As a service provider, giving to others is a daily commitment.   And sometimes, I get a little depleted.  Last week, I hosted two Publici-Tea™ workshops, gave two speeches, and participated in a national teleseminar.  And this week, I was on roller skates again, serving clients, attending meetings, and solving problems.

l-dreamgifThat's why it was such a treat to receive a very thoughtful gift at my doorstop this morning.  I received a very gracious card that was accompanied by a “DREAM” Affirmawrap.  The card extended powerful words of gratitude for sharing information that inspired one of my Publici-Tea™ guests to take specific action steps to fulfill her dreams.   This gift had a profound effect on me.   Frankly, I was moved to tears by this gift.   It arrived when I needed it most.

If you have been giving consideration to how to express gratitude to the people who contribute to your success, allow me to recommend Cyndi O'Neil Dady from Send Out Cards to you.  She can make it easy for you to touch others with your thoughts and also include an inspiring Affirmawrap in the package to complete the gift and serve as a lasting reminder of the impact you've made on their life.

Special thanks to Bettina Carey, producer and show host of the Ultimate Marketing Makeover™, for sending such an inspired gift that I will treasure for a long, long time.