iLearningGlobalLast night, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker and iLearningGlobal Chief Learning Officer Brian Tracy spoke at the Mercer Island Community Center to a sold-out audience of business owners and entrepreneurs.  He urged everyone to be responsible for your own life; set clear goals because when you write them down, you'll be on the path to extraordinary things; and practice continuous learning. Tracy said that all skills can be learned and that we all can increase our productive capability.   He invited the audience members to consider how much time they spend on entertainment versus education.  He lamented that many people pursue entertainment versus education at a ratio of 100-1.   Shifting that focus to a 50-50 ratio can bring meaningful success in life and work. He also said you become what you think about most of the time, and that top performers in life think about what they want and how to get it.    He challenged everyone to become better and to invest more of their time to learn new skills.


What skills are missing that could make a meaningful difference in your success in business and in life?  That is powerful food for thought and reason to turn off the TV, the iPod, and the game system to ponder what's possible.  Here's to Anne Alberg, Laura Piester, and the ilLearningGlobal team for bringing Tracy to Mercer Island to share his message.  Here's to guest speakers Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Publishing Coach, and Internet Entrepreneur Patrick Snow and Deduction Diva Rhonda Johnson who added plenty of star power and inspiring content to the event agenda.