Craig SiglSeattle Hypnotist Craig Sigl called me last night to report that he earned two new clients and a speaking engagement as a direct result of the Seattle PI story in which he was featured earlier this week.  When asked how he earned the story, Craig said he decided a big story in the PI was his goal.  He read Sports Columnist Jim Brown's blog over a period of time to get familiar with his style of storytelling.  Then, he got in touch — first by email and then to follow up by phone — to pitch his story idea.  Craig said the reporter was quite receptive, so they set a time to  interview, and the rest can be seen in the front page sports story coverage that resulted.

When you pay attention to the reporters that have the greatest influence to carry your story far and wide to the right readers, listeners, or viewers AND offer a story that is a perfect fit for how they serve their audiences, you and your story are always well served.   A well targeted pitch to the right reporter will deliver the ink far better than just about any approach in the do-it-yourself publicity tool box.

Yes, it takes time to read and get familiar with each reporter's work.  But that time is well spent when two clients and one speaking engagement are the decisive and immediate result of that effort.   And that time is far less expensive than many other approaches you could choose to get far less credible and far reaching results.

Thanks Craig for sharing how you earned the ink.  May many more perfect clients and speaking engagements find their way to you as word continues to spread about the difference you make in the mindsets of athletes and others near and far.