Dan Janal had some technical difficulties during today's teleseminar about press releases.  If you signed up for the call and were intending to listen to the Mp3 file after the fact, just know that you will be receiving that audio file one day next week.   Dan and I have rescheduled the call for next Monday.  Apologies for any inconvenience to those who were “on” today's call.  If this is a perfect opportunity for you to sign up to receive that audio file, please do. The links can be found in the prior blog posts about the teleseminar (see below.)

It's funny how technology gives us all a run for the money from time to time.  I sure have learned a lot this year about bending and swaying with these kinds of issues.

A year ago, I was just getting my feet wet with blogging.  Now many thousands of folks visit here every month.

A year ago, the term “social networking” made my eyes glaze over, and today I am splashing in those new waters every day.

About a year ago, I was trying to find the perfect words to help describe my Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit.  I hired expensive copywriters.  I spoke to expert consultants.  I worried and wondered about getting the words right.  Today  — just in time for today's teleseminar — I debuted a new letter that I wrote myself, and I know it will earn the right readers in perfect timing.

Bend and sway.  Remain flexible.  It's all good.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your SoulSpeaking of which, I'd be honored if you took a look at the new letter about the Authentic VisibilityPublicity Toolkit that I just posted.   If you like what you read and are among the first 35 people to buy it, you'll get a copy of “Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul” — a fabulous hardback book by PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow that explains how to promote your product, service or cause with integrity and spirit.   It's a $19.95 value that is yours as a special bonus with every Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit purchased between now and December 12, 2008.  Just make sure to put “Susan Harrow” in the comments section of your online order form to qualify for this high value gift.  It's a clear, practical, and supportive ‘must read” for anyone serious about earning publicity and maintaining peace of mind.   For those of you who elect to take advantage of this special offer, enjoy!

And for those of you bending and swaying in the breeze of technology, thanks for being flexible.