james-roche-lifestyle-72DPI-2.5x3.5alexandriabrownOn October 12, I had the good fortune to interview Small Business Marketing Coach James Roche about The Entrepreneural Path.  It was a great call, packed with simple and powerful steps we can all take along our own entrepreneurial journeys to create businesses and lives that we love.  Now you can access the written transcript and the audio file at this link.  It's my gift to you, and you are welcome to share it with people in your own community who are trying to find the right direction to achieve prosperity in their businesses.

Along my own entrepreneurial path, I'll be traveling to Las Vegas to benefit from Ali Brown's SHINE – Discover Your True Wealth event taking place November 2 – 4.  There I will meet James Roche in person for the first time, along with a great many business owners who are blazing their own amazing entrepreneurial trails.  I am really looking forward to it and will be sure to share highlights of that experience so you can benefit, too.  Stay tuned.