Sandra Alonzo, owner of Queens' Closet in Tacoma, called to register for the 8-15 Publici-Tea™ after registration closed.  She was relieved to learn that another guest's last minute cancellation was the reason we could set a place for her.  And what a great day she had.   Sandra introduced a room full of 26 people — including Tacoma News Tribune business columnist Dan Voelpel — to her business story and mission.  Days later, Dan elected to write about her.  The story he wrote was high impact, favorable, and inviting for plenty of locals who decided to shop in the days to follow at her store.  If you missed Dan's great article, here is the link.

Sandra wrote to both Dan and me tonight to share her gratitude.  Her business saw a decisive and immediate bump as a result of Dan's article for well beyond a week after its debut.  Sandra was also invited to be filmed by TV Tacoma for a show called Business Matters.

These tough economic times have given Sandra plenty of pause, and the impact of the favorable publicity has made a world of difference for the staff at Queen's Closet and the bottom line for the business.

Sandra writes, “Nancy, I am absolutely thrilled with where we are already since your wonderful Publici-Tea™ seminar that I took less than a month ago.  Dan, you are a genius to make these things happen in the City of Tacoma for small business people like myself that are really trying , especially in these hard economic times.  Many thanks (Mahalo Nui Loa) to you both.”

Is it any wonder that I can't wait to share Publici-Tea™ with more business owners?  There is still room at the Publici-Tea™ table for the September 10 event in Portland and the September 12 event in Bellevue. Are you ready to register?  I can't wait to meet you.  Here is the link to claim your place.