Before yesterday, the only way people could buy Bye-Bye Boring Bio was to visit the online store at this blog.  Now, a great many more “eyeballs”  can find it and be inspired to buy it because Bye-Bye Boring Bio is now posted to Amazon. Since I spend so much of my time guiding others to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expert status, let me confess that it really does feel great to get seen in a much bigger space where so many more people can benefit.

Already, three five-star reviews have been posted, and my heart is bursting with pride.   If you have already purchased the book, applied the tips within, and welcomed greater rewards in your business as a result, I'd be honored if you would post a review.

Just this week, sales have flowed in from the United Kingdom, Trinidad, the Virgin Islands,  Edmonton, Manitoba, Colorado, Portland, and Seattle.   A world map is posted to my office so I can apply “push pins” in all the cities and countries where Bye-Bye Boring Bio is making an impact, one bio transformation at a time.   It's really exciting for me, and it just fuels my enthusiasm for everything I have brewing here to be of service to you and others who can benefit from my message.

Annette, Joe, Marianna, NSJ 10-20-10Speaking of which, I gave a free  presentation yesterday about transforming boring bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now yesterday to some very appreciative members of Biznik.  Here are just a few of the compliments posted so far:

Good job! Pearls! Not before swine, but before appreciative ears. I picked up several ideas, and your book! Thank you!

— Connie Brannan

Thank you SO MUCH! You gave us all some really good stuff to work with. You really are passionate about what you do. And your enthusiasm? More than enough to spare. You are a very generous person and I will so refer people to you.  Thanks again for your talent and genius.

— Rachel Rausch Johnson

Thank you so much for a great event yesterday. I learned so much from you of your knowledge and experience, thank you for generously sharing with us.  I received a great uplift from the energy of you and the other wonderful participants. I'm ready to conquer my bio to be seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED!  So looking forward to meeting you again. I'm setting intention to work one-to-one with you soon on My Concierge, LLC and Ace of Dates.  Again, thank you for the very valuable event.

— Mary Boisselle

There was a fair amount of “instant bio feedback” going on during the presentation, much to the delight of the guests who were seeking just this kind of inspiration.  If you would like to listen in, here is your gift access to the audio file, which you are welcome to share with others who need just this kind of inspiration : BizNik10-20-10 .  Enjoy!

And, if you would like to benefit from instant bio feedback and a whole lot more, we have some seats still available for the November 12, 2010 Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop.   Reserve your place today so you can start the new year off with a rock star bio that guides you and your business to earn the recognition and compensation you crave and deserve.  Why wait a moment longer?