Yesterday's teleclass — Broadcast Your Brilliance – Monetize Your Message — invited quite a few warm and appreciative comments from listeners.  One woman wrote to me to say that the use of the confessions technique added to my credibility and accessibility.

On the one hand, that makes me happy.  Other other hand, I again confess that it never occurred to me that I was using a technique.  As an advocate for authentic visibility, I strive to speak the truth when it comes to the tough lessons I've learned along the way.  If I can help you get to success faster as a result of my missteps, I'll gladly do it.

While watching my son play soccer on Sunday morning, the words “confessions and lessons” came to me.   The “word wizard” within me smiled.  These words are a very real way to describe how I want to connect and serve those who follow my work.   And since you are reading this post, I thank you for being among them.

If you haven't yet registered to enjoy the recording — which is also being made available as a recorded webinar with PowerPoint slides — you still can.   (I re-recorded the presentation to exclude those distracting entry exit beeps.)   There I go again, revealing that not every event goes according to plan.  You just have to roll with it, be as graceful as you can, deliver what you promise, and do so from a genuine commitment to service.

Based on the warm feedback and the hundreds of new opt-ins that have flowed since yesterday, I know this content is resonating.

Here is the link so you can opt-in to get the recording.   I'd love to hear about your “aha” moments and favorite messages from this call.  Please listen in and post a comment.