David GellerEvery Monday, the Seattle Post Intelligencer offers a profile of a Puget Sound executive they refer to as “Geek of the Week.”  Geek of the Week is a regular feature spotlighting local personalities in the tech world.  If you would like to nominate someone — including yourself — for potential feature, you can visit www.seattletechreport.com and make your pitch.   This feature typically offers a photo of the executive and fun interview questions and answers that address topics such as what do you do exactly, geekiest title you've ever had, and geekiest thing you've ever done.  David Geller, CEO, Eyejoy and What Counts was the Geek of the Week fo this week.  Could you be next?  These stories run in the print and online editions, and that's good to know since DIY publicity absolutely must bridge both worlds to deliver the greatest impact.