 and again now in 2013!”Christine-Kloser

— Christine Kloser, Spiritual Guide ~ Transformational Book Coach,Award-Winning Author ~ Publisher ~ Columnist

“Nancy is all of the help and none of the hype.”

henry-devriesWhat happens when the dog actually catches the car; in other words, what do you do when the media actually calls about your work? Nancy was the hit of our Marketing With A Book Summit as she wowed the consultants in attendance with tips on how to be ready for the spotlight with tailored bios, sound bites, follow-up tools and everything else you need to leverage the opportunity of positive publicity. We want her back again and again. She is all help and none of the hype.”

Henry DeVries, Founder of Marketing With A Book Summit

“Saying Nancy is a pleasure to partner with is an understatement.

She is one of the best partners I’ve worked with.”

kimclausen (3)

“Nancy was fully committed to the promotion, worked hard to promote our event, was a wonderful host, and did everything you wish every promotional partner would do.  And not only that, she has a very responsive list.  We got more than 500 registrations and she earned a VERY nice commission.  Thanks Nancy for being a true pro.”

Kim Clausen, Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.

tommi-wolfe-startup-expert“If you are looking for a conference presenter with a big heart and ‘bio wow expertise’ who makes a huge impact just by showing up at her best, Nancy Juetten gets my highest recommendation.”

“When I invited Nancy Juetten to serve on my VIP panel about business models at the Six Figure Solopreneur Secrets LIVE event in Denver, CO September 12 – 14, 2012, I knew I made a wise choice. From the moment she showed up on the hotel property until the last moment of the event, she was present, focused, and intent on showing up and giving great value without selling. What was amazing to watch was Nancy making her ‘bio wow’ impact with every clever word she spoke and every lesson she shared from the stage and person to person from the floor. When event guests shared their highlights from the event, I was grinning when several said they had ‘girl crushes on Nancy Juetten’ and were happy to have had the opportunity to step into her red high heeled shoes. If you are looking for a conference presenter with big heart and ‘bio wow expertise’ who makes a huge impact just by showing up at her best, Nancy Juetten gets my highest recommendation.”

Tommi Wolfe, The Start Up Expert

“I love, love LOVE working with Nancy Juetten.”

tom-bufordWe hit it off when we first met at a live event and she has since become one of my favorite people to partner with. Aside from the fact that she has sent over 600 amazing people to my tribe, she always goes above and beyond during the promotional period offering great new strategies to make each webinar that I do even better! I will continue to partner with Nancy as long as she will have me. She is the perfect promo partner. She delivers everything that she promises to deliver and MORE.

Tom Buford, Tom Buford Marketing

When it comes to JV partners, nancy Juetten gets the “above and beyond” award. Nancy truly is a champion for people and products that she believes in, and uses that creative and brilliant marketing mind of hers to promote for her partners in a way that feels natural and truly lands with her audience.


This year, she helped me to promote my Body-Mind-Business Reboot, and I am so grateful. Not only did she refer many ideal clients, but she was actually there for me as a partner and friend in the launch. And she took the program and created an amazing transformation for herself, too.
Having Nancy as a JV partner brings so much more than clients and sales. She is a shining example of what a JV partner should be; offering wisdom, perspective, and emotional support along the way, while “pulling out all the stops” in terms of promotion.
I’m grateful to call Nancy a partner and a friend!

Carrie Roldan
Creator of the Body-Mind-Business Reboot

I can’t say enough about working with Nancy!

tammy-land-nancyI can’t say enough about working with Nancy! She was our #1 referring partner in our last launch and she goes to the mat for her partners! You can tell Nancy’s list is very responsive and trusts her advice which makes for very receptive referrals and engaging conversations which I so appreciated. I also know that promoting for Nancy always makes me look wonderful to my list as she is very generous with her content and over-delivers with her programs and services. Nancy is truly one of the most generous people out there and I am so fortunate to have met her just over a year ago! If you have the opportunity to work with Nancy, I would leap at it without hesitation!
P.S. You also have to get in on Nancy’s amazing JV partner Facebook group where I was approached for two speaking opportunities and had the good fortune to meet many wonderful high-level entrepreneurs who are making things happen!

– Tammy Lane
The Sweetspot Strategist & Creator of Facebook Faucet

“Nancy’s event on creating a bio that shines
was our most widely-enjoyed webinar to date! “

“We received tons of feedback from clients filled with renewed passion, ready to reassess their brand and truly stand-out with their business. We’re still getting rave reviews months later from moved and motivated attendees. Thank you, Nancy, for a webinar that truly inspired our community.”

Shea Carey, Practice Pay Solutions — Now Known as Direct Pay

My Track Record as a JV Partner — 2012 to the Present


  • #3 affiliate for Brandy Mychals’ book launch, “How to Read a Client from Across the Room” – 2012
  • #5 affiliate for Christian Mickelson’s Free Sessions That Sell launch – December 2012
  • #10 affiliate for Vrinda Normand’s Irresistible Marketing System launch – 2012
  • Two-Time Advocate for Tom Buford’s Information Product Weekend – 18 referred sales and 600 new opt ins in 2012
  • Referred 17 sales to Taki Moore’s Ignition Program with over 600 opt ins in Feb. of 2013
  • Three-Time Return Contributor to Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience as a JV Partner, Bonus Provider, and Speaker in May 2011, 2012, and 2013
  • Two-Time Return Contributor to the Practice Pay Solutions Business Mastery Success Series in 2011 and 2012


  • Referred 508 clicks, 94 leads, and 1 sale to Gary Henson during his April 2013 Small Business Coaching Success System launch.
  • Referred 300 clicks and 7 sales to Steve Washer‘s Video Mastery program during his April 2013 launch.
  • Referred 313 clicks and 12 sales to the Coaches Console during the September 2013 launch.
  • Referred 502 clicks and 4 sales to Kim Clausen‘s Teleseminar of the Month Club during her Sept. 2013 launch.
  • Referred 391 clicks to Rob Goyette‘s Super Fun “Aha” Mastermind program during his October 2013 launch.
  • Referred 206 clicks to Susan Harrow’s Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul and Sound Bite Training Series during her Nov. 2013 launch.
  • #3 partner who referred 24 sales for the Callan Rush EPIC Magnetize Your Audience launch during her November 2013 launch.
  • Referred 526 clicks to Cathy Demers’ Thanksgiving Feast of Education page, resulting in 235 opt ins and 8 sales.
  • #5 Affiliate for Christian Mickelsen’s Free Sessions that Sell 10.0 Launch.  Referred 1771 clicks, 349 leads, and 8 sales for the December 2013 event.


  • #6 for Opt ins for Christina Hills‘ Website Creation Workshop Launch – Feb. 2014.
  • #1 Partner for Sales for Donna Kozik‘s “Write a Book in a Weekend” Launch – March 2014
  • #3 Partner for Opt ins and Sales for Milana Leshinsky and Rich German’s JV Insider Circle launch — at least 525 opt ins and 14 sales —  April 2014
  • #10 Partner for Opt ins and Sales for Jeanna Gabellini’s ProfitQuest launch — May 2014
  • #8 Partner for Opts Ins in Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience 2014 – May 8, 2014
  • #10 Partner for Opt ins and Sales for Christian Mickelsen‘s Free Sessions that Sell Launch – August, 2014
  • #4 Partner for Opt Ins and Sales for Easy Breezy Bootcamp with Coaches Console Founders Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher – September 2014
  • #21 Partner in a field of 78 Partners for Callan Rush and Justin Livingston‘s Magnetize Your Audience Launch – October 2014
  • Referred 302 opt ins and 12 sales so far for Alex Mandossian’s Google Hangout Monetization Secrets Launch – November 2014.
  • #12 Partner in a field of 28 Partners — Referred 511 opt ins and 16 sales to Bill Baren’s Premium Package Success System that concluded in December of 2014.


  • #8 Partner in a field of 30+ top partners. Referred 2254 clicks, 379 leads, and 6 sales for Milana Leshinsky and Rich German’s JV Insider Circle Launch that concluded in March 0f 2015.
  • Referred 329 leads to the April 2015 launch of Bill Baren’s Master of Enrollment 3.0 Program.
  • Top 10 JV Partner for Christine Kloser’s 2015 Transformational Author Experience.  I referred 1988 leads, 617 opt ins, and 16 sales.
  • #1 Partner in the 2015 Listapalooza Challenge for JV Partner Referred Opt Ins — Over 500 in July of 2015, plus 16 sales.
  • Referred 310 leads to Ted McGrath’s Message to Millions launch in July of 2015.
  • Referred 17 sales to LeadPages during a partner hosted call on July 28, 2015.
  • Referred 6 sales to Coaches Console (Melinda Cohan and Kate Steinbacher) during their August 2015 launch – Top #13 Partner
  • Referred 2 sales to Ready 2 Go Marketing Solutions (Kim Clausen) in August.
  • Referred 4 sales to Group Coaching Success during the September 2015 launch – Top #7 Partner.
  • Referred 2 sales to Ideal Client Enroller (Jane Deuber) in October, 2015.
  • Referred 3 sales to LeadPages during a partner hosted call in October, 2015.
  • Referred 3 sales to Ryan Eliason’s Double Your Profits and Your Time Off training in November 2015, while referring 1733 “clicks” during the promotion.


  • Referred 8 sales to Tommi Wolfe’s Top 6 Coaching LICENSING Program in March of 2016, after filling a local live event with 38 guests.
  • Was the top sales referring partner of eight with lists ranging from 5000 – 60000 to Mark Porteous’ Inspired Messenger Telesummit in May of 2016.
  • Referred 3 sales to Jon Block’s Speaker Venture offer as a result of hosting him for a webinar to my tuition-based group program clients in June of 2016.
  • Referred 1 sale to Michelle Schubnel’s Group Coaching Success Program as a result of hosting her for a webinar to my tuition-paged group program clients in August of 2016.
  • Referred 3 sales to Sean Douglas Stewart’s High End Enrollment offer as a result of hosting him for a webinar to my tuition-based program clients in September of 2016.
  • Referred 3 sales to Lucid Living’s Great Story Coaching Program ($4997 offer price) and 1 sale to their downsell offer, while referring 2716 ‘hits’ and 868 ‘opt ins’ in September of 2016. This result was enough to earn #1 status on the leaderboard among 30 partners for opt ins and #2 for referred sales.
  • Referred several sales to LeadPages during an October 2016 webinar.
  • #1 Opt In Partner for Tammy Lane’s Facebook Faucet Training, referring 634 clicks and 337 opt-ins  for 54% conversion from click to lead.  Referred one sale during the November 2016 promotion.
  • Referred 10 sales to Tamara Monosoff’s Webinar Sales Training Made Easy Program as a result of hosting her as a VIP Guest Faculty Expert on the November 9, 2016 Magic Message Lab LIVE call to invested clients.
  • Supported LeadPages’ Biggest Black Friday Sale of the Year in November 2016 and referred one sale.

NancyMy name is Nancy Juetten. In addition to earning Top 5 and Top 10 leaderboard rankings on some of the biggest JV launches in the coaching world these last few years, I offer a suite of popular, road-tested, and proven products, programs, and services that guide serious action takers to grow their impact, influence, and income by being brilliant podcast guests.


My Influence as of May 2023

  • My list reaches 21918 ezine subscribers and growing daily — aspiring and successful speakers, experts, and authors who want to extend the reach and impact of their message to get known and paid for the expert status they enjoy today.
  • Based on the results, my tribe is interested in podcast guesting, mastering masterclasses, attracting qualified clients and leads, using joint ventures to grow their influence, speaking and storytelling, writing/publishing their books, creating information products and courses that sell, and making the most of LinkedIn.
  • I lead an active Raise Your Voice – Make Your Impact Facebook group that serves 3452+  members and grows daily. During my most recent conversion events, there have been 1000 or more ENGAGED group members during each virtual event.
  • I interview experts who have value to add to the Get Known Get Paid conversation from my YouTube channel. There are 804 subscribers, and more find us daily.
  • My open rates for ezines ranges — based on the last 5 Constant Contact ezines I sent at this writing average of 28%.
  • My open rates for solo emails send through 1 Shopping Cart range from 6 – 15% for the whole list, and it’s much higher for clients.
  • My social media influence is solid and growing.
  • Facebook Personal Page: 4,800+ Friends followed by 2,221 Others.
  • Facebook Fan Page: 2,500 people “likes” – 2,500 followers
  • LinkedIn: 3,812 followers
  • Podcast guesting and virtual speaking are priorities for me. You can check out some of my recent interviews right here.
  • Want to invite me to be a guest on YOUR podcast? This link makes that easy.

What I Can Potentially Offer to You:

  • Credibility is my ‘secret sauce.’ People listen when I make recommendations, and that pays off – one and all.
  • If your expertise bridges a gap not met by my own expertise, I can interview you for my YouTube Learn More and Earn More playlist and share that content generously across the platforms where I play.
  • I protect, provide, and profess my love and service to a loyal, responsive 5-figure email list that grows bigger every day;
  • I can offer warm introductions to people of significant influence and impact because I have a rolodex the size of a wagon wheel;
  • Offer a content-rich article for showcase in my ezine or blog and welcome hundreds or thousands of potential readers.
  • Invite me to serve as a quality guest expert who can add value for your mastermind clients and make magical messaging contributions in your private Facebook groups or your hot podcast or YouTube channel.

You Want:

  • JV partners you know, like, and trust – who do what they say, make good on their commitments, and make your life better with every email, phone call and personal connection;
  • Powerful, proven advocacy for your best programs to a responsive, quality, and loyal list of quality prospects;
  • Ways to add value for your most important and most invested clients and your bigger tribe of fans and followers;
  • Generous and ongoing commissions for referred product and done-for-you service sales that are paid in a timely manner with joy and gratitude.

I Deliver:

  • I am a proven JV partner who can advocate for you to refer hits, leads, and sales.

Let's Plan Ahead:

My joint venture calendar is often booked up to six months in advance, so thank you for PLANNING AHEAD and giving me the courtesy of delivering full court press for your program and returning the same courtesy as you deliver full court press support for any program of mine you choose to promote with enthusiasm and joy.

Don’t “squeeze me in.”  Make room!

Looking for a high value gift

Invite your tribe to access the Amazon #1 Best Selling PREVIEW for the Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2020 Workbook. This opt in page converts from click to lead at 56% or better.

Another option is the Media One Sheet Gift Template. It converts from click to lead at 59% or better.

These are other gift options that you and your people will love. Just click, opt in and enjoy.

I am Very Careful about List Fatigue

I am very mindful about nurturing and growing the community I have worked hard to build. That means I have to monitor how often I reach out to my people to make sure the messages I send are on target, relevant, and welcome for their needs. This just makes good business sense for me and for all of us. List fatigue is an issue about which we should all be paying powerful attention.

Here are some of the factors I consider with every joint venture invitation:
  1. It’s a win-win-win opportunity
  2. List Size/Audience- You have a responsive list of at least 5000 and preferably more! For teleseminars, you can gather a large audience (at least 100 and 300 is even better!) by sending a minimum of three solo emails to your list before our call. For pre-recorded interviews, we must be able to reach 500 people.
  3. Social Media Savvy.  You use social media and online marketing tools responsibly and with influence.
  4. Winning Sales Copy and Web Presence.  You have well written sales copy, a professional looking website, and an overall credible presentation.
  5. Our values match.  Like me, you are a high integrity, conscious business owner on a mission to serve your community and create prosperity for all as a result.

My Standards and Boundaries:

  • No one night stands! Wonderful, long term relationships with perfect partners are the goal.
  • Results matter and relationships matter most of all.
  • Let’s see, hear, and celebrate each other and allow for proper planning and support to bring big success. Don’t leave it to the last minute to ask for our support. We don’t want to squeeze your promotion in at the 11th hour, and we want our programs to get your full and focused attention in return.  Let’s plan ahead so we both benefit from the best advocacy we can share for each other.
  • We want to nurture and care for our joint venture partnerships and feel that our contributions to our partners are valued in a similar way.
  • We joint venture with partners with offers that truly serve my community. Based on results, our tribe is interested in filling events with ease, attracting clients — high end and otherwise, finding the right “back end” systems to run their businesses with greater ease, using teleseminars to their expert and bottom line advantage, and creating books and information products to create additional streams of revenue and expert positioning. Partners with relevant programs who also believe my offerings can serve their tribes can have the benefit of our “full court press.”
  • We pay partners like clockwork, every 30 days, so they never have to ask about timely payment.
  • Our opt in pages are attractive, well written, user friendly, and invite a high percentage of opt ins. And yours are, too!

Interested in Partnering for Good and Profit?

To sign up for my Affiliate Program, click here. Thanks for taking the effort to make sure it’s a win-win-win all the way around.

Here's to our collective success!
Nancy Juetten

Nancy Juetten