Ecommerce for 2012Fort Lauderdale, FL (Tuesday, February 7, 2012) — WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012. These accomplished women are as different as their professions and ages (from early 20’s to late 60’s). These 100 Women in Ecommerce™ represent their industries and professions as artists, astrologers, authors, internet marketers, photographers, coaches, consultants, manufacturers, clothing designers, inventors, event planners, personal trainers and everything in between. Some of the women have been in business for more than 20 years and others as few as two years. And what does each of these women have in common? They all promote their products and services on the Internet. Successfully. According the Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, “The women WE chose are considered to top in their respective professions and industries. Some are household names and some are known to a small niche of business owners and people they serve. Some were suggested to us by our readers and others we have been following online for years. We are delighted to showcase them to our readers and the world as the 2012
Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for 2012.”  They are:

Nan Akasha, Betty Audish, Walethia Aquil, Ruthie Backenroth, Wendy Y. Bailey, Leesa Barnes, Melanie Benson Strick, Cathy Berger, Stacy Blackman, Toby Bloomberg, Ali Brown , Holly Buchanan, Karla Brandau, Rosana Santos Calambichis, Anita Campbell, Heidi Caswell, Stephanie Chandler, Claudette Chenevert, Shannon Cherry, Lorraine Cohen, Myriam Cohen, Danna Crawford, Louise Crooks, Debra J. “Debbie” Cunningham, Baeth Davis, Faith M. Davis, Nicole Dean, Elena del Valle, Marla Dennis, Jody DeVere, Yvonne DiVita, Sally Falkow, Andrea Feinberg, Dale Filhaber, Kelli Fox, Stacy Francis, Rosalind Gardner, Sabrina Gibson, Eva Gregory, Christine Guld, Donna Gunter, Penny Haynes, Sandee Hemphill, Jessica Herrin, Rebecca Herwick, Angie Hicks, Linda
Hollander, Kyra Howell, Mary Clare Hunt, Kristina Jaramillo, Marilyn Jenett, Nancy Juetten (!), Lorrie Kazan, Simone Kelly, Jessica Kizorek, Donna Kozik, Lisa Ann Krutzik, Charly Leetham, Diane MacEachern, Beverly Mahone, Nancy Marmolejo, Allison Maslan, Alexis Maybank, Shari McConahay, Sheri McConnel, Fay McLean, Stephanie Mulac, Marie, Myers, Andrea R. Nierenberg, Cindy O’Connor, Debbie O’Connor, Kelly O’Neil, Maritza Parra, Michele Pariza Wacek, Linda Pereira, Lisa Marie Platske, Ana Poirier, Rev. Anne Presuel, Morgana Rae, Giselle Rufer, Kerri Salls, Kate Sanner, Lisa Sasevich, Katrina Sawa, Michele Scism, Lynn Scheurell, Beth Schneider, Colleen Slater, Felicia Slattery, Faith Smith, Susan Wilson Solovic, Sheryl Stanton, Kendall SummerHawk, Karen Talavera, Ivana Taylor, Lynn Terry, Tracy Terry, Denise Wakeman, Maureen Whitehouse, Carrie Wilkersom, Alexandra Wilkis, and Daisy Wright.

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