OscarSunday, February 22, 2009 is the biggest movie event of the year — the 81st Annual Academy Awards. For many, it’s a perfect occasion to have a party with friends, bring on the cocktails, and enjoy.   Those who win the awards have plenty to celebrate, and the nominees are pretty happy, too.  Being included among a group of talented, influential contributors has a bit of a “halo effect.”  Winning is certainly a powerful way to benefit from plenty of far-reaching, free publicity.  And, if it’s true that you are most like the five people you spend the most time with, being among award nominees for outstanding performance is a fabulous deal.  When you win, you can likely negotiate for higher pay and better opportunities.  You just might get invited to even cooler gatherings with even more remarkable people. Untold bounty is waiting.

That’s why I am a big fan of entering media supported award programs that honor excellence in business.  No one ever regrets winning.  Those who do are placed in excellent company.  They are seen, heard, and celebrated for their winning ways in the media and beyond.  Winners get invited to speak at prestigious gatherings and share their message with appreciative audiences.  Good things unfold.  It’s all good.

Here in the Puget Sound region, the Women Business Owners is seeking candidates to honor in its Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year competition.  You can learn more and apply before the  April 10 deadline via this link.

The Make Mine a Million competition is another recognition program to consider.  This year, there is a new program called the Make Mine a Million Race.  If you are game to reach the $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, and $1 million revenue milestones and are prepared to invest $100 to apply and benefit from the support that Count Me In provides to help you achieve your goal, this competition could be just the ticket to get you there.  Learn more by visiting this link.  The deadline to apply is June 30, 2009.  Winners will be announced in Feb. of 2010.

And, if you want tips to make sure the awards you apply for have an excellent chance at bringing you to the winner’s circle, here is an article link to deliver the goods.  You are welcome to reprint this article and share it with others who can benefit with attribution to me as the author.  Over the years, I’ve written dozens of award applications for Puget Sound executives who have earned finalist and winner recognition with the Better Business Bureau, the Business of the Year Competition for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, the Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year Awards, the Puget Sound Business Journal 40 Under 40 and Women of Influence Awards, and plenty more.  I’ve even won a few awards myself.   Get in touch with me at 425-641-5214 or nancy@nsjmktg.com if you want to trust your award-winning application to me.  It is my pleasure to be of service.