I'll never forget the time I met New York Times Best Selling Author Marci Shimoff at the 2013 eWomenNetwork International Conference in Dallas, Texas.

She had just concluded an amazing keynote that was related to her book “Happy for No Reason” and welcomed a well deserved standing ovation.

As luck would have it, I found myself waiting for the same elevator she was and took the opportunity to compliment her on her remarkable message and delivery.

Ever so gracious, she thanked me.

She appeared to be a very young woman who had achieved amazing success.

I said, “My oh my. You are so young to have accomplished such magnificent things. Congratulations.”

She smiled and laughed a little bit.

Then she looked me right in the eye as she put her hand on my shoulder.

This is what she said.

“Nancy, I am an overnight success that took 10 years to build. And by the look in your eye, I can tell that you are, too.”

Then, the elevator arrived and we rode it up the tower to go our separate ways.

I have never forgotten that encounter.

The last ten years have been full of ups and downs that are associated with what it is to be an entrepreneur.

Life has served up more than my share of “challenges and opportunities” too.

And here's the thing that has me feeling SO GOOD about the future.

  • Everything I have ever done in my work now has more RELEVANCE today than ever before.
  • I spent YEARS serving as a TOP NOTCH PUBLICIST for bank CEOs and other top leaders at Puget Sound companies.
  • I know how to MAKE A PITCH THE MEDIA CAN'T RESIST so clients get seen, heard and celebrated in the media that matter for their messages — and I can teach others to do this, too!
  • I've always preferred VIRTUAL SPEAKING to platform speaking. Now that preference is a taking center stage for me and all speakers who want to make their impact. PODCAST GUESTING is super hot, and I'm making the most of it for good and profit.
  • I've been HONING MY SKILLS as an online marketer, course creator and trainer since 2001 as I've served hundreds of clients around the world to get known and getting paid for their winning ways. I know what I am doing and have also learned from plenty of prior mistakes.
  • I've also applied my publicity, pitching, speaking, and training skills to GAIN CONFIDENCE to put my own expertise in the spotlight — even though it has always PRIOR been my inclination in the beginning to hide behind the successful people I was hired to champion through my work.
  • I GOT OVER THAT to stand in and on my own expertise and serve at a high level, while being the BEST ME I can be in all the places where I show up.
  • It's been YEARS advancing along the path to mastery, and that's why what Marci Shimoff said back in 2013 feels REALLY TRUE for me now.

Please, revisit and re-frame your own skills and hard won lessons along the way to serve as the FRAMEWORK and FOUNDATION for your own finest hour still to come.

If you are the get it done, make it happen kind of person you have always been, my guess is that you are ALSO an overnight success that took ten years to build and your finest hour is RIGHT NOW.

Make the most of it and let nothing stop you.

Cheering for YOU!

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