Jeanna GabelliniIt felt like a wake-up call the first time I heard the seminar leader say, “Casualness breeds Casualty.”

He was referring to how we treat our goals and the people on our team. When we don’t give them our intention and attention, they fizzle instead of sizzle.

I’ve never forgotten that phrase, but I still catch myself frequently trying to get a task done quickly rather than doing it well. And when it comes to running a business, it’s the difference between acting like an amateur and acting like a professional in your industry.

Going pro means no more casualness in the way you treat your goals, team, systems and deliverables.

Being a professional doesn’t mean suits, ties, formality, talking like a scholar or putting your authenticity on the back burner so you can look “appropriate.”

Professionals are people who take their hobby, sport or passion seriously. They’ve decided they no longer are satisfied with being an amateur. They want the challenge and fulfillment of fully living into their potential.

And when it comes to generating a FAT profit, you can’t really get there by thinking like an amateur. If your business is treated like a hobby, it will be reflected in your bank account and your level of fulfillment.

You may not be aware of the areas in your business where you’re “going through the motions” and not giving it the energy it needs to breed success.

Here’s an example of what can happen to your profits when you stop being casual and start putting some focus on the desired outcome …

  • When I began writing my ezine in the late 1990s, I received several requests from colleagues to promote them to my email list. If I believed in what they were doing and knew that my audience would benefit from the information, I said, “yes.”
  • But I never made any money! This went on for over a decade.
  • I had no intention, emotional energy or strategy invested in promoting other people. I didn’t expect to make money, so I didn’t.

As soon as I put a little focus toward converting those ads into sales, they started trickling in. I began to get creative with my efforts and that trickle turned into a cascading waterfall of four-figure commission checks!

Plus I won prizes! Like 5 iPads, paid vacations, coaching time with top experts, and mastermind sessions with colleagues who made ten times more revenue than me. And I make life-long friends.

Breathe new life into the dead areas of your business by turning casualness into consciousness and you’ll have a lot more fun (not to mention profit!).

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