While real estate professionals sift through their options to thank their buyers for doing business with them and fight overwhelm and confusion, the founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™ offer a refreshing new solution with lasting benefits.

Unlike bottles of wine, gift baskets, and other consumable gifts, Life  Goes on Roadmap is a tool homeowners are likely to keep for a lifetime. This system helps them organize their most crucial financial documents, personal contacts, household operations, and other household matters in one place before life serves up a bump in the road.

“Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a great gift to send to new homeowners three months after they move into their new homes.  It's a great way to demonstrate care for the client after the sale,” says Nancy Juetten, co-creator of this powerful tool.

After completing a real estate purchase, buyers are excited about the dreams to come true in their new homes. They are already planning where they are going to place the furnishings, where they are going to store their valuables, and how they are going to learn to master the systems in their home (power, water, gas, HVAC, etc) so they can live comfortably and safely. They are also keenly aware of their finances and the resources that were required to make the purchase in the first place.

The Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information organization is an empowering toolkit to support homeowners in getting their essential information organized and household contacts and operations mastered so they can be in control, no matter what life serves up next.

Home burglaries, natural disasters (fire, hurricane, flood) and the 4 D's — disability, disease, divorce, or death — are ‘real life' situations that can cause homeowners drama, trauma and chaos when they least expect it. The Life Goes on Roadmap system guides homeowners to get ahead of these situations before they hit close to home. The system includes accountability and proven tools and support to get the mission accomplished.

The creators have turned getting organized into a game to win instead of a chore to put off until A New Real Estate Closing Gift Debuts to Delight New Homeowners While Showing Care After the Salelater. They also share support and community so gift recipients can benefit from expert support, without requiring a moment of the real estate professional's valuable time.

Juetten says, “Life Goes on Roadmap is a personal, practical, and profound gift that homeowners keep forever and consider an invaluable asset that serves them when life serves up a bump in the road. It helps them get the crucial financial documents and information organized, while also igniting important conversations that need to happen between family members.

Giving this gift can add fuel to referrals to the real estate professional who provided the gift in the first place. That offers the promise for more deals to get done.”

It's available for purchase from this website.

Real estate professionals can also license and customize the system as their own. A New Real Estate Closing Gift Debuts to Delight New Homeowners While Showing Care After the Sale







About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Created by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional Steve Juetten and Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that real estate professionals and financial advisers can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service. Life Goes on Roadmap can also be purchased on an a la carte basis to serve as a gift for a loved one or licensed and customized as a tool to call their own.