It’s a week before the Academy Awards, and there is plenty of buzz about “The King’s Speech” as a contender for best film and a whole lot more.  This is among the best film’s I’ve seen in years.  And the film conveys a message that is relevant to share here about the Know-Like-Trust Factor.

The King could have hired the most highly credentialed speech therapist on Earth to help him overcome his stammer.  At the end of the day, he engaged someone he liked and trusted.  He hired someone who listened well.  Regardless of the absence of “best of breed” credentials, the King hired this man to get the job done.  Together, they made it happen.  And that speech therapist was ultimately Knighted for his remarkable and important personal service.

The Know-Like-Trust Factor counts for a lot.  Always has.  Always will.

To learn even more, be sure to tune into Bill Baren’s Know-Like-Trust Online Event that starts on Monday.  Just as “The King’s Speech” is a must-see film, Bill’s event is not to be missed, as well.