Bob PhillipsBob Phillips, president of RW & Associates, Inc. and co-author of “Absolute Honesty — Building a Corporate Culture that Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity” was one of the first business owners to take the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” for a test drive.  Here is what he had to say:

“Thank you for the challenge to write a new bio.  I have only completed the first one, but the exercise to stretch so far out of my comfort zone was an amazing process.  I know that I would have never written such a bio without your guide, Publici-Tea™ workshop, and encouragement.  Before, I was strictly a meat and potatoes bio person. Boring. Not anymore. Thanks again.”

— Bob Phillips, President & CEO, RW & Asociates, Inc.

Here is Bob's “Before” Bio:

BOB PHILLIPS, President & CEO, RW & Associates, Inc.

Bob has over 30 years of business experience in organizations that vary in size from the very large to unfunded start-ups. His combination of soft skills in the people management area and understanding of hard skills in the financial workings of a business give him a unique view of what it takes to be successful in the complex world that we live in today. Not only has he worked with organizations in the domestic U.S. market, but he has also managed staff and major change management projects internationally. His international work has been conducted in Europe, APAC, Canada and Australia.

During the past 10 years, Bob has been president of his own consulting practice that focuses on companies and organizations that needed to improve their effectiveness in accomplishing business objectives. His focus has been to provide businesses with an analysis of their organizational capability and to determine if the management teams have the skills and abilities to meet those business objectives. When deficiencies are identified he consults with key management team members to develop a corrective action plan that may include the identification of resources both internally and externally. He has used this methodology to assist in the turnaround of a number of organizations both domestically and internationally.

As the co-author of the book Absolute Honesty; Building a Corporate Culture that Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity (AMACOM June 2003), he has developed additional tools that can be used in the introduction of cultural change initiatives that may be at the root cause of what is inhibiting peak organizational performance. The concept of honest and open communication is critical as a tool for retaining key talent in today’s highly competitive work environment.

Bob has held VP level positions for both public and private corporations that included extensive work with Boards of Directors with a principal interface with BOD Compensation Committees. He has worked in-house for Digital Equipment Corporation, Intel, AT&T, Tektronix, ESI Inc., U-Haul, Sequent Computer Systems and Grass Valley Group. In addition, his consulting practice has included such diverse clients as Harris Broadcast, The Standard, Inovise Medical, AMI Semiconductor, Intel Corporation, Air BP Aviation, Bank of the Cascades, Arizona Department of Transportation, Santa Clara Water District, DuPont, City of Beaverton, Nexen, Thomson Grass Valley Group, Nike, Department of Homeland Security (ICE) and Oregon Employment Department.

Here is Bob's “After” Bio:

BOB PHILLIPS, President and CEO, RW & Associates

“You cannot read minds; so you must be open to creating an environment that will encourage others to share their frustrations, ideas and dreams.” –Bob Phillips

 Are you a leader who does not understand why others don’t intuitively know what you want?

 You don’t understand why what you requested was not implemented just as you instructed?

 Are you looking for ways to be more effective when you lead others?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, we have the person who can help you achieve the effectiveness for which you are striving.

Bob Phillips is a veteran of over 30 years of business experience working in and with organizations that required the highest level of return and an expectation that all resources would be used efficiently to achieve the most difficult goals. He brings an ability to quickly grasp what is impacting an organization (people, structure or business model) and provide a direction to begin to rectify the problem. He has a straightforward approach in delivering the toughest messages to leaders who may not be totally open to seeing the true picture.

When faced with a change of culture, leaders or business model, it is never an easy task. It is never easy for organizations to see what reality is, rather most see the worst situations with rose colored glasses. Bob’s approach is to work with you to first understand the environment that exists and then determine what needs to change if you are to achieve the goals you have established for the business. But you must be willing to open your eyes and ears to listen and see the real problems and issues that are impacting the organization.

As a client,  Sherry Adams Vice President of Human Resources, Leitch Technology said, “Bob helped to create an environment of empowerment and accountability. He knows that in a high tech business innovation, sense of urgency and risk taking are all very important while at the same time working in an environment that values integrity and honesty.”

Achieving results are critical, yet Bob’s approach never loses sight of both individual and organizational values. Without a strong platform of integrity, no change will work over a long period of time. As he assists you with the many changes, he never lets you forget the critical importance of the value of principles that maintain the integrity of the entity.

His areas of expertise include organizational analysis, team and individual effectiveness, and leadership coaching and development.

It is this unique blend of business experience, a strong belief in building a culture of straight talk and integrity, and his ability to guide leaders through the most difficult and trying times that makes Bob a unique individual to assist clients at the most critical moments of their development. As an author, he has demonstrated that he knows his subject matter and has a passion to share it openly with others.

Contact: Bob Phillips, RW & Associates, Inc., 503-703-7235,,

Bob followed the tips within the new “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” to transform his bio from boring to fabulous, and he did it himself — without paying a high-priced writer or PR practitioner to do it for him.

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