If you are an aspiring professional speaker, you will benefit from learning more about SpeakerMatch. This is the only service of its kind when it comes to matching speakers and speaking opportunities. SpeakerMatch reaches emerging professional speakers, business leaders, technical gurus, educators, and other subject-matter experts who want to communicate what they know. There is no better service available for event organizers who need to reach this very diverse group of experts who speak.

SpeakerMatch is the brainchild of Bryan Caplovitz, a former business technology consultant. In trying to build market share for his consulting firm, Bryan saw the need for somewhere non-professional speakers could find speaking opportunities. As it became clear that organizations had trouble finding speakers as well, he knew there was a great opportunity to fill a need. He saw the internet as an ideal way to bring speakers and opportunities together, and SpeakerMatch was born.

One of the benefits of membership is a subscription to “Behind the Podium” — a printed newsletter that is packed full of actionable tips to advance your career as a speaker. Oh by the way, an article from yours truly appears on the cover of this month’s issue.  It’s called “Project a Professional Image by Putting Your Best Face Forward.”   I am told that 1,000 people receive this newsletter, so that’s a targeted group of professionals who now know a bit more about how I can help them get seen, heard, and celebrated.  Love that.  The newsletter team found this article among my many submissions to EzineArticles.com. I posted this article to this site in April of 2006, and it is still working hard for me.

Visit this link to explore how SpeakerMatch can support your aspirations and plans to speak.  And if you haven’t yet started posting articles about your expertise to EzineArticles.com, when will you start?