Last Friday's Publici-Tea™ Workshop invited some glowing testimonials that I am proud to share with you today.   One of my resolutions for the New Year is to ask for feedback systematically so I can use it to build the buzz for my offerings and those who participate in what I share.   If you've been sitting on the fence about when you plan to register for this well reviewed workshop, I hope these comments help propel you into registration action. The next event is March 13, and I'd be thrilled to have you in attendance.

“The Publici-Tea™ Workshop offers valuable information to move your credibility to the next level, globally as well as in your own backyard.   I learned a great deal I can implement immediately.  The uniqueness of your seminar is not only the material presented but the fact you built your business using the same techniques you taught us. Plus you demonstrate the techniques in your every action which gives credibility to the program.”

— Tom Fowler, The Fowler Financial Group

“The Publici-Tea™ is a valuable event for anybody who is looking to move their business forward in today's changing environment.  Nancy shared abundant resources where I can get specific information about PR tools I need.  Most importantly, I found out what PR tools are most effective and useful for my company right now.

— Annie Cheng, Net Star Communications, Inc.

“The Publici-Tea™ Workshop exceeded my expectations, which were high.  The value for the time and money was priceless.”

— Tammy Redmon, Redmon and Associates

“If you would like to be seen, heard, and celebrated in your community and beyond, you need to attend the Publici-Tea™ Workshop.  This is a must-attend workshop for anyone wishing to receive step-by-step practical tips to getting your company's message out to the public.”

— Hoan Do, The Best Referral System

“I would be happy to endores the Publici-Tea™ Workshop and materials to any business owner or entrepreneur or service provider who is willing to use what nancy teaches to gain publicity and notice by applying some time versus spending money.  At a time where every dollar counts, following nancy's DIY advice is worth the tens of thousands of dollars to promote your business that you currently don't have to spend.  The proof of the value of what Nancy teaches is the great results she has achieved for many clients on her own.  She breaks her techniques down into understandable and do-able steps.  The tips and tools she reveals are either free or very low cost to use.  She also gives warnings about what NOT to do.  I thought I knew quite a bit about marketing and online opportunities, but I took notes throughout the seminar, writing down gem after gem, tip after tip.  The time flew by!  Her presentation sparkles!”

— Suzette Sommer, Global Resource Group

“Nancy's mastery of her craft is awe-inspiring.  She quickly grasps concepts, immediately connects the dots and the pitch or positioning effortlessly rolls off her tongue.  I have never in my professional life gained so much useful, actionable information from a half-day workshop.  Nancy has created straightforward strategies and easy-to-deploy tools designed to enable smaller businesses to tackle the complex and daunting world of marketing and PR.  I look forward to working with Nancy as I continue to grow my business.”

Joan Toigo-Ouzts, JD, SPHR, Complete HR, Inc.

I know the contribution I make to others by hosting these workshops is lasting and powerful for empowering others to build their own buzz.  It's rewarding to share the information and even more thrilling to see Publici-Tea™ graduates get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards and beyond through the power of free publicity.   I hope to see you at the next session!