3 – 1/2 Hour Publici-Tea™ Workshop Audio

3 - 1/2 Hour Publici-Tea™ Workshop AudioNow you can enjoy the audio file from the Publici-Tea™ Workshop without leaving the office. Learn all about the nitty-gritty details of DIY publicity while walking your dog, working out at your local gym, or multi-tasking at your office.
Listen to this 3 – 1/2 hour MP3 file all at once or in bite-sized time windows that suit your busy schedule.
As you do, you will learn:
  • How to figure out your story and why it is newsworthy right now;
  • Why you need an online press kit and how to create one that works wonders for opening media doors;
  • The difference between “boilerplate” and “really great” bios and why you need one;
  • The three most often used tools in the publicity tool box and how to use them;
  • Fabulous, mostly free, and very effective tools you can unleash and deploy to get seen heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond through the power of free publicity;
  • And so much more.

This isn't a generic audio file with “blah, blah, blah” content to put you to sleep. This is an engaging, resource-rich audio file full of great ideas, story inspiration, and actual words you can use in your DIY publicity efforts to earn “ink and air” in the social, online, and traditional media in short order.
Event guests rave about the value and impact of the information they receive from this popular workshop. Now you can enjoy all the benefit of the information with the convenience of one engaging and comprehensive MP3 audio file and listen in and benefit from wherever you are!
This 3 -1/2-hour audio file can be yours for $97. Click on the link below to buy now.
Price : $97:
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