Ah yes, it is that time of year to reflect on steps taken to move forward and to look ahead to see what might be coming next.

So, with that said, here are some of my big lessons from 2011.

  1. Move the big rocks first. (Thanks Bill Baren for this simple, yet powerful idea.)
  2. Speak with authenticity to make a deep connection with those you are meant to serve, even though it is uncomfortable.
  3. Leverage packs a punch.
  4. Grow your list.  Grow your wealth.
  5. Be a “rock star” joint venture partner .  That means delivering on every promise and going the extra mile.  One good contribution often leads to another, and good news travels fast to the right people.
  6. It pays off to be ready when opportunity knocks, and it turns heads in a good way.
  7. Practice “sustainable generosity.”   (Thank you George Kao for this “aha” insight.) That means giving generously and over-delivering for those who invest wisely in your services.
  8. Less is more.  Offer fewer products and services in winning bundles to make “getting to YES” easier for your clients.
  9. Invest wisely to get help in areas beyond your genius.
  10. Take consistent, tenacious action every day to advance toward your goals.

Prior to 2011, I was  one of those “get it done myself” people.  And, truth be told, I wasn’t achieving the success I was dreaming of by following this approach.  That is why — even though it was VERY uncomfortable for me — I invested in coaching this year change the game for my life and business.   Every day, I am uncomfortable.  Every day, my business takes bigger  and different steps forward than I could imagine taking before getting this extra measure of strategic support.

This journey isn’t easy.   I am being challenged in ways that bring up all kinds of “inner game” stuff that is hard to address or talk about.

And, step by step, the results are flowing in the balance sheet and beyond.

And, for 2012, I am going to put more emphasis on the “and beyond” part of this equation.   I’ve worked very hard, sometimes to the exclusion of taking good care of myself.  I think the concept of “sustainable generosity” needs to be applied to my personal life.  It’s a very big rock that needs attention.    That means putting my fitness, health, and self-care at the top of the list so I can be present for my husband, son, and puppy and equally energized to do great work with my clients.

This is going to require some mindset shifts and behavior changes that are going to be uncomfortable for me.   Borrowing a phrase from Oprah, “what I know for sure” is that If I apply the same level of discipline and focus to my personal life as I do to my business in the New Year, wonderful things are going to happen that will be priceless in their rewards. Those priceless rewards count for a lot.   To me, they matter the most of all.  So, I’ve got my eye on that prize, and I’m going to take step-by-step progress to see what shape it takes with high hopes and high expectations. I’ll keep you posted on how things go.

What are your biggest lessons from 2011?  What will you do differently in the New Year.  Please share, and let’s help keep each other accountable for making our dreams come true in 2012.