Sue LundquistThe media would have us believe that the sky is falling and there is nothing to look forward to as we all watch with worry and wonder about what is going on with the financial crisis and what will unfold with the upcoming presidential election.

Sue Lundquist, a local author and parent, was featured on KING 5 news about how she turned her own challenging life experiences into a powerful tool to reinforce the importance of gratitude among young people.  Now more than ever, gratitude is essential.  Treat yourself to this brief and compelling video, and spread the message.  Sue earned this media placement, thanks to the power and impact of do-it-yourself publicity.  She'd love for her message to carry around the nation and the world, now more than ever.

The purpose of the I’m Thankful™ Journal is to provide an opportunity for parent and child to communicate in an highly effective yet simple manner. The series of questions throughout the journal are easy to adapt and can be used any time of day and for many situations. Teaching the benefit of thankfulness and compassion even in the little things is a priceless value. It’s the little things that are infinitely the most important in life.  Kissing your child good night. Hugging a dear friend hello. These are the types of memories to cherish and be thankful for. All will benefit.  It is a win-win. To learn more about Sue Lundquist's “I'm Thankful” journals, visit this link.

Sue will be joining a host of equally inspired business owners at the Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ Workshop taking place October 17 from 12:30 – 5 p.m. at the Mercer Island Community Center.  If you still want to claim your place, there is still time.  Visit this link right now.