If you've wisely decided that getting your bylined articles published in the Puget Sound Business Journal is at the top of your DIY publicity list for 2010 as you seek expert status, click here.  Then, click on the “newspaper” tab for the drop down menu that offers the editorial calendar.   Pay attention to the “Focus Section” column to source editorial opportunities that are right for your expertise.   Then, about eight weeks ahead of the scheduled section, make your article pitch.  Your concise and compelling article pitch should offer useful tips, information, resources, and perspectives that will serve the readers on a topic of keen and timely interest.  Go easy on the self promotion and keep your focus on sharing quality information to serve the readers.  Steve Goldsmith makes many of the article placement decisions, and you can send email his way at sgoldsmith@bizjournals.com.  And, if you need some help getting your pitch ready, check out my new press release/story pitch review service here.