Are you on the race track, the merry-go-round, or somewhere in between as year-end approaches?

What if your typical approach is to get on the race track like a race horse and race to the roses…

And then for whatever reason, you can’t find that gear to race right now…

You may find yourself at the Merry-Go-Round working hard just to put one step in front of the other.

You may not be going anywhere very fast.

And maybe you assign a negative judgment for not being able to pull it together and get on with it.

Shake it off.

Move forward.

Make something happen.

Maybe life has served up some bumps in the road that give you reason to mark time instead of charge forward.

If that's true for you, maybe the thing to do is to just BE for now and give yourself grace to feel and experience and reflect a bit during this season.

Maybe there is a pivot coming around the bend that represents an even more meaningful way to serve …

Perhaps it’s time to up-level in some way in service to a more specific target audience…

Maybe more “business as usual” is not lighting you up, but you have no idea what might be next …

The more urgently you press for the answers, the more fuzzy the future feels.

And then comes the pressure you may put on yourself to provide, serve, and perform to meet your commitments and not disappoint others.

Here’s the rub.

Race horses are unfamiliar with just BEING.

That is confronting and uncomfortable.

Remember Seabiscuit?

This racehorse came from superior breeding and yet the horse world called him lazy and complained that he ate too much .

He became a training partner to superior horses, and that did a number on his confidence.

Somehow, he found himself in the care and feeding of a new handler, a new rider, and a new owner.

Step by step, that horse found a new gear.

It wasn’t something to rush.

He needed to heal and remember what it felt like to be a race horse again … in his own best timing.

He ended up accomplishing magnificent things because he put his full heart into the thing he was born to do.

If your energy is low, reflect on all that you have accomplished this year, given whatever life has served up to challenge your circumstances and your resolve.

Just BE with whatever that is and allow it to inform what might be coming around the bend for you and all those you get to serve.

It will come in good time.

The inquiry will be worth the journey to bring you to that next winning chapter.

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