The Bellevue Reporter — my community newspaper — shines a light on my business in this story link.

If you are wondering how I made this happen, check out the email story pitch I sent to Reporter Lindsay Larin to invite her interest.   I followed up with a phone call, the interview was scheduled, and now the story is reaching all of my Bellevue neighbors in perfect timing to support their DIY publicity success.

Hi Lindsay,

As a resident of Bellevue and a regular reader of the Bellevue Reporter, I am connecting with you today to share a story that locals may find useful and of timely interest, especially since the economy is giving so many people a run for the money right now.

No matter what we are doing to make our ways in the world — running a business, working for others, freelancing, or contributing in some other important way — everyone needs a bio that makes them fun, memorable, and magnetic so more of the right opportunities can come their way. The fact is that most people struggle with the idea of self promotion.  Many suffer from humility disease. Whether people intend to seek out free publicity or just connect with people in a winning way in person or online via the social networks, they need a great way to share their stories so the right people will listen.

The good news is that I have just created the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide” that helps people get this done with speed, ease, and impact.   I would be honored if you would see fit to review this guide for the readers of the Bellevue Reporter and/or consider doing an interview that would address some of the most essential elements that any bio should include to attract more of the right opportunities to their door.

The recipe that works so well for getting this mission accomplished includes the following ingredients: stunning results, succinct stories, sassy sound bites, and social information to help ideal clients connect with you. You can watch a fun video of me broadcasting from the backyard deck of my Somerset home at as I speak about this new tool.   I was fortunate to be featured in a July 2007 issue of the Bellevue Reporter in connection with the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit I created to empower business owners to earn their own publicity without spending a fortune.   A photographer from the Bellevue Reporter came to meet me in my Bellevue backyard to talk about the toolkit.

I have found a way to be of service to my own neighbors and beyond from the comforts of a home office, and the view from here inspires me to create even more ways to be of service.  People are raving about how I help them.

Please let me know if you are game to review this new tool that debuted quietly last week and is selling briskly from the online shopping cart at my DIY Publicity Blog at  I'll be happy to send the PDF file your way and offer sassy sound bites to make for a compelling interview to delight and inform your readers. Thank you for your consideration. I will follow up with you by phone in a few days, unless I hear from you first! Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nancy Juetten,

DIY Publicity Tip: If you ask for what you want, you often get what you ask for.  I wanted a story in my community newspaper to bring attention to the ways I support my neighbors' business success.  I asked for what I wanted and made the information relevant to the readers.   A story resulted.

What do YOU want to have happen for your business and how you contribute to the marketplace?  Where is the best media placement to share that story?  And are you ready to ask for what you want so you can achieve the awareness you are after?

When you are ready to get into action, study this story pitch and present your own story to the right reporter at your community newspaper in a way that will invite attention to your product, cause, service, or idea, while serving the readers.    Great results await.