Who among us has participated as a speaker in a summit?
What do you love most about summit participation?
What do you love least about summit participation?
I've been invited to contribute to a variety of summits over the years and want to share some of the questions I will be making sure to get answered before I say YES to future opportunities.
1) Ask the host if this is his/her first summit.
2) Is the theme of the summit aligned with the message and gift you most want to share with a wider audience right now?
3) If this is an experienced event host, ask about how many event registrations came forth from his/her last summit and how many showed up live.
4) Ask the host for expectations around how many referred registrations they are aiming to welcome from each participant. Will the host be providing periodic updates to keep speakers excited about promoting as promised?
5) What are the promotional requirements and timing? How many solo emails? How many social media posts?
6) Ask the host if there is an experienced support team on board.
7) Inquire about how firmly the host will adhere to list requirements of participants so the event can have the greatest chance of touching the most number of lives.
8) Is the opt in page ready, tested, and working properly at least two weeks before the first interview drops?
9) Are the participating speakers showcased on the opt in page with the dates and times so participants can prioritize where and when to show up to hear from the host AND the participating experts?
10) Ask if the interviews will be live or recorded? If you have a bias either way, listen to that as you consider the opportunity.
11) Ask the host to provide promotional swipe copy and social media images two weeks before the event starts, and to provide WORKING affiliate links within those emails.
12) Ask the host if she/he will be hosting a “before the event” or an “after the event” virtual gathering for all the speakers to facilitate networking among and between the parties so future collaborations can take shape and even better results can unfold for all.

13) Ask the host if you can be provided an MP4 video file of the interview so you can repurpose it in a variety of ways without fee. As a result of my participation in Nancy D. Solomon's Bold Women Conference, I repurposed the video of our interview on my YouTube channel. Much to our collective surprise and delight, the interview went viral and has been viewed over 10,000 times since September 22, 2023. We also re-purposed a number of sassy sound bites from the interview across social media to welcome engagement and favorable comments. 

There you have it. Thirteen questions to consider to help you make the right choice when summit invitations come your way.

What can you add to this discussion? Please chime in!