Thurs. Dec. 5 "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and D'vorah Lansky and Get Real HELP with Your Story

“Let the Healing for Boring Bios Begin – The Bio Doc is In”

Thurs. Dec. 5  "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and D'vorah Lansky and Get Real HELP with Your Story

Every aspiring author needs a fabulous bio to invite opportunity, and just about everyone struggles describing what she does in a way that excites her and attracts more of the right opportunities to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews. This problem gets immediate relief when “The Bio Doc is In.”

Nancy “The Bio Doc” Juetten chooses from among the bios callers submit to her by email before the call and makes them better with powerful teaching tidbits to benefit everyone who tunes in. 

 Your Hosts:

D’vorah Lansky and Nancy Juetten



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Tuesday, December 5 at 4 p.m. Pacific.


 Thurs. Dec. 5  "Bio Doc is In" Call with Nancy Juetten and D'vorah Lansky and Get Real HELP with Your Story

Henry DeVries, one of Nancy’s long term mentors, quips, “How very Lucy Van Pelt of Nancy Juetten to create her own virtual lemonade stand to guide aspiring authors and experts to describe what they do, for whom, and in a manner that turns heads and invites clients, meeting planners, and other decision influencers to say YES.”

 Follow These Directions to Get Consideration:

  • Be among the early responders to send your bio to Nancy’s email for consideration at Nancy will choose from those stories submitted within the first 48 hours.
  • Put Dvorah Lansky in the subject line.
  • Share your best effort draft and the objective you want to achieve — attract  clients, speaking gigs, media attention or something more.
  • Nancy will comment on as many stories and offer tips to make them better on the spot.
  • She’ll highlight important lessons about bio structure and objective so there are lessons to be learned from every example from which everyone can benefit.

Callers Rave About These Sessions — You Will Too!

Annette Naif:  You are so brilliant with this stuff. My “aha” is that I need some work on my BIO!!! :-) By switching some things around and putting in a call of action it will make a big difference in getting the RIGHT clients!

Sylviaette Hill: Nancy Juetten is GREAT! Today I took advantage of her generous offer to help with my bio. She was warm and fun and gave me great tips and tools to use as a beginner! Thanks Nancy!

Clients have been asking me to “take a quick look at their bios to make them better” for a long time. These sessions allow me to provide that feedback in a way that work for them and for me. Whether you need to attract new clients, invite media attention for your winning ways, or all of the above, you’ll learn essential steps you can take to get ready to welcome and initiate more of the right kinds of opportunities to grow your influence, impact, and your income. Don’t miss this timely and engaging opportunity to learn how to build YOUR buzz and invite the opportunities to share your message with the world.

Meet Nancy “The Bio Doc” Juetten


Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten shows authors and aspiring experts  how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for their expert status. Thousands of authors, coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, and speakers from around the world attract clients, speaking gigs, and media attention now as a direct result of lessons she shares to support their success. And Nancy’s entrepreneurial success offers encouraging proof that somewhat introverted messengers on missions for good can make big impact in the marketplace if they just step out from behind the curtain to speak their truth and share their own brand of wow right now.

Nancy S. Juetten Marketing Inc., 13605 SE 50th Place, Bellevue, WA 98006, 425-641-5214.