So, George Huang and I are having an engaged conversation last night by webinar with people all around the world about rapid revenue acceleration.  There is a way for participants to ask questions.  There are slides to view. There are bonus links to useful materials to access.  Everything is going beautifully and as promised in all of the pre-event materials.

And then one of the callers types in, “You are a phony” as a comment for George.

First of all, nothing to be more untrue   Secondly, what was this person THINKING to type in such a harsh remark?

While the Internet may give some people the impression that anything goes, here is what I believe.   Behind every Internet front door is a REAL PERSON who is working hard to deliver value, impact, and information to guide others to some welcome outcome.  Anyone who resorts to name calling on a public webinar is likely equally icky when folks meet them in person.  And folks like that absolutely are not good candidates to be clients.  How you do anything is how you do everything.

It is not a small thing to prepare quality content to share with thousands of people. It is not a small thing to invite an engaged audience to benefit from the information.  There is tremendous preparation involved.   There is also skill required to use the technology.  Underscoring all of this is a deep desire to be of service and make a difference.  And there is finesse involved to address hecklers like this unsavory person who showed up last night.

When the heckler spoke up, George just kept his eye on the goal and proceeded to deliver the value he promised.   A true professional.   And within my own heart, I felt a stab.  All I could think of was, “Ouch.”

If you are a heckler, please think about the impact of your words before you type them.  And to the person who made the comment, your name and email address have been removed from my list.   You've demonstrated that you aren't the kind of person I would like to do business with, so best wishes to you along your journey.  You'll need all the help you can get.

If you missed George Huang's webinar that described the Rapid Revenue Acceleration Flight Plan, he will be sending out a recording shortly.  You can opt in to gain access to the recording by clicking here.