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Lisa Cherney

Juicy Marketing Expert

President, Conscious Marketing

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A solid marketing foundation is key to a solid business.  Even the big boys like Pepsi and Coke realize this!  If they get comfortable and let their marketing efforts relax, then sales will suffer, and they'll have to work twice as hard to get back their share of the market.  You, as an entrepreneur and master of your own domain, have to be cognizant of where you spend your time and dollars.  Just like a house, you need a strong foundation that you can build on that will stand the test of time.  From this foundation, you'll be able to add on and up as your business grows.  So here are the first 2 key elements to a solid marketing foundation, the Juicy way.

  • Your ideal client is the foundation of your house. I, like most entrepreneurs, didn't know when I started my business that just having a “niche” was not accurate or precise enough to create the success that I was after.  Let's face it: your business is you, so you have to love all your clients.  You are no longer employed by someone else, in a job where you have to do what your boss tells you and work with people that you don't necessarily like.  You're the boss now, so you've got to love what you do and the people you work with.  Picture your clients as the frame that your house is built around.  The large bottom part is your target market – the concrete foundation that holds the house together.  The walls are your niche that you most want to appeal to, but the roof is where it's at.  They are your ideal clients. So you have to figure out what those folks at the top want to hear from you.  It's not always about money for them, it's about growth.  Do you have what they want?  Here's a question to ask yourself:  “Which clients are my favorites and why?”  You'll be making a huge mistake if you only focus on what you do.  Focus on the values of your ideal clients, because it will tell you about your own values – and you'll be speaking the words that they want to hear.  It's the foundation of your house, so make sure it's solid!
  • Always highlight your irresistible Juicy benefits. These are the shutters, the crown molding, the landscaping of your house.  It's curb appeal!  It is your unique way of describing how you can change someone's life.  In the end, your credentials don't matter as much as how their life is going to change once they give your their money.  This is where you tell them the benefits of working with you.  NOT how many years of experience you have, or the huge mega-companies you've worked with, or all the workshops, workbooks and CD's that they'll get with your program.  These are features, not benefits.  Spend the time, dig deep, and have a juicy benefit statement ready to go for every form of service that you provide.  This is your opportunity for getting clarity so that your marketing can stand out.  These statements help you to know your value so you can charge more.  Find the words to say why you're different than everyone else out there.

The best part about owning your own business is that you get to design your own “house”!

Lisa Cherney, a.k.a. the Juicy Marketing Expert, founded Conscious Marketing 12 years ago to help small business owners find their authentic marketing voice, attract their ideal clients and increase their sales. Following her own Stand Out & Be Juicy program, which centers on owning your unique self and laser-focus marketing, Lisa has tripled her income while working part-time.  Prior to Conscious Marketing, Lisa worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Lipton, Nissan, Blue Cross and Equal. She is a highly sought after speaker and often shares the stage with experts such as Jack Assaraf (The Secret), Jack Canfield and Jill Lublin. Learn more about Lisa at www.consciousmarketing.com or call 887-771-0156.