Fourth quarter is the time to step into high gear to maximize the impact you make with your message and bring results to your bank account.

Here are suggestions to get you thinking about ways you can do that, starting right now.

My comments are based on the assumption that you already have a four-figure or higher offer that is already selling to your ideal clients and you are ready to sell more of that offer.

There are three legs of a business development stool — taking care of and deepening relationships with existing clients, reaching back to prior favorite clients and inviting them back, and reaching out to NEW potential clients either directly or through the referrals of Centers of Influence or by paid advertising.

When you work all three legs of the new business development stool, you set yourself up for success. Your consistent and relentless actions always determine your success, along with your steadfast belief in yourself that you are the expert to guide your clients to the results you promise.

If you take action without an abundance mindset, you start with a crucial arm of success tied behind your back.

With all that said, here are some ideas for you.

1) How much revenue to you intend to bring into your business for Quarter 4. Be specific in dollar terms.

2) Why is this important to you? Get as specific about this as possible. Why is it URGENT to drive this level of revenue in your business? It is because you need that much money to meet your obligations? Is that because you want to make a purchase or take a trip with your loved ones?

3) What is your fastest path to the cash? Review your Year To Date results for a reality check.

Which of your offers sells best and contributes most to your revenue and your profits?

This is the ideal place to focus when it comes to driving revenue most readily.

How many of those offers do you need to sell to meet your revenue goal?

Is it time to optimize this offer or adjust the pricing to better reflect the value? How often are you inviting the right people in to benefit from this offer, and can you increase the frequency?

Could you quickly develop a VIP Day Experience at a meaningful price point to drive revenue for your business and serve as a feeder into your most premium program?

Consider your best lead sources. What are they? Get very specific. Double down on those lead sources. Is podcast guesting your top lead source? How about virtual speaking on the stages of others in your niche? Could it be JV referred traffic?

4) Review your list of prior clients and identify your favorite clients with whom you can reconnect and potentially re-engage. Reach out personally in a WOW kind of way that will make those people feel special and preferred.

5) Notice who is most engaged in your Facebook group. Reach out in a personal way to those who are most engaged to learn more about those people, start a conversation, and explore if there are ways to work together or collaborate.

6) Make a list of the top ten potential clients you would be thrilled to work with and reach out to them in a personal way. This could be sending your book and a personal note to their door step. This could be “cold calling” one hour a day to reach the decision maker in your ideal niche. This could be connecting with ideal prospects within your niche on LinkedIn.

7) Reach out to Centers of Influence. These are colleagues, referrals sources, and strategic alliance partners with whom you can cross refer business.

😎 Schedule a weekly LIVE video via FB Live, LinkedIn Live, or YouTube video to deliver real value AND also close the call by extending a call to action to book a call with you.

9) Create what Christopher Flett calls a Taste of Success Campaign for a designated window of time on your calendar. Open up slots on your calendar to chat with potential clients, deliver real value, and potentially enroll them into your best program. Send an email to your opt in list to share this is happening and be clear who can best benefit so you keep the tire kickers away.

10) If you get paid to speak, reflect on who hired and paid you. Circle back to those people and suggest a new keynote or breakout session you can offer to deliver the value, be of contribution, and contribute to your revenue goals?

11) Schedule a webinar with a specific juicy topic, deliver very specific value, and then pivot to making an invitation to join your best selling program. Hopefully, you've delivered a webinar before and can dust it off and update and make it stronger as opposed to starting from a clean sheet of paper.

Webinars work best when you already have an email opt in list of 300 or more ideal clients who could become your clients right away. This can also work well when you have 300 or more members in your Facebook group or following you on another specific social media avenue. You'll need to dedicate 3 weeks on your marketing calendar for this effort and be relentless in your focus.

12) Schedule a SALE for your best selling offer and communicate it via all the avenues you have — email, social media, your FB group, other social media channels, and beyond.

It's your choice how you proceed. I suggest working all three legs of the business development stool and being relentless in your focus.

Leave “administrivia” and other tasks to others who can allow you to keep your focus on revenue generating activities.

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Bright Ideas to Drive Revenue for Quarter 4 for Your Four-Figure+ Offer
Bright Ideas to Drive Revenue for Quarter 4 for Your Four-Figure+ Offer
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