If you have a consumer product that stands ready to serve the world, what is a fast, effective, and influential way to get the word out without breaking the bank?

One great way to do this is to offer your products for review to bloggers who have influence to both review your product and influence their communities to be fans for it, too.   Blogger Link Up, created by Idea Lady Cathy Stucker, is a useful resource to make this easy and productive.  You sign up for the service for free.   Then, you can either respond to the queries that make sense for your business or post queries to invite interest in what you have brewing.   It’s a beautiful thing.

small-multi-kits-lo-resJust last week, I connected with Kathy Pickus and Terri Goodwin, founders of Dot Girl Products.  This company has created the Dot Girl First Period Kit that offers everything a girl needs for her first period.  They created this product because they want girls everywhere to have a good first experience with their kit as their guide.   Having experienced their own awkward moments as young girls, these two women are mission driven to make the transition more joyful and welcome for young girls and their parents everywhere.   I suggested they make a pitch to Blogger Link Up to offer their product for review.  The same day, they received 12 requests from influential bloggers who met their criteria and asked to review their product.  As Kathy says, “Not bad for one day of focused effort.”  Here is the query they posted:

The Dot Girl’s First Period Kit – everything she needs for her first period.

Name: Kathy Pickus
Blog or Website URL: https://www.dotgirlproducts.com
Email: office@dotgirlproducts.com

What type of product are you offering for review?: health/wellness product for tween girls and their parents

What qualifies a blogger to review your product?:

We are looking for bloggers who write for parents of tween girls – may write for moms or dads.  Bloggers who review products for the tween age group are most welcome.  Must be comfortable with menstruation topic (or
uncomfortable and willing to admit it!)

If you are a blogger who influences parents, women, and their teen and tween daughters, I know Kathy and Terri would be honored to have you review their product for your readers.  And, if you just love the idea of this product and want to stock up for all the teen and tween girls in your community or suggest that their schools, Camp Fire and Girl Scout groups, and other youth groups do the same, please do.

What these two women are on a mission to deliver is important in a way that is priceless to describe.  I salute them

And if you believe Blogger Link Up has the juice to deliver the product reviews your product needs to grow in its marketplace influence, join and post your query.  Maybe you will be welcoming 12 new product reviews the first time you try and be that much closer to achieving your mission.   Good luck!