It takes courage to step up and ask for support LIVE during a webinar.  I congratulate those who were bold enough to share their stories for be showcased as teaching examples.

Andrea Cinnamond:

Before: “My life has been full of adventures and I am so pleased to be sharing my new adventure with you.  Born in Vancouver, Canada, I graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the field of Biomedical Engineering… After stumbling and bumbling around, I made it my mission to learn from the best in the fields of expertise…”


  • I don’t what what Andrea does, who she does it for, and why it matters.
  • Never stay you stumble and bumble around.  People want to invest in experts who are solid and ready to deliver amazing results now.

After reading the additional text that were shared AFTER this humble beginning, I found the answers and re-wr0te the story to be client attracting.

After: Leading internet entrepreneurs from across the nation rely upon Andrea to handle the “behind the scenes” details of new product launches so they can stay in their genius with the knowledge that every detail is being handled in a world-class way.  A results-focused “energizer bunny on steroids,” Andrea is your secret weapon to rock the internet and your balance sheet.

How is that for an amazing transformation?

The good folks at Practice Pay Solutions will be posting the full Webinar recording within 24 hours.  Be sure to tune in to benefit from the other compelling bio makeovers that were showcased during the call.  And, if you want what Andrea and others are having, I can help.