Ask a Mentor the Three Best Resources to Earn More Money, and See What You Learn

We all have mentors and others we admire for their success.   Given the demands of the economy, many are looking for better ways to navigate to serve the marketplace and make more money.
My tip for today is to ask the person you most admire one of these two questions:

  • What are the three top resources they rely upon to learn more about how to do what they do and make more money in the process?
  • What three business books have had the most influence on their success and why?

One of the people I most admire in the DIY publicity arena is Publicity Hound Joan Stewart.  When I asked her the first question via email, among the resources she recommended in return was  StomperNet is a company that teaches how to apply article writing, blogging, social media, copy writing, link building, getting paid traffic, and ecommerce store building to be of more service and make more money.
I visited the site and downloaded a free report called “Formula Five: MBA in a Box.”   It's really a meaty, high-value, 96-page resource with actionable tips and strategies to help businesses accomplish exactly what is promised.   Run, don't walk, to and to learn more and benefit.  Thanks Joan for the recommendation!

Another person I admire recommended “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen MR Covey as a “must read.”  It is.  In fact, you can access the following high-value resources, just by sending an email to

  • Online survey to assess the level of trust colleagues, friends, and others have in you
  • Complimentary analysis of your personal credibility
  • Free audio discussion on why high trust is the critical career skill in the new global economy
  • Free audio discussion on whether this content works with teenagers
  • Test on whether you practice the 13 behaviors or their more common counterfeits
  • Free executive briefing on how to measure trust and its impact on your organization, along with a sample Organizational Trust Audit
  • Qualification for a free 20-minute one-on-one discussion of your organization's specific situation by a senior CoveyLink consultant

Credibility plays a powerful part in the success any of us can earn, no matter how we play in the marketplace.
So there you have it.  Two powerful resources I am passing along to you, thanks to the recommendations of successful people whose input has credibility with me.  What powerful resources can you recommend to empower the success of those who read this blog?  Please share!