BELLEVUE, Wash. April 2, 2014/ — Strategic partnerships lend powerful fuel to impact, influence, and income for business owners around the globe. Knowing what NOT to do can make the journey more successful.

“There are 12 major mistakes new joint venture partners make that lead to disappointment or disaster,” Joint Venture Insider Circle Co-Founders Milana Leshinsky and Rich German explain.  They are:

  1. Making a pitch without creating a relationship first
  2. Suggesting irrelevant offers that aren’t a good fit
  3. Offering a generic program that fails to solve a specific problem
  4. Failing to put the partner’s needs front and center
  5. Not putting enough juice in the reward package
  6. Failing to establish trust
  7. Forgetting to ask for reciprocation
  8. Winging it instead of being ready with quality communications and support at every turn
  9. Extending confusing offers that fail to inspire action
  10. Talking too much, writing too much, and not getting to the meat of the matter fast
  11. Boring a potential partner with an invitation that is blah-blah-blah and boilerplate instead of compelling, controversial and epic.
  12. Showing up with unprofessional, unremarkable marketing materials that scream “So what?” instead of “Wow.”

Leshinsky and German run a year-long membership program called JV Insider Circle. It is the world’s largest joint venture member community for authors, coaches, and speakers that offers training and networking.  Doors to membership close this Sunday, April 6 at midnight.

Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten and Double Your Profits-Double Your Fun Expert Jeanna Gabellini have teamed up with Leshinsky and German to boost membership value.

New members who purchase using this link will receive Juetten’s Get Known to Get Paid Success System. This bonus training valued at $997 guides users to name and claim a profitable niche, create a client attracting story, build big buzz for business through the power of publicity, make a pitch the media or a meeting planner can’t resist, and become a “rock star” joint venture partner, even for those just starting out.

Get Known Get Paid

“These are lessons for business owners to embrace and apply to present their products, services, and programs attractively to clients, joint venture partners, meeting planners, and the media,” Juetten says. “Since membership in JV Insider Circle does NOT address how to earn your own publicity, this bonus adds real value.”

Juetten and Gabellini are also offering three virtual calls to reveal Joint Venture Leader Board Secrets: Insider Strategies to Get Fat Commission Checks, Massive Prizes, and Make a Huge Impact … Even If Your List is Small.

Juetten says, “Neither of us are ‘big whales’ and yet we consistently score big for our partners to welcome the rewards, recognition and opportunities that come our way. We will share how we do it in terrific, specific detail.”

Gabellini is offering her Happy Wealthy Launch Program ($2497 value) to reward those who join JVIC by April 6. This is a 4-month program replays and course materials. Marketing strategies, templates, copywriting how-to information and inner game strategies to invite big results are included to support to goal of achieving a 5, 6, or 7-figure launch.

Buyers can call 844-THE-JVIC (844-843-5842) within 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST and ask for the Nancy Juetten bonus offer to benefit by midnight, April 6, 2014 PST.

About Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten:

Since 2009, Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten has earned a reputation as the “go to” expert for helping aspiring experts transform their boring business bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now.

About Double Your Profits-Double Your Fun Expert Jeanna Gabellini

Since 1996, Jeanna Gabellini has guided thousands of formerly frazzled entrepreneurs to double their profits and their fun. She is recognized as a leading expert on the Law of Attraction and how to blend that knowledge with proven strategies to achieve ROCK STAR results in business, finances, and emotional and physical health. A co-author with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Eva Gregory of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction – now translated in four languages and beloved by clients worldwide, Gabellini’s newest book, 10 Minute Money Makers: How to Easily Double Your Profits in Just 10 Minutes a Day, debuts in two weeks.



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