Today I add a new category to the blog that will tell the story of how the recovering marketplace responds to a home for sale in the Somerset neighborhood of Bellevue, WA.   With so much media attention being paid to this topic, it certainly seems timely, relevant, and newsworthy to share the journey.  And it is a very personal journey, as well, which lends itself well to blogging and social media.  Since this blog is all about helping others use the power of the media to get seen, heard, and celebrated, this series of posts will make the most of social media to explore how to spread the good news to invite a stunning, decisive result that takes shape in the form of a perfect sale.

Married with Luggage Lifestyle Blogger Betsy Talbot has been getting creative as she prepares to sell her Fremont townhome.  The house is now Tweeting regularly, and messages about it are showing up on her Facebook page and blog.   Her townhome has plenty of personality, and it's quite lovely and well appointed, I might add.

Last night, our beautiful family home of 20 years was listed for sale.  (We moved to a new home that we love in July of 2008, and we are very happy living and working in our new home.)

We have high hopes and high expectations for a perfect sale.  And for good reason.  In the “Dwell on This” column written by Sam Anderson for the New Homes section of the Seattle Times, Anderson  writes, “…I agree with the many real estate experts who say there's scarely been a better time to buy a home.”   Here, here!

streetviewfamilyroom1So, now you can take a look at the home my husband and I are selling.  This home is ready to welcome the perfect, qualified buyer who will love and nurture this home as we did for 20 years.   If you know of anyone looking to enroll their children in the world-class Bellevue, WA school system and move into a lovely, specious, family home that is truly in “move in” condition, this is it.  The first open house takes place tomorrow from 1 – 4 p.m.  You can source the address at the active link above.   Mother Nature has a beautiful, sunny day planned to put our home in the perfect light to welcome potential buyers.   We hope a parade of fabulous people make plans to visit and ponder if our home is perfect for them.

Right now, we are full of anticipation and high hopes.  No doubt, there will a range of emotions still to come as we wait to see what the marketplace has to say.   I'll share the journey with equally high hopes that a fabulous outcome is at the ready for all in perfect timing.  Stay tuned.