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Build Your Buzz Strategy Sessions

Your VIP “Deep Dive” with Nancy

You want more PREMIUM clients. You need help creating a launch plan for your next big program.  You have questions about how to joint venture and win.  Perhaps you want more media attention. You want someone to “Look over your bio and make it better on the spot.”

Your VIP Deep Dive is your opportunity to dig in on the ONE area of most urgent focus that needs attention so you can get known to get paid.
This visual shows the path to get known and paid.
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Which is the area of focus that is giving YOU to most challenge right now?
Schedule your Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Sessions with Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juettennancy-orange-background (3) as one powerful “VIP Deep Dive” to lend powerful insights and momentum to your plans as you make meaningful progress to achieve your goals.  And receive the tools/training to get you noticed to serve you for the lifetime of your successful business at the precise moment when you need them.
Whether your focus is on transforming that boring bio into a client attracting tool that works on a 24/7 basis to help you attract premium clients or create a winning joint venture strategy that can make a big, bold difference in how well known you become very fast or creating a build your buzz plan to step away from Well Kept Secret Status as soon as possible, or something more, Nancy will evaluate your very specific needs and suggest very specific strategies, tactics, and useful resources to achieve your goals. Then, she’ll work with you to keep you in inspired action — including using your time together to find the perfect words to fuel your magnetic message.
Then, you take action to follow Nancy’s step-by-step advice to implement the ideas to invite decisive, stunning results in your business under your own power and initiative. Your lessons learned will be in your bones for the life of your successful business.
You also gain access to Nancy’s curated “Get Known to Get Paid Online Success Library” so you can access specific, terrific training about list building, joint venturing, publicity, and a host of other relevant topics to deepen your understanding in perfect timing to suit your needs. You find training valued in the thousands of dollars there that is priceless in value when it allows you to go deep to get the insights you need exactly when you need them to make real progress right now.
When you implement the ideas shared during your calls and invite the new clients and media opportunities you seek, you’ll want to come back for additional Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Sessions or make the wise choice to apply for your place in Nancy’s Get Known to Get Paid™ Private Mentoring Program so you can benefit from private, one-on-one strategy and implementation support, feedback about your plans, and accountability over time.
Schedule your appointments as one inspired all-at-one-time power session so you and Nancy can go deep to make real progress so you are seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED for your efforts with results you can FEEL in your business.
After all, we can’t build successful businesses alone. Having someone to rely upon like Get Known to Get Paid™ Mentor Nancy Juetten will give you the confidence that every move you make and step you take will contribute to quality results in your business.

Build Your Buzz Strategy Sessions

Your 3-Hour Appointment is scheduled at a  mutually convenient time within the 9 – 3 p.m. PST window. 

You can also spread the 3 one-hour appointments out over a few weeks if that works better for you.

Phone, Skype, or In-Person — It’s your choice!

Read on what happy clients say about their Build YOUR Buzz sessions and schedule yours today.

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“Thank you Nancy for helping me connect all the business dots together in just a few hours. You’ve saved me an extraordinary amount of time, energy and money.”

Hi. I’m Maria Liu, founder of Love Success Formula and Women Dating Greatly in Los Angeles, CA. I reached out to Nancy because I was feeling stuck with the marketing side of my business. Before working with Nancy, I had spent extraordinary amount of time in trying to figure things out on my own and was starting to feel frustrated that time was taken away from my serving my clients (the part of work I enjoy doing the most).
So I hired Nancy for a 3-hour deep dive VIP coaching session to help me get clear, get known, and get paid. She had completely exceeded my expectations and over delivered.
What I love about the VIP session was that Nancy quickly identified areas that I need to focus on for my business so that I can get the results I want quickly.
I’ve personally worked with quite a few online marketing gurus and expert business coaches for my online business and no one was as on target as Nancy – she is the real deal. Another thing I love about working with Nancy is that she is a one-stop-shop for business owners. Before I met Nancy, I have to separately pay for a team of experts and coaches to get my business off the ground (e.g., online marketing expert, copywriting coach, niche specialist, speaking coach, the list goes on, and try to piece it together myself!)
With Nancy, she’s not only a genius with helping people get known, she is also a master in building lucrative businesses (fast!). In only 3 hours, she helped me from product launch to teleseminar planning to social media presence to landing pages to hero journey and bio and more. Phew!
She even came up with an amazing name for my program to which my potential clients responded immediately. That, alone, is priceless. Thank you Nancy for helping me connect all the business dots together in just a few hours. You’ve saved me an extraordinary amount of time, energy and money. I can go back to focus on helping single women date greatly.

Sheila_PaxtonMy experience having Nancy Juetten as a coach has been wonderful!

“It was more impactful and comprehensive than I could have hoped for.”

At first, my expectation was that Nancy would simply help me transform my bio and how I present myself and my program to others. What I actually received was a transformed bio, guidance on my sales funnel, free report, and other promotional materials. I’ve already used my new bio in a professional setting, and I’ve made substantial modifications to my marketing results with Nancy’s input. Nancy’s style is encouraging, supportive and straight-forward. If you have the opportunity to work with Nancy, jump at it. I’m so grateful that I did.
Sheila Paxton, Program Certification Formula

Nancy Tierney

Michelle Mazur Ph.DSince working with Nancy, I’ve landed two new coaching clients. Nancy gave me the perfect words to describe what I do.
Nancy Juetten is a word wizard, a business coach, and a vision creator all wrapped up into one amazingly kind package. When I bought the ‘Look Over My Bio and Make It Better’ session, I was frustrated trying to create a bio that really captured the essence of who I am and what I do for my clients. In an hour, I got a bio wow! Nancy turned my testimonials into stunning results, captured my personality and made my online bio shine. Since working with Nancy, I ‘ve landed two new coaching clients.
Nancy gave me the perfect words to describe what I do. Nancy gave me the words to speak to other people when they are interested in my service. I didn’t realize that working on my bio would give me so much clarity about my business. It helped me see the tangible results my clients get from working with me. It does give me confidence. It was always hard for me to go beyond ‘I coach speeches’ but Nancy helped me realize that I give people a voice to their message, help them overcome fear, and let them get noticed and promoted. All of those are such amazing accomplishments for clients. I’ve also felt more able to promote my services. I think I can sell myself better because I believe more in my offering. I’ve also seen an increase in the number of consults that I am getting as well. Overall, it’s clarity in vision for my business, the right words, and confidence. All I know is when my book comes out, and I’m putting together my speaking sheet. I’ll be hiring Nancy again. She is amazing at helping people see the value in what they do.”
Michelle Mazur Ph.D

MichelleMadrid“I was electrified by Nancy’s knowledge and passion for uncovering the absolute best bio for an individual. She guided me to a bio that jumps off the page and allows the reader to know me, gain a greater understanding of the work I do and why I do it.”

Michelle Madrid-Branch • Author / Blogger

KarenHowells“In a little over an hour, I got the jolt of inspiration and information I needed to go the next step in reinventing my business and advancing to the next level of success.”

Karen A. Howells • President The Howells Group, Inc.
Consulting, Coaching & Speaking Services

BetsyTalbot“Nancy not only helped me publicize my new ebook, she had valuable insight on creating a better sales funnel, adding value for buyers & even highlighted a way I could earn thousands of extra dollars per year.”

Betsy Talbot • Lifestyle Blogger
Married With Luggage

LarryKaminer“Nancy had nailed down one of our target audiences in a matter of minutes. She referred me to the editor of a magazine focusing on international corporate relocation. Within a month my article was published.”

Larry Kaminer • President of the Personal Safety Training Group

“Not only did Nancy have spot on ideas about how I could get more publicity, she had invaluable info on everything from my website to my store.”

Lisa Purdy • Rosa Mundi’s Wine Country Living

KarenSteckler“In 2 short hours Nancy was able to capture our business in a language that resonates with our target audience of women owned businesses. Working with Nancy is an effective way to propel your marketing efforts and help you see yourself and your business in a new light!”

Karen Steckler, CPCC CEO • Fusion Works Alliance, Inc.

“The info, tools, materials and personal resources Nancy shared so freely and enthusiastically have become the basis of our publicity outreach efforts.”

Sandy Koffman • Simple Pleasures for Special Seniors Books

CraigSigl“I got an article published in the Kirkland Reporter and the editor talked about frequency of my contributions. That would never have happened without Nancy’s ideas on how to pitch to the media.”

Craig Sigl • Kirkland

AnnaChoi“What I got was more than I imagined. A personalized, 6 small steps action plan customized to my practice – with action items to implement far beyond. Too often, I overwhelm myself but Nancy made my steps bite size. I know I can do it!”

Anna Choi

GinnyFey“In my Build Your Buzz session, Nancy gave me ideas, links and contacts that have changed my life. Through these I will be conducting seminars and doing public speaking which is something I am really excited about.”

Ginny Fey • Founding Partner
Cobalt Mortgage

beafields“I have been wrestling with my media pitch for 3 years and in less than 30 minutes Nancy no only nailed my marketing message but knew exactly what to do to make it sing.”

Bea Fields • Author and Leadership Consultant
Bea Fields Companies, Inc.

WhimseyCherrington“We have used the ideas generated in our consultation to generate more publicity over the past year than in all the previous 13 years.”

Wimsey Cherrington • President, Seattle Quad Rugby Association
“Smashing Stereotypes One Hit at a Time”

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