Suzanne Falter-BarnsGet Known Now's Suzanne Falter-Barns gave my DIY publicity and Publici-Tea™ offerings a powerful shout out in her blog this week in her post entitled, “How a Former Client is Maxxing Her Brand.”   I am honored.  Here is the link to learn more of what she had to say.  Since most of my efforts are focused on helping others get seen, heard, and celebrated, it's a big treat to be on the receiving end of recognition like this.

My “Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard…and beyond” brand message took shape as a direct result of the work Suzanne guided me through in her Extraordinary Business Builders program.  The modest dollar investment and the meaningful investment in time I made in that program has been very powerful in contributing to the growth and success of my company today.

Here is a news flash.  It is not easy to get to the heart of why people do business with you and to find the perfect language to articulate that message in a way that makes an emotional connection with your perfect clients.  Working through the  course material and benefiting from Suzanne's laser coaching, I was able to get to the heart of my brand message. And, I didn't break the bank doing it and have the additional satisfaction of crafting a winning brand largely on a DIY basis.  That was important to me since DIY publicity is at the heart of how my offerings serve the marketplace.

Margit Crane, The Gifted Teen Coach, followed my advice to work with Suzanne.  She now owns the niche Margit Craneshe has claimed and is inviting a lot more prosperity and ease in her business.

Many of the people I meet and work with are still struggling to figure out their unique selling proposition, their market niche, and all the strategic and messaging details that go with that.  Suzanne's EBB course is a very powerful way to work through those essential elements to arrive at a message that will resonate with your ideal customers.  Check out Suzanne's blog and other high-value course offerings so you can get these essential elements taken care of and invite more Prosperi-Tea in your business. Then, you will be steps closer to being able to attract free publicity to share your winning ways in your own backyard … and beyond.