In this podcast episode, Jay Williams and I are having a casual chat about getting media-ready and spicing up your bios and podcast topics. It’s going to be a fun time!

During our conversation, I’ll introduce you to this nifty AI tool called ChatGPT that can help you craft impressive bios. But let’s not forget the importance of accuracy and showcasing your awesomeness with strong points of proof. It’s all about making a killer first impression!

We’ll also dig into some interesting topics:

Importance of creating compelling bios with ChatGPT: Have you ever struggled with writing your own bio? I’ll share some unique ways to use ChatGPT to make your bio stand out. Trust me, it’ll add that spark and excitement you’ve been missing.

How to have captivating Hot Topics: I will share on how to create hot topics that grab the attention of podcast hosts and listeners. It’s as easy as being specific, adding a dash of intrigue, and curiosity.

Interview Game-Changers: In this conversation, you’ll discover why it’s essential to use strategic questions and how they play a crucial role in building rapport and having engaging conversation.

Stand out and be unique when contacting hosts.: Instead of just being another “pick me!” in the comments when reaching out to hosts, I’ll suggest a cool strategy. Start by showing some love for the host’s work, then offer your unique value as a guest. It’s all about building genuine connections.

The Magic of Relationships: Remember, podcast guesting is all about relationships. Be a decent human being in the business, focus on building authentic connections, and you’ll shine in the world of podcasting.

These are the valuable nuggets you won’t want to miss!

Believe me, it’s filled with insights that can really up your podcasting game. So, don’t miss out – dive in and give it a listen now!


3 Uncommon Ways To Use Chat GPT To Get Booked On Podcasts