Call me crazy, but I just might have the juice to qualify for this contest.  Do you?  Here is the link to share your story.  Here is mine:

Oprah ShowOprah's been with me through every major life transition of my life — big or small — over 25 years as I've worked to find my voice, be heard, and make a difference in my life and in the lives of others. When Oprah said to toss out all those artificial flowers and wreaths in favor of  “live” plants, I did it.  When she alerted the world that women everywhere were wearing the wrong sized bras, got a fitting and gave the sisters a lift.


When Oprah declared Miraval to be the world's finest spa, I experienced a life changing week of self-care after a scare with breast cancer gave me a wake-up call. The lessons I learned from Wyatt Web about fear and self doubt still guide me eight years after the fact. I even ran a half-marathon in 2002, which was a big, darn deal for a gal who prior had scarcely run 3-miles at a time before or since.


From “remembering my spirit” to fighting “the mommy wars” to figuring out how to design and live my best life and career to figuring out what I know for sure, Oprah has been my favorite guide. I have even saved every O magazine ever published and consider the magazine set a treasured collection.


I've been listening to the whispers and making an ongoing contribution as I guide others to get seen, heard, and celebrated.  You can see what I have brewing at my blog at /about.


Nothing would make me happier than to be in Chicago to celebrate the last 25 years among Oprah's ultimate show viewers.  I, like so many others, have embraced the Live Your Best Life vision to my advantage and to the benefit of the clients, causes, and important milestones in my own life.  I'd be honored to join in the celebration.  I've done Oprah proud.  And bigger dreams are brewing.  It's a beautiful thing.